Dedicated Servers for Maximum Control & Better Provisioning

Our High-performance & Optimized Dedicated Servers allows you to have full control over the server and resources.


Dedicated Servers Solutions

Dedicated Servers offer you your own kingdom where you can easily manage your high-traffic website, launch applications, put limit on the server resources, monitor usage, and do so much more. Unlike shared hosting, you own dedicated server and its entirely yours. Scale easily and let your website fly with high-speed servers. Dedicated Server is a powerful Hosting Plan that offer everything better from server speed to security and full control over the resources.

  1. Dedicated Server Hosting for developers, system admins and for anyone who needs it
  2. Powerful & isolated dedicated server for launching vital applications
  3. High-performance server for more complex tasks
  4. Easy-to-use control panel with advanced features like cPanel/WHM or Plesk
  1. Complete server control with root and admin privileges
  2. High level of control with single tenant infrastructure
  3. Higher level of security with greater control over the servers
  4. And much more

Our Dedicated Servers Hosting Solutions

We offer a wide range of Dedicated Server hosting options to meet your exact needs. We understand that every business is different and has specific needs, which is why we have such a versatile dedicated server solution.

  • Window Dedicated
  • Linux Dedicated
  • CPanel Server
  • WHM Server
  • Plesk Server
  • Linux Semi Dedicated
  • Windows Semi Dedicated
  • Bare Metal
  • Smart Dedicated
  • Virtual Dedicated
  • And more

  • Why Choose VNET India as your Dedicated Server Hosting Partner ?

    We have been providing customized and affordable hosting and server solutions to businesses of all sizes and individuals. We offer features, services, and plans that can easily match your needs.

    1. Single-tenant servers optimized to handle mission-critical applications and website hosting needs.
    2. Fast SSD & HDD storage, disk space, higher storage capacity and advanced processer for handling load with greater efficiency.
    3. Better security, accessibility and management with features like cPanel/ Plesk and others.
    4. Highly affordable plans for a cost-effective hosting solution for your business.
    5. 24/7/365 support via Phone, Live Chat, Emails and WhatsApp. Instant solution from experts who have extensive experience in handling Dedicated Servers Clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a dedicated server?
    • Dedicated Servers are isolated server that offers full control over the server where you have exclusive access to the server space and resources. You can manage, use and configure it as per your business needs.

    How does the Dedicated Server Solutions work?
    • You buy the dedicated server with a lease but you have full control over it. It is customized to meet your various needs like website hosting, application hosting, database management, video streaming and much more.

    Why should I choose dedicated server?
    • If your business is expanding rapidly, you need dedicated server for more control and efficiency. It will be all yours to expand your business and use it the way you want without any hassle. It is perfect for website with high-traffic and mission-critical application.

    Is dedicated server safer?
    • All types of hosting at VNET India is safe and secure including the dedicated server. We have advanced security features like auto updates and real-time monitoring to prevent data theft or attack and ensure that your data is completely safe.

    How can I contact your support team for Dedicated Server issues?
    • We are available 24/7/365 via Phone, Email. Live Chat and SMS. You can easily contact us and get instant help from our expert team.