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VnetIndia is one of the most trusted Zimbra email service providers in India. Zimbra email hosting services is an open-source package which is also known as the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS). Zimbra email services provide the innovative path that connects end in their cloud. Zimbra emails are the open-source and collaborative solutions which include task management system, document management system and many more.

Zimbra email services contain effective features that grant you to manage emails, calendars, task management systems. It will save time and energy by using Zimbra Email Services. Zimbra email services provide cost-effective email communication. Zimbra mail pricing is less at VnetIndia. We are providing affordable Zimbra email services in India at the best quality of services.

Huge email managing is tiring work, so many organizations started preferring email services. VnetIndia provides the best Zimbra Email services in India and globally effectively. Avoid unwanted emails by the latest spam filter. Communicating via email is easier and it consists of many features at VnetIndia. We are providing Zimbra email services with customized plans. You can create your plan according to your needs and demands. Zimbra email hosting enables sharing the task, documents, appointment details, contacts, etc.

Benefits of Zimbra email Hosting

  1. Supports all devices
  2. Backup and restore
  3. Hierarchical storage and management
  4. Compatible with all OS
  1. Simple admin
  2. Easy deployment
  3. Easy to manage
  4. Open-source

Zimbra email services are more customized and have more capabilities when compared to gmails.

VnetIndia offers effective features of Zimbra email hosting services In India

Features of Zimbra emails

  • Customized UI
  • Hybrid deployment
  • 24/7 Support
  • Contacts and calendars
  • Multiple admins
  • Multi-domain support
  • Migration
  • Many address book
  • Anti-spam and antivirus
  • Advanced AJAX email

  • Zimbra email services help to manage your daily business activities easily. VnetIndia is the best in providing high-quality Zimbra email hosting. Our dedicated Zimbra mails and managed Zimbra mails are more popular in the Zimbra mail industries.

    Zimbra Mail Server price in India

    VnetIndia is one of the best Zimbra mail server providers in India at affordable prices. We are providing customized Zimbra email server plans according to your needs.

    Key Features of Zimbra mail server

    1. Flexible, light and simple to use with any devices.
    2. Multi-server with a single point and simple administration.
    3. It provides antivirus and antispam
    4. DR/ DC replication with Live Sync.

    FAQ for Zimbra Email Hosting services

    What are Zimbra email services?
    • Zimbra email services are email solutions with calendars and collaborations for both public and private. Which provides a collaborative solution which includes features like task management systems, document management systems, etc.

    What is Zimbra email hosting?
    • Zimbra email hosting is used to communicate, message, share and collaborate information on plenty of devices. This Zimbra email hosting service can be done in both public and private cloud ecosystems. It brings users together so that they can share data.

    Why VnetIndia Zimbra mail server?
  • Multiple mobile device support
  • Easy integration
  • Easy manageable
  • Real-time backup and restore
  • User to use internal chat discussion while using Zimbra cloud
  • Supports iPhone, Androids, Windows, Blackberry
  • Supports outlook
  • Is support available for Zimbra email services at VnetIndia?
    • Yes, aVnet India we have a 24/7 support team to help you with all queries about Zimbra email hosting services. We are available at all support digital mediums like email, ticketing, 24/7 monitoring, any desk, live chat, WhatsApp support, account management system, direct access to a person.