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There are myriads of ways to store and back up your data, and the best of them is Storage VPS at VNET India.

Storage VPS is a complete solution to store a vast volume of data with unlimited bandwidth. At VNET India, you get the best VPS plan with impeccable data backup packed with powerful performance and unlimited functionalities. Choose us and get support in 6 multilingual languages, more customization and more independence!

What VNET Provides In Storage VPS


You hate the word downtime, and We can't afford to let you down. We have incorporated RAID-10 in all our Storage virtual private servers, which uses both striping and mirroring technology, making it fast and resilient and providing better performance and data protection.

High Performance

If your website starts to provoke your server, we have our high Storage VPS Plan to fight that challenge. Our server is bundled with a stingray shared load balancer, which intelligently distributes the traffic among different server machines plus guaranteed CPU share, and 100% SSD, all of it dedicated to your server. We stay true to our words!


Mistakes happen, and we can't avoid them, which is why we bring along a snapshot with our secured storage VPS hosting, which preserves your data. Now revive your virtual server back to its previous state.

Unlimited Functionality

In our SSD storage VPS server, along with unlimited storage, you get highly available functionalities such as unlimited domain, dedicated IP, DDos protection, snapshot unlimited email creation, databases, and many more.

No Bandwidth Limit

Take it easy! You won't face any extra fee or downtime after the allotted bandwidth is over. With storage VPS hosting, We provide unmetered bandwidth for software updates and live video streaming. you can pick up any option from 250 MBPS/ 500 MBPS/ 1GBPS/ 2 GBPS.

Load Balancer

With our reliable storage VPS server, load balancers welcomes the heavy traffic and efficiently distributes it among the different server machines to ensure your website gives its peak performance.

The Technology Behind Storage Based VPS

  • Ubuntu/Gento/Debian
  • Litespeed/ApacheTomCat
  • Stingray/Traefik
  • Cpanel/Webmin
  • PostgreSQL

Support You Get From VNET

99.9% Uptime

You can't let your website sleep when your competitors are awake and running. In our VPS storage web hosting, powerful hardware resources, unlimited functionalities, secure network and protection against spam are DDos, and 24x7x365 support makes sure you never suffer downtime.

Choose From Different Locations

Who doesn't want to stay closer to the audience?. We have data centres located in UK, USA, Canada, EU, India and Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi in India. Stay closer to your audience, give them a quick page load, minimized latency, and provide stable services.

Easy Upgrade

Is the traffic on the website challenging the functioning of your server? It's time to upgrade your VPS plan. dont worry. Our technical team is specially dedicated to understanding your business requirements and tell which better plan to choose In our hacking free storage VPS.

Complete Server Management

Your server management is easier than ever. We do the heavy lifting for you. Your server is constantly monitored, and you get 24x7x365 support from us in the storage hosting server.

Zero Set Up Cost

Don't get surprised! At VNET India, you don't have to spend extra bucks in setting up your server.

Quick Provisioning

You chose us, well done! Get your server up and running within 15 minutes; we use Openstack in all our best storage VPS, providing the quickest provisioning.

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Frequently Asked Question

In a storage VPS plan, you get huge space for a vast amount of data. Storage VPS plan is an ideal environment of excellent data backup and unlimited bandwidth.
We have used the KVM virtualization technique in our storage VPS plan.
We don't charge for migration.
We provide customized solutions; you can choose anyone from our 30+ range of operating systems.