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Un Managed VPS Hosting

Your Now cost is not a thing! Take care of your server maintenance and responsibility on your own. More customization, more independence, rule your server!. We provide the best unmanaged VPS option; what we offer are independence and support. Choose our plans!

What You Can Expect From VNET Un Managed VPS

Optimized Stability

As reliable unmanaged VPS servers are shared by very few users. You won't encounter breakdowns or downtimes. it ensures performance better than traditional VPS server hosting.

Control Panel

Manage website, control resources, emails, check databases and many more with your choice of Cpanel. We offer Cpanel, Plesk, Spanel, Direct Admin, solidcp. Cpanel, Plesk are compatible with Linux, whereas Plesk and solidcp work with the windows operating system.

Easy Backup Configuration

Accidental deletion of the data could be a nightmare!! No worries, you have complete freedom to configure back -upon third party storage server.

High Availability

VNET unmanaged VPS plan is packed with redundant hardware clusters, RAID, Load Balancers in case of unpredicted breakdown. We care!

Choose Your Operating System

Install/reinstall your operating system; on top of it, we offer a wide variety of operating systems for the better performance and reliability of your VPS. You can choose from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux.


Unmanaged VPS comes with SSD, which is undeniably the most viable plan with its faster speed, better performance, and lower power consumption.

The Technology Behind Un-Managed VPS

  • Ubuntu/CentOS/Windows/oracle Linux
  • Ipv4/v6
  • Cpanel/whm/Plesk/Webmin/Spanel
  • Built-in firewall
  • MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL

What You Get From VNET VPS

High Performance

Experience high performance with VNET unmanaged VPS; with zero data loss migration and better speed performance, we set a benchmark and stay true to our commitments.

Full Root Access

You get complete access and autonomous control in unmanaged VPS over the Bandwidth, memory, database, resource applications that are installed, along with the operating system.

Instant Provisioning

You need it, and we do it; we take care of your preliminary requirements. We do it right away! We provide hundreds of provisioning within 15 minutes.


Thousands of testimonials are proof of our reliability. We provide what we promise. For VNET, our customers are our assets.

100% SSD

We tap precisely into what you need. SSD stands out when it comes to storage with 300% faster performance & lower power consumption.

Private Network

VPS hosting literally puts the power in your hand; your server resources (RAM, CPU, storage ) are your alone.

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Benefits Of Un Managed VPS

More Customization

The most prominent feature of cost-effective unmanaged VPS is freedom of customization; you can install precisely what you want for your website.


Our cost-effective unmanaged VPS is an economical solution; you are solely responsible for handling resources, not relying on a server provider, saving you much money.


You can change, install, test, deploy, run and change any number and type of software anytime you want in our unmanaged vps server.

Easy Backup Configuration

Accidental deletion of the data could be a nightmare. No worries, you have complete freedom to configure back -upon third party storage server.

Complete Control

You can easily access your storage, Bandwidth, Memory, CPU and install any software you want.

Frequently Asked Question

Unmanaged VPS are the VPS where the server is entirely under the control of the customer. You have full root access to deploy, test, run and change any type and number of software. It is cost-effective as you don't have to rely on the VPS provider for maintenance. Ideal for those who already have the technical knowledge or who have in house tech support.
No, you cant install your own operating system. However, VNET offers Ubuntu/CentOS/Windows/oracle Linux. You are free to choose any one of them.
  • You can install and reinstall your operating system
  • Reboot a VPS
  • Server resources ( CPU, storage, Bandwidth ) totally under your contro
  • You can transfer IP
  • You can access the console
Yes, we provide domain names and email solutions.