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Windows, Linux FFmpeg hosting at best FFmpeg hosting service

Dependable & Trusted FFMpeg hosting

Are you struggling in managing your space and bandwidth due to the presence of high multimedia content on your website? FFmpeg hosting server service provided by VNNET could be the perfect solution for your problems. Use the software and get it hosted with us for safe and fast performance.
FFmpeg is a multimedia framework that gives you a great way to encode, stream and play video online on various platforms. It is free and open-source with various libraries. Those libraries provide a way to convert any media file such as video, audio, and others into any format.

Beginner-friendly & budget-friendly FFMPEG hosting

For a beginner, starting with FFmpeg shared hosting plan is an ideal choice, but after some time, you will feel the need to upgrade to FFmpeg VPS or FFmpeg dedicated hosting. Video, audio, images, and other multimedia content consumes so much bandwidth and space. Besides that, the website gets a good amount of traffic daily. So we suggest choosing FFmpeg dedicated or VPS hosting

Get in touch with us for fast, trusted, and secure FFMPEG hosting

If you are looking for FFmpeg hosting service, you are at the right place. VNET is the leading web hosting service provider offering a wide range of FFmpeg plans suitable for every business type. Our hosting services are specially designed with a preinstalled FFmpeg converter. Servers are well optimized for audio streaming, fast video playing, and other media applications.
With us, you can easily make a video. Get in touch with us and enquire about the best offers to host your live streaming website with VNET.

What are the benefits of using FFmpeg?

Highly reliable

The software gives you the ability to stream video through built-in media players. That is highly useful in case multiple formats of video streaming are required.

Support to multiple audio/video formats

It comes with a large number of video and audio formats to use in various applications. A user can convert one format to another with ease.

Extras that we support

It supports various filters, encoders, decoders, codecs, and formats.

Cross-platform functionality

FFmpeg supports cross-platform, so whether you have an FFmpeg windows hosting plan or FFmpeg Linux hosting plan, it can be used at both places.

User-friendly editing option

It gives you the power to do basic editing on multimedia content such as video/audio trimming, extraction of images/audio from a video file, and more.

Video conversion and Encoding

Creating a video that is easily convertible and streamable on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices is complex and challenging. But when you choose the flexibility of FFmpeg and the wide range of hosting services from VENT, the process becomes very simple.

How our FFmpeg hosting service is different?

Instant support

Our dedicated expert support staff provides 24 x 7 support on FFmpeg hosting accounts through email, chat, call, message, and via social media handles.

High performance

Our data centres are located within India that gives us an edge over other competitors. You get fast performance.

Easy to use cPanel

Working at the server is easy when you get the best control panel features.

99.99 % uptime guarantee

A high uptime guarantee gives peace of mind and reliability to your business. You focus on your core work, and we will ensure your website is always up with FFmpeg server hosting service.

Availability of backup

We keep the data backup for your use in the future. You need to make an additional payment, and we will provide backup as and when required.
Our powerful servers are well optimized and equipped with the necessary tools for all-time high performance.

FFmpeg shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated plan

  • User-friendly control panel
  • High storage capacity that even performs at peak time
  • Customized SSD storage options
  • Up to 1000 GB bandwidth
  • Dedicated IP
  • 24 x 7 tech support

Best FFmpeg hosting India

No hidden charges

FFmpeg is free, but for better use on your website/applications, you need FFmpeg server hosting. There are no charges for using the software, so make sure that you are not being wrongly charged for the software also.

Transparent pricing

Only make payment for hosting and other services. VNET, a cheap FFmpeg hosting service provider, does not charge for the software; we only bill for services and features you choose to select on FFmpeg hosting plan.

Easy and fast plan upgradations

Ensure that you have enough Storage matching your business requirements. Also, ask about the up-gradation charges and process so that you may increase bandwidth or space whenever it is needed.

Well documented SLAs

High Storage, bandwidth allowance, and availability of plug-ins are vital for the best performance of your website. Make sure that you have got enough information on these points from FFmpeg India hosting company.

Ready to use FFMPEG hosting

Not all the FFmpeg shared hosting services provides a server with preinstalled software. They ask you to choose FFmpeg VPS hosting or FFmpeg dedicated. With VNET, this is not the case. Our FFmpeg server is preinstalled with software for easy and safe use.

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FAQs On FFmpeg Hosting Services

FFmpeg is an open-source and freely available framework that helps in the easy creation, management, and streaming of all types of media content.
If your website contains lots of multimedia content, you can opt for the FFmpeg web hosting service. That will not only save your disk space, but it will also give a great way to remain up all the time.
The software is helpful in multimedia content such as website/application with video streaming, image galleries, large submission of images, podcasts streaming, and others rich in multimedia content.
It is free and open-source, so that you can download it from the software's official website or any trusted third-party website.
Yes, it supports all popular as well as unpopular formats. This software supports MPEG- 4, Windows Media Video, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, H.264, Motion JPEG, Microsoft Video 1, Cinepak, and much more.
If your website is hosted, ask for a hosting service provider for FFmpeg support. Additionally, you can choose VNET FFmpeg shared hosting server where the software is preinstalled. You may also choose FFmpeg VPS or FFmpeg dedicated hosting based on your requirements. Under VPS and dedicated hosting, you can install FFmpeg software by yourself.
For that, you need to check the terms and conditions of your websites. In normal cases, we do not allow copyrighted content to stream through our FFmpeg hosting service.
Libav is a fork of FFmpeg launched in the year of 2011. It was launched after some tensions between the original developers of FFmpeg. There are a few differences between the original FFmpeg and Libav.
When you upload the video on YouTube, you lose many controls of your video. Secondly, all the formats are not supported by YouTube. Once you opt for FFmpeg hosting service, you can get a whole range of creation, management, and streaming flexibility on various multimedia formats.
The software was developed in 2000, and since then, so many things have been added to the software. That has made it quite large. Furthermore, the user does not get any graphical interface, so learning takes time. However, its utility and features are worth spending some time to learn and use.
Our server is located in India.
The software was developed in 2000 as a collaborative project by french programmer Fabrice Bellard.
It can create, manage, convert and stream any multimedia files.
The software uses a command-like interface that makes it somehow not beginner-friendly. Further, the documentation is confusing unless you have some basic knowledge about the software.
We have a transparent process of the price increase. The price gets locked up for one year, and when you choose to renew, we discuss price details based on market conditions. It is not always true that we increase the price of a cheap FFmpeg hosting service at every renewal.
We accept debits cards, credit cards, wallets, bank transfers, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, and other cashless payment modes.
The process gets set up within one hour, but we ask you to wait for 2 to 3 hours for proper use.