Greater Control, More Space & Efficiency At A Fraction of the Cost

Get the Power Of Dedicated Servers But At The Cost Of Shared Hosting With Our Highly Affordable VPS Hosting Plans

CPU Based VPS hosting plans refers to hosting plans that offer an the plans based on Core based and unlimited number of bandwidth, ram and storage etc...
Ram Based VPS
Ram Based VPS Plans hosting refers to hosting plans that offer based on the Ram and Unlimited bandwidth, core , space, operating system etc...
Space Based VPS
Space Based VPS hosting plans refers to hosting plans that offer an based on spacewise and also unlimited number of bandwidth, core, ram etc...
Standard VPS :
Linux VPS
Windows VPS
Cpanel/WHM VPS
Plesk VPS
Series VPS :
CB Series
HZ Series
VM Series
EN Series

Enjoy Full Control of your Managed VPS Hosting Plan

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a highly affordable hosting plan for system administrators and developers who want full control of the server and resources. It is just like the Shared Hosting when it comes to cost, but it offers more control, privacy and efficiency like a dedicated server. With VPS server, you get the best of the both the world. It is a safe transition from shared to dedicated server as your website grows.

  1. Get full control of your VPS server with flexible configuration of the server to suit your unique needs
  2. Manage your sever without any interference of other users
  3. Easily manage your VPS server and its resources and use it as per your needs
  4. High-speed VPS server with dedicated SSDs, cPanel/WHM, Plesk and much more
  1. Easily monitor and manage your CPU, RAM and storage
  2. High scalability with easy migration and updates
  3. Top-notch security

Choose your VPS Hosting Plan

We offer a wide range of VPS hosting plans that will easily fit into your website hosting and management needs.

  • Linux VPS
  • Windows VPS
  • CB Series
  • EN Series
  • Cpanel/WHM VPS
  • Plesk VPS
  • CPU Based VPS
  • RAM Based VPS
  • SPACE Based VPS
  • Why Choose VNET for VPS Hosting Plans

    VNET India offers highly affordable hosting plans for businesses, and individuals looking for a hassle-free hosting solution. Here is what sets us apart from others and why choose us as your managed VPS host:

    1. Dedicated VPS servers with highly affordable VPS servers
    2. Host multiple websites without impacting the speed or efficiency of the shared server
    3. Round the clock security for better data protection
    4. 24/7/365 support to help you with setting up you VPS account, managing it and much more
    1. Option for multiple VPS panels
    2. Scale as your needs grow with downtime with our flexible plans
    3. Enjoy the best VPS hosting plans
    4. Fast servers optimized to meet the unique VPS hosting needs

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is VPS?
    • VPS is also known as Virtual Private Server where you can get your own private server to fully manage and control the resources. Even though it is on a shared server platform, you will have your own dedicated server separated from other users. This way, you will enjoy the benefits of dedicated server and low cost.

    Why should I Choose VPS hosting?
    • If you are administrator or a developer, you will need dedicated server to manage your website and application development without suffering downtime due to other users. With VPS, you don’t have to share your CPU, RAM or storage. Additionally, you will have greater stability and flexibility to work.

    What is the difference between shared and VPS hosting?
    • They are similar in many ways like they are both on a shared platform. But VPS hosting offers more privacy and control of the resources and is not affected by the usage of other users. Your dedicated space all yours to control. You can have root access, manage your CPU and RAM and choose your OS. These perks are not available with Shared Hosting.

    What type of hosting is best suited for VPS servers?
    • You can use VPS server to host your ecommerce websites, multiple websites at a time, host a web or database server, social media apps, set up your own email server, and easily test your apps and website with fast response.

    Do I need technical knowledge to manage VPS server?
    • Yes, you do need some technical knowledge with VPS server. Even though it is a semi managed server hosting option, it requires some technical expertise since you will be in charge of everything. Which is why VPS hosting is considered perfect for developers and administrators.