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Standard VPS Hosting

Standard VPS Hosting – Absolute Choice For E-commerce, Developers.

Empower your business with power-packed standard VPS, which speaks volumes with its features, RAID – 10 storage for redundancy, powerful CPU, scalable RAM, SSL certificate to keep your website secured, and a dedicated environment for developers. Choose our plans and stand out in the crowd!

Standard VPS Features


Data deletions are unavoidable, and it comes with consequences. To avert those consequences, we bring along a snapshot with our secured standard VPS hosting, which fully restores your virtual server and give you worry less sleep.

Scaleup Server

Hosting with VNET means no more headache for upgrading; our standard VPS plan is designed to suit your business needs. We provide you with correct provisioning, which means you only pay for what you use. Start with a moderate plan and scale up RAM, storage and CPU within few seconds.

RAID-10 Storage

We can't afford to let you down with downtime or breakdowns. We incorporated RAID-10 in all our standard virtual servers to give your server a highly redundant environment if any of your server components start to act up.

Complete Backup

Backup is very important in case of any technical issues. In standard VPS you get weekly / monthly backup option for the safety of your datas.


CPU plays a pivotal role in the optimal performance and speed of virtual machines. We incorporate intel next-generation architecture for the uninterrupted functioning of your powerful standard VPS. We promise you a guaranteed CPU and make a provision for autoscaling if more space is needed.

IP Address

Holding multiple sites? Attaching additional IP will significantly bolster your SSL security. Our standard virtual server comprises IPv4 and IPv6.

The Technology Behind Standard VPS

  • Debian/CentOS/Gentoo
  • NGINX/Microsoft IIS
  • Azure load balancer/HA Proxy
  • MySQL/Microsoft SQL
  • Plesk/Cpanel

What VNET Provides In Standard VPS

Maximum Reliability

With our Reliable standard VPS, you get zero downtime, 100% NVMe SSD, beefed up security, extra CPU share, snapshot . what more you could ask for. With us, you are at a safe harbour!

Unlimited Bandwidth

There is no limit to the bandwidth we provide. Do you have unrestrained traffic? Fine! We grant 250Mbps/500Mbps/1Gbps/2Gbps in our affordable standard VPS.


Your clients would never want their personal data to be watched. Their privacy matters to you; to us, therefore, we aid your VPS plan with let's encrypt SSL certificate that keeps the data between your website and clients totally secured. Guess what? In standard VPS, it's absolutely free for one year with dedicated IP.

Scalable RAM

Hey! You don't need to overspend and migrate your entire VPS plan. Yes! We guide you just the right! Wondering how much RAM your plan requires? No problem! We will do the maths for you and provide you with the precise amount of RAM. we grant 2GB/4GB/8GB RAM. We can scale within 10 seconds.

Unlimited Webhosting

Maximum CPU share, scalable RAM option, and unrestrained bandwidth are just the correct ingredients of a standard virtual hosting platform that makes it ideal for unlimited web hosting.

Dedicated Environment

Do you want the power of dedicated hosting? Our standard SSD VPS is the place for you. Get scalable RAM, bandwidth, CPU and dedicated IP. It's all yours!

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Benefits Of Standard VPS

Solid State Drive

Congratulations! You have taken the absolutely right decision! Call out storage, and you will only hear SSD. Our standard SSD VPS is packed with NVMe architecture which is 4 folds faster than HDD . with us; you get better performance, low power consumption and light speed web load time.

Full-Scale Webhosting

Do you have more than one business? Good news! You can easily house multiple sites without impacting the response time of other clients. Shall we tell you the secret? You can handle it with one IP.

99.9% Uptime

Tired of hearing it umpteen times? But with VNET, it's not a mere promise. You will see it in our actions. We guarantee you 99.9 % uptime. Try us and see the difference! For reliable standard VPS

Unlimited Support

Do you know why you chose us? Because we are at your beck and call. Yes, call us at any time of the day. Our technical team is always available to handle your queries. We provide 24x7x365 support.


You get RAID-10 storage fr a highly redundant environment, a snapshot that fully restores your server. SSD NVMe which gives you 4 fold better performance in our high-performance standard VPS

Frequently Asked Question

In standard VPS, the provider manages the server; you get full support from the technical team through different mediums. They clear all the technical glitches within the stipulated time frame and don't let the system float into server downtimes. You get enhanced security, high performance and full-scale web hosting.
No, we provide free migration with zero data loss.
Yes, absolutely you can choose control panel and operating system of your own choice.
We provide domain names and email solutions along with web hosting.