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Explore VNET VDS Hosting Plans!

Take fringe benefit of VNET'S wide range of unlimited software configurations, scaling, rebooting maintenance options, and flexibility with customized component resources DDR4ECC RAM, AMD RYZEN PRO, EPYC series jammed with SSD storage with hardware and software RAID.

Choose the big resources for your thriving business.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

Virtual in Dedicated Machines, customized to your needs!

If you are looking for faster, more secure and scalable solutions, then you are at the right place. VNET India deploys servers faster than any other hosting provider, and thousands of businesses around India and the Globe are driven by VNET virtual dedicated technology.

When You have already planned to invest in a dedicated virtual server, which makes you the sole owner of the entire server, we take a vow to provide you with the best infrastructure for your multiple sites that crave variable scalability or resource-driven applications that need a sole customized server.

What's more, for the best performance of your big database and resource-demanding application, our top virtual dedicated server is adorned with a variety of next-generation configuration options.

Besides, we know that as a big enterprise, you don't want to compromise on the Security of your essential data, and that's what VNET virtual dedicated hosting takes care of.

Consequently, Our skilled IT team pays attention to the insights you offer regarding your business and mentors and guides you to make a better choice. And on the informed knowledge and after a deliberate discussion with you, administers the best virtual dedicated server with the exact amount of component resources you want, i.e. a fully customized platform of total isolation for your mission-critical workloads.


  2. Geo-Redundant ( 27 Data centres ) – UK, USA, INDIA, GERMANY, CANADA.
  3. Complete protection with IDS/IPS technology, WAF, MOD security.
  4. Cloud flare CDN, load balancers for peak performance.
  5. IPMI for monitoring servers.

Virtual Dedicated Servers Advance Features; We Guarantee Performance!

Below is the list of prominent features that VNET offers in virtual dedicated servers.

World’s best processors!

Needless to say, that the CPU is the cornerstone of your server; hence It's essential to have a proper combination of clock speed and number of cores for the optimal performance of the processor, which consequently results in high-speed VDS.

As a reliable hosting provider, our tech team elicit input from your team regarding your CPU requirement and administers the best processor series for you.


We got you covered!

Cheers for! AMD RYZEN 3900 X 12 cores with 24 threads and a clock speed of 3.8 GHz and a 4.6 GHz boost. EPYC 7742 X 64 cores with 128 threads and clock speed 2.25 GHz, 3.4 GHz boost. We offer INTEL Xeon E5- 8 cores in the intel series with 16 threads 2.10 GHz, 2.40 GHz boost.

RAM – Scale as your business scales!

RAM serves for better performance, more efficiency and enhanced reliability, which provides smooth performance to the resource-hungry applications that run on your website, and gives quick work out of your big database. We ensure you get the best of all these domains under our scalable virtual dedicated server.

Our top virtual dedicated servers are packed with DDR3ECC 8GB/16 GB/32GB/64 GB RAM.

With VNET, you can scale or downgrade the plans that mirror your business requirements.

SSD – The protagonist of storage!

You would want fast and reliable storage to run heavy applications such as oracle database servers, MySQL, MSSQL or your e-commerce store. SSD gives you a more dependable and efficient option.

High capability SSD storage, Reliable SSD NVMe, high-speed SSD SATA, pick any memory of your choice; we assemble it with RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 to mitigate data loss risks that take care of durability, conveys low latency, gives quicker boot-up and faster file transfer.

We provide 240 GB INTEL SSD storage RAID 5, 480 GB INTEL SSD storage software RAID 1, 800 GB INTEL SSD storage RAID 5, 800 GB INTEL storage hardware RAID 1 with an affordable virtual dedicated server.

VNET top class security!

Breach of your dedicated server seems like a horror story. We understand that the Security of your server is one crucial factor, and it can cause an upset if it happens to be a DDoS attack, malware or some phishing attack.

We are India's best virtual dedicated server and make it a point to keep your servers fortified against DDoS and malware attacks and knock them down before they reach VDS.

As a result, all our servers are packed with IDS/IPS technologies against cyber-attacks, creating a backup to mitigate data loss risk. For the security at the application layer, a web application firewall ( WAF) is installed; furthermore, MOD security is used to keep real-time threats at bay.

We are Geo-Redundant

With VNET, Disaster refrain comes before Data recovery; yes, we don't let the disaster knock at your door! Instead, we take action In advance with failover to different cities across the globe, and that's how you stay closer to your visitors and give them the best performance with quick page load and minimized latency with VNET Linux virtual Dedicated server.

Our data centres are spread across 27 locations in India and across the globe. If you have visitors in India, choose Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore. Or you can settle for TEXAS, WASHINGTON DC, NEVADA to exploit our services in the USA.

If you have your business and visitors in the UK, then you would be happy to know that we have 4 data centres there, and you can Pick out among Ireland, Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

You can find our two data centres in Toronto and Ontario in Canada.

Virtual Dedicated Server Operating Systems

Virtual dedicated server operating systems for your own e-commerce website

   If you are thinking of a customized solution, then you found it here!

  • Fedora
  • Ubuntu
  • Open Suse
  • centOs
  • Oracle Linux
  • Debian

Want To Make Your Server More Robust?

You can always expect more of us; check out the add ons below and add more demand to your enterprise.

Arcserve UDP

Data deletion can create a breakdown of your server. UDP ( unified data protection) is file recovery, disaster recovery and server backup for your spam-free virtual dedicated server backed by heterogeneous Technology, which saves your server from any attack and defends every component of your server.

Rubrik- 5.2

Hardware failure, power outage, tech glitch, the names you don't want to hear if you have housed your accounts on a server. You don't need to worry, as you can add on Rubrik- 5.2 software in your virtual dedicated server plan, which helps in data management and keeps malware attacks out of your radar.


Cyber attacks can be a big headache! An intrusion detection system looks for signatures that match known cyber-attacks and intrusion prevention attacks ( IPS) protects the server from the cyber attack in our server.

SSL Certificates

VNET keeps the network between your clients and VDS completely encrypted with SSL lets encrypt certificate and also validate that your server is completely secured.

Cloudflare CDN

With cloud flare CDN in place, you can practically shorten the distance between your visitors and a high speed virtual dedicated server to provide quick page load and optimized user experience to your customers.

Stingray Load Balancers

Stingray load balancers handle the load across all the data centres, give your visitors a quick page load, minimum latency, and optimized virtual dedicated server.

WAF (web application firewall)

We keep security even at an application layer. Web application firewall keeps your server safe from any phishing attack.

Want To know More About VNET VDS?

Everything you want to improve, scale and customize your accounts is here!

Improved Site Performance

Your reliable virtual dedicated server sits on the highly improved hardware resources stingray load balancers, Cloudflare CDN, SSD -SATA, SSD NVME software RAID and hardware RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, which plays a significant role in your site performance and increased efficiency

Unlimited Traffic

With us, you don't have to worry about bandwidth limits. Whether it's your big oracle database server, MySQL, Ms SQL, an eCommerce site, or accounts that heavily rely on video streaming, video conferencing, Our plans can handle sudden peaks in traffic. You can also choose to upgrade the bandwidth limit for maximum throughput.

VNET Expert Support

We have a special team dedicated to your reliable VDS, where our highly skilled tech team assess your business requirement and bring forth the exact solution on your plate. Call our support team at dawn or dusk, at 2 A.M or morning rush hour; we are there to handle your queries.

Business Integration

We understand what exactly your business needs as we have been a player in the hosting industry for 11 years now. You are free to customize your hosting plans with add ons to scale your resources as your business grows.

Quick Provisioning

VNET don’t believe in mere promises; we believe in action. With us, you get instant provisioning. As you choose your plan, We start the migration/ configuration process of your accounts. Your accounts are hosted to our server within a few minutes; we use OpenStack for all our VDS plans.

Dedicated Backup

We take anticipatory actions before you lose your vital data due to unintended outages or any technical glitch. All our virtual dedicated servers plans have secondary backup storage up to 10 TB, which allows you to retrieve data from Backup; furthermore, Security is extended to all our backup storage by default.

High Availability

Our data centres are present in the length and breadth of India and at different locations globally. A perfect consolidation of next-generation components such as SSD -SATA, SSD -NVME with software and hardware RAID 1, 5 10 and AMD EPYC, AMD RYZEN PRO, INTEL XEON and INTEL ATOM processors along with the fortification of IDS/IPS technology for cyberattacks, WAF and MOD security makes our next generation VDS VNET highly available.

IPMI Access

Get quick access to your servers and make BIOS changes without SSH login. The main benefit of an IPMI business virtual dedicated server is that we can quickly retrieve your account even when the server is switched off.

Pick Out The VNET VDS Controls Panels & Rule Your Servers

It is yours! Want to run your server your own way! Yeah, we give you a choice!

  • Cpanel
  • S panel
  • Froxlor
  • Direct Admin
  • BlueOnyx
  • Cloudron

Will My Website Work Best On A Virtual Dedicated Server?

To know more, go through the list of use cases of virtual dedicated servers. Here is the list of cases where some big enterprises and organizations are using our business virtual dedicated hosting.

Big Databases

Oracle database, MySQL, Mongo DB are some high input-output databases that require a big house, i.e. topmost virtual dedicated server, for it offers perfect RAM, which you can scale any time you feel more CPU space and better storage.

SaaS Application

For companies hosting apps such as Saas ( software as a service ), virtual dedicated hosting is an ideal choice. These servers provide better CPU, least IO latency, copious storage, and you can quickly scale resources as per your intense application needs.

Video Streaming

If you have accounts that involve video streaming or video conferencing, virtual dedicated servers ( VDS ) are the obvious choice as they can handle a file of any size requirement of your streaming apps.

Back Up

As the dependency of companies on data and information technology increases, the search for strong backup also increases, data deletion due to outages and natural disasters are out of control, and in those situations, a strong recovery plan is essential to avoid black Friday for your servers. And there comes a reliable virtual dedicated server which provides strong backup against all odds.

High Volume Web Servers

A sudden peak in traffic demands a perfect platform with server resources that provides a smooth user experience, scalable environment, best server software and data location with reliable network capacity. For these instances, high volume virtual dedicated servers remain the best choice for your e-commerce website.

Fancy More Information?

Check out our FAQ's to get a clear insight into virtual dedicated hosting plans, pricing, control panels, and more!

We can say that the virtual dedicated server is the hybrid of a dedicated server and a virtual private server. However, the chief difference is that in a virtual dedicated server ( VDS), you can upgrade or downgrade your component resources, and in physical dedicated servers, it's not possible.

Having said that, unlike in a virtual private server, you don't have to worry about noisy neighbours as your CPU, RAM, storage is only and only yours.

You get full root access from the control panel; you can run, maintain and keep tabs on your server.

Yes, we have used Cloudflare CDN for VDS, and we use other CDN'S in other dedicated servers.
CDN is a content delivery network; it minimizes the distance between your servers and a visitor and provides fast content delivery to your visitors.
Yes, we use stingray load balancers in VDS
The load balancer distributes the workload of websites or applications across the different nodes. Load balancers are used at a different level at network layers and application layers as well.

The control panels we use for VDS are:

  1. S panel
  2. Froxlor
  3. Cloudron
  4. Cpanel
  5. Direct Admin
  6. BlueOnyx
We provide free migrations on certain conditions; you can talk to our customer support for more details on the migration fee process.
If you already have knowledge about servers, that would work wonders for you to choose the right plan for your business. However, if you have no clue about servers and dedicated servers, we have a tech team specially dedicated to mentor and guide you for the best plan to choose for your business or big data.
We do at the earliest within an hour; if there is an issue from your old hosting provider or a problem with your login credentials, then it can take 24 hours.
Yes, we guarantee migration with zero data loss for all our servers.
We use IDS/IPS technology for cyberattacks, MOD security and WAF security.
With a basic plan, you would need to pay for the addons for premium plans; some of them are already added, but not all, again here; you can decide the add ons as per your business needs.
Yes, that's possible; customization in VDS means you can scale RAM, extend storage, get more CPU share and choose the operating system and control panel of your own choice.

You can pick out any OS you want from the list, or you can get a complete guide from our specialized tech team and choose.

We have 30+ range of operating systems for our servers; here is the list of most popular OS used by us are :

  1. Fedora
  2. Ubuntu
  3. CentOS
  4. Oracle Linux
  5. Open suse
  6. Windows
Geo redundancy is the distribution of the infrastructure in different data centres across different locations. Suppose the primary server fails due to an outage or natural disaster, or any other glitch. It won't impact your business.
And again, you can choose the data centre near your location or where your visitor's areas. It also proves beneficial in providing minimized latency and quick page load.
We have 27 data locations across India and the globe in UK, USA, INDIA, GERMANY, CANADA.
In India, we are in Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore.
TEXAS, WASHINGTON DC, NEVADA in the USA. Ireland, Manchester, Edinburgh and London in the UK. Ontario and Toronto in Canada.

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