High-performance Windows Cloud Server Hosting Solutions for Businesses

Windows Cloud Server offers The Flexibility of Cloud Computing with Affordability of the Shared Hosting

S.No Plan Name vCPU RAM(GB) Disk Space(GB SSD) Price/mo Price/hr
1 WC.10GB 1 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
2 WC.20GB 2 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
3 WC.40GB 4 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
4 WC.60GB 6 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
5 WC.80GB 8 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
6 WC.120GB 12 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
7 WC.160GB 16 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--

Windows Cloud Hosting Solutions Every Business Needs

Windows Cloud Servers are designed to provide an easy hosting solution for high-traffic websites with an unpredictable scalability need. It combines the power of Cloud Computing with the familiar Windows UI. Without the need to download any additional software, Windows Cloud Servers are the most efficient and cost-effective hosting plan based on cloud computing. If your hosting is largely based on Windows based software and applications, Windows Cloud Hosting will simplify everything.

Here is why your business needs Windows Cloud Server:

  1. Fast servers, with certified data centers
  2. High scalability with unlimited disk space, computing power and access to resources
  3. Plesk control panel
  4. Advanced security system with real-time monitoring
  1. Highly reliable anti-virus controls
  2. High bandwidth for better computing
  3. 24/7/365 support via Phone, Live Chat and SMS

Highly Affordable Windows Cloud Hosting Plans

The one thing that prevents businesses to choose highly beneficial Windows Hosting Server is the high cost. That is not true. With our highly affordable plans, you can easily get access to the amazing Cloud-based hosting technology. We have a wide range of hosting plans based on CPU, RAM and Disk Space, so that you can find the most affordable solution.

Windows Cloud Hosting with VNET India

VNET India has been providing customized Cloud Solutions to a wide range of clients. We understand the need for a highly reliable hosting environment given we have been in the business for more than a decade. From reliable data centers to 24/7/365 support team to cheapest Windows Cloud Hosting plans, we have your back. Cloud Computing is the future of hosting and we strive to make it more accessible with our customized plans. Our costs are low, and budget-friendly. We have the technical expertise which enables us to find quick solution to your needs.

Here is what you get with our Windows Cloud Hosting Solution:

  • High scalability & flexibility of cloud computing
  • Scale-up as and when you require
  • Pay -per-use feature make it affordable
  • High scalability & flexibility of cloud computing
  • Scale-up as and when you require
  • Pay -per-use feature make it affordable
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Cloud Hosting

    What is Windows Cloud Hosting?
    • Windows cloud hosting is type of hosting plan that is based on Windows OS and Cloud Computing. You can host your servers on Windows OS and use the familiar UI for managing the Cloud Server resources with ease.

    Why should I choose Windows Cloud servers?
    • If you mostly work with Windows-based software and applications, then Windows Cloud Hosting is the perfect option. You are already familiar with the Windows OS and it is already optimized for application development using the brand’s products.

    What type of websites need Windows Cloud Hosting?
    • If you have a high performance, high-traffic website with the potential to scale-up anytime, cloud hosting is the best option. You can stretch your hosting resources as your website grows without suffering any downtime. Cloud servers are interconnected with multiple physical and web-based servers so that your website can easily switch to another server resources when it outgrows its current server’s capacity.

    What type of control panel is available with Windows Cloud Hosting?
    • Our Windows Cloud server platform comes with Plesk Panel for ease of use and efficient management of the website and application development.

    What type of websites can I host on Windows Cloud Server?
    • You can host any type of website on a Windows Cloud server, such as WordPress, personal blogs, ecommerce website and more. And, if you are looking for a platform for application development using Windows tools like asp or asp.net, this is the perfect platform to choose.