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Looking to host your e-commerce store, oracle databases, or your mission-critical apps? VNET India gets you started with unmanaged dedicated server hosting customized solutions for your precise business needs. Check out our plans!

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VNET Unmanaged Dedicated Server

A Customized Solution For Peak Performance

Pre-configured servers sometimes hinder your servers' performance. And when your enterprise demands scaling and customization, In terms of RAM adjustment, CPU spacing, and storage scaling, in that scenario, VNET premium unmanaged dedicated servers are the most viable and appropriate choice.

Not only it gives you the freedom to run server administration and resource management, but also it offers the highest quality in performance, redundant network and power system for smooth functioning of your infrastructure.

Besides, it emerges to be a great privilege if you are a tech expert or have an in house IT team . with India's top-quality unmanaged dedicated hosting businesses and enterprises can take full responsibility for their software and servers, like overseeing backups, updating operating systems, configure software or anything associated with logging into the server. You can put the tech acumen of your IT team to good use in installing and managing base software like PHP and Apache.

VNET best unmanaged dedicated servers are packed with the enterprise-class network, top-quality security and next-generation processors. We provide top-class download speed, best performance and complete reliability, full root access and complete control of your server.

Even with unmanaged plans, we escort you with installing the operating system of your choice. If you encounter any problem related to server performance or hardware failure, we fix it there and then replace the impacted hardware.

Furthermore, if you face any issue with network connectivity, our tech team troubleshoot the issue right away. The control panel you choose gives you the power to handle your server, and you can also check the bandwidth usage easily using unmanaged dedicated server technology and tools.


  1. DDR3ECC 8 GB RAM/ 16 GB RAM/36 GB RAM/ 64GB RAM
  2. AMD RYZEN 3900 X 12 cores, 24 threads with a clock speed of 3.8 GHz and 4.6 GHz boost.
  3. Advanced network security - threat detectors, keyword access, DDOS protection, IDS/IPS technology, video surveillance technology.
  4. Rubrik 5.2, SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, stingray load balancers add ons
  5. VNET expert support.

What Makes The VNET Unmanaged Dedicated Server Different?

VNET India removes all the obstacles for your business. Now scale as you want and customize as you need. Get personalized resources for your ever-growing business needs.

Enterprise-Class Processors

For the best performance of your high speed unmanaged dedicated server, a lot boils down to the processor you choose for the smooth functioning of your server. Our reliable unmanaged dedicated server comes packed with powerful processors with parallel consideration of clock speed and the number of threads.

AMD or INTEL? We have both!

The benchmark of AMD RYZEN is that it has an impressive multithread performance. we administer

AMD RYZEN 3900 X 12 cores, 24 threads with a clock speed of 3.8 GHz and 4.6 GHz boost.

EPYC 7742 X, 64 cores, 128 threads with a clock speed of 2.25 GHz and 3.4 GHz boost.

EPYC is the best choice If you are running applications like scientific simulation and machine learning, for it provides a high core count, higher I/O bandwidth and scalability.

INTEL XEON E5 -8 cores, 16 threads,2.10 GHz,2.40 GHz.

Our Xeon processors come in handy for memory-hungry databases and analytics.

Maximize Efficiency With Maximum RAM

Better RAM choice improves the performance and responsiveness of your top quality unmanaged dedicated server, which makes it handle big data efficiently. And if you don't have enough RAM, you can expect the pages to load slow and results in visitors running away from your site.

Considering your extensive database, choosing a server with more RAM is always a wise move to avoid slowdowns. Some other factors that decide the amount of RAM for your dedicated server are the OS you choose and the traffic your site face, so we always recommend choosing RAM more than required for the efficient functioning of your server.

We administer with DDR3ECC 8 GB RAM/ 16 GB RAM/36 GB RAM/ 64GB RAM in a reliable unmanaged server.

Level Up Storage - SSD

Solid-state drives are manifolds faster than traditional HDD because SSD works faster and is less prone to mechanical failure. If you want the power performance of your website with features like access to top-quality CDN, high-performance databases, and cache, add SSD for fast and stable server performance.

All our SSD comes with NVMe SSD, SATA SSD, SSD packed with RAID 1, 5, 10 with hardware and software configurations that grant better function, Lightning-fast speed, peak performance of our server.

We provide 800 GB INTEL storage software RAID 5, 800 GB SSD INTEL storage hardware RAID 1, 240 GB SSD INTEL storage RAID 5, 480 GB INTEL SSD storage software RAID 1, with our faster-unmanaged server.

Security - You can count on us

Nothing is secure today!

Security is perhaps one of the chief reasons you chose the best-unmanaged service provider. At VNET India, we offer protection against DDoS, firewall, malware and phishing attacks.

Our add ons include protection against DDOS; besides, we also provide a quality perimeter WAF firewall to stop the malicious attack before entering your server.

We administer IDS/IPS for protection against cyber-attack. and beyond that, we suggest daily, weekly and off-site backup of your server.

Locations - We have a global presence!

When It comes to the efficient performance of your website, a lot counts up to the location of your servers data centre. Choosing a server close to your user means having maximum website speed, minimum latency and better site ranking for SEO.

The good news is that VNET offers 27 data centre locations in different parts of India and globally.

Our data centres are built to stand up against local weather, natural disaster and are immune to power outages.

We are proud to administer high-grade data centre locations in India, UK, the USA CANADA, GERMANY

We are happy to provide our services in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai if you have visitors in India.

If your business is spread across the UK, we are more than elated to break that we have 4 data centres there, you can choose from Manchester and Ireland, London and Edinburgh.

You can discover us in Ontario & Toronto in Canada.

Choose Nevada, Washington DC, Texas if you have your big enterprise in the USA and reap the benefit of our business unmanaged dedicated server.

Choose From 30 Plus Range Of Operating Systems

Check out the list of OS below and pick out the one that agrees with your business.

  • Rocky Linux
  • Open SUSE
  • Windows
  • Vz Linux
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Oracle Linux

What More You Can Expect From Us?

Instant provision, quick load, advanced security and a lot more, yes! Read more to learn more about unmanaged dedicated servers.

Quick Loading

With VNET speed unmanaged dedicated server, you would get a quick installation of enterprise-class dedicated servers. Next-generation processors, expandible resources, IPMI access, and beefed up security ensure you get quick loading speed for your resource-hungry apps and big database.

Remarkable Flexibility

We eliminate all the interference for you and offer complete flexibility in performing the actions you want to perform on your affordable unmanaged dedicated servers. Configure applications, add niche software, append ADD-ONS and implement security with ultimate ease.

VNET Dedicated Support

Your convenience matters to us more than anything else. However, you chose to maintain and run your server on your own. But we would love to escort you with our dedicated support. Your application servers, big databases, e-commerce websites are entirely safe. With India's topmost unmanaged dedicated servers, you get 24x7x365 support.

Easy Client Portal

We make your life easy. Now access your server through our easy client portal. You can make reboot requests, DNS configuration, get instant licensing, handle billing, support helpdesk, everything from one place.

Instant Provision

With VNET unmanaged services, you get full access and full rights to your server, along with high availability and peak performance. We promise migration/set up with zero data loss and the quickest provisioning within an hour.

Advanced Network Security

Our client's security is prime to us, and that's the reason we have included threat detectors, keyword access, DDOS protection, IDS/IPS technology, video surveillance technology in our hack free servers.

IPMI Access

Our servers incorporate IPMI (intelligent platform managed interface). You can reboot your system sitting anywhere and monitor your system sitting remotely if there is an issue with the network.

Hosting Go Easy With Un Managed Dedicated Server ADD-ONS

Provide a customized solution to your business with the below ADD-ONS we offer in business unmanaged dedicated plans.

WAF(Web Application Firewall)

Get away with a phishing attack, malware, and Ransome attack with a cost-effective server at the application layer with WAF.

SSL Certificates

We help you validate your website with a let's encrypt SSL certificate. ADD SSL certificate and improve google ranking of your website with VNET.

Rubrik 5.2

Your website is in a safe haven with Rubrik 5.2 software. Keep malware attacks and Ransome attacks at bay and also get complete data management in unmanaged dedicated hosting solutions.

Stingray Load Balancer

Handle the sudden peak in traffic on your website with a stingray load balancer add on. Make your servers less vulnerable in peak hours, provide an optimized experience to your users with unmanaged dedicated server India.

Arcserve UDP

Data deletion can be a headache! Recover your file, recover your data, get back up and defend your speed server with Arcserve UDP.

Cloudflare CDN

Give optimized user experience to your visitors with Cloudflare CDN. Some other benefits of CDN are minimized latency and quick page load.

Stingray Load Balancers

Stingray load balancer intelligently distributes traffic between the servers and provide an optimized experience to users.

As Promised, We Give You Complete Control!

Below is the list of popular control panels we use in unmanaged dedicated servers. You got the power in your hands!

  • Direct Admin
  • Plesk
  • Spanel
  • Cloudron
  • BlueOnyx
  • Floxlor
  • Cpanel

Your Business Is Safe With Us!

VNET is a premium provider of hosting services. Our data centres at all 27 locations are entirely safe and secure!

Back Up

No Disaster, No surprises! Your Linux dedicated server is backed up daily and weekly using Rubrik software, RAID hardware and software configuration in all our data centres.

Power Supply

With our windows servers, you never face interference due to power supply as all our data centres are tier 3 setups with redundant power supplies.

Fire Protection

Disasters can knock in the form of fire. But don't worry! All our data centres are equipped with automatic fire detection and suppression system.


No need to worry about the network. You get 24x7x365 days internet connection with all our data centres.


Security is s a prime factor for you, for us. All our data centres are completely secured with biometric sensors, motion sensors, CCTV and trained security personnel.


Servers remain cool with a redundant cooling system that keeps the server room temperature at an optimal level.

You Got Questions? We Have Got Answers!

You read about unmanaged dedicated servers, and you still have got doubts! No worries, we give you full freedom to know about our servers.

In unmanaged dedicated servers, you maintain and run your servers on your own, append add ons, install software, choose all your resources as your business needs. And as a hosting provider, we take care of network connectivity, hardware stability and its replacement in case it is worn out. You also get VNET 24x7x365 support.

Yes, we use RAID hardware and software configurations in an unmanged dedicated server.

Yes, you can install software of your choice.

The most popular options we provide are:

  1. Rocky Linux
  2. Open SUSE
  3. Vz Linux
  4. CentOS
  5. Ubuntu/Debian
  6. Oracle Linux
  7. Windows

The control panels we administer in unmanaged solutions are:

  1. Direct Admin
  2. Plesk
  3. Cloudron
  4. BlueOnyx
  5. Floxlor
  6. Cpanel
  7. Spanel
Yes, you need to pay extra charges for ADD on.
Yes, we provide migration with zero data loss.
You can add WAF ( Web Application Firewall ), Cloudflare CDN, Rubrik 5.2 software, Arcserve UDP, stingray load balancer, SSL certificates.

Account migration is generally done within an hour. In some cases, it can take more than an hour, depending upon the account you are holding or some other issues with login details.

Raid is a union of multiple disks that helps replication of data and backup your data.

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