Linux Cloud Solutions for better, faster and safe Website Hosting & Application Development

Enjoy the flexibility of virtual servers and the high performance of the most powerful operating system, Linux in one.

S.No Plan Name vCPU Frequency RAM(GB) Disk Space(GB SSD) Tranfer(GB) Price/mo Price/hr
1 LC1 4 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
2 LC2 6 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
3 LC3 8 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
4 LC4 12 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
5 LC5 16 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
6 LC6 24 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
7 LC7 32 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
8 LC8 48 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--

Linux Cloud Solutions Your Business Needs

Linux cloud hosting is perfect for businesses who have high-traffic websites and wide array of online customers. It combines the power of Cloud Computing and Linux OS to provide a highly stable platform for hosting with the option of unlimited storage space. In the hosting industry, Linux OS enjoys the monopoly as more than 80% of the hosting platforms are based on it. Cloud computing offers flexibility of expanding the server capacity as the website scales and prevents downtime.

  1. Greater flexibility & scalability
  2. On-demand scalability to meet the fluctuating hosting needs
  3. Easy back-ups with manual and automatic back-up options
  1. Manage cloud resources and allocate them
  2. Connected to multiple servers’ resources to prevent downtime
  3. Affordable hosting solution with pay-per-use feature

Get The Most Suitable Linux Cloud Hosting Plan with Us

VNET India specializes in Cloud Computing. We have been providing affordable solution to businesses and enterprises with unpredictable scalability for more than 10 years. Hundreds of websites are hosted on our Linux Cloud Hosting platform and they enjoy the security and stability we offer.

Whether you have a high-traffic website or need hosting space for more advanced application development, our highly optimized Linux Cloud Hosting Server provides an easy and reliable solution.

Why Us:

  • Highly reliable data centers
  • Compatible with scripting language, such as PHP and MySQL and more
  • High scalability with high bandwidth power
  • Advanced resources like CPU, RAM and Storage
  • Multiple User-friendly control panels – Plesk Panel, cPanel, and Direct Admin Panel and CentOS Panel
  • Real time system monitoring and management
  • Advanced anti-virus control and security patching
  • Enhanced physical and virtual servers
  • High network security
  • 24/7/365 Support

    If you need help with the set-up or finding the right Linux Cloud Hosting plans, our 24/7/365 support team is here to help. Contact us via Phone. Live Chat, SMS or through our Contact Us Page.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Linux Cloud Hosting

    What is Linux Cloud Hosting?
    • It is a hosting plan that offers cloud hosting servers based on the Linux OS. It is one of the most popular hosting plans for businesses that need fast, and highly stable hosting environment for their fast-growing business.

    What is cloud hosting?
    • Cloud hosting or computing is an on-demand availability of resources such as storage capacity and computing power. It is based on multiple servers comprising of both physical and virtual servers that offer betters performance and efficiency.

    How does Linux Cloud hosting works?
    • Your website and application will be hosted on a highly stable and secure hosting platform based on the Linux OS, one of the most powerful OS in the world. As your needs grow, the cloud storage will easily switch servers to ensure continuity of the website hosting without causing any downtime.

    How affordable is Linux Cloud Hosting?
    • VNET India offers a wide range of Linux cloud hosting plans that can easily fit into your budget. You can choose the plans based on CPUs, disk storage, RAM and more. It is an on-demand hosting solution that offers greater flexibility and control.

    What type of Control Panel do you offer?
    • We have multiple control panel options, such as Plesk Panel, cPanel, and Direct Admin Panel and CentOS Panel. All the control panels are easy to use and come with interactive interface.