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Check Out VNET Smart Dedicated Server Plans!

Breaking down the barriers of physical dedicated servers comes out our customized smart dedicated technology. Choose between INETL Xeon and AMD processors, scaling, rebooting do it all with DDR4EEC RAM options. Choose our plans and feel the difference!

Virtual Smart Dedicated Server (VDS)

VNET Smart Dedicated Server That Taps Into Your Real-Time Business Needs!

Looking to host your mission-critical apps, backup servers or big database? VNET is one of India's leading smart dedicated service providers. It welcomes you to host your websites and business that calls for reliability, security, and performance, thus enabling you to be the top player among your business competitors.

At VNET, we believe in providing a complete backup by providing you with a pre-packaged smart server solution. We break your requirements into four different sections. First, we examine your RAM requirements; second, we discuss storage; after that, we scratch the surface of storage requisites. We then walk you through our security protocols and our data centre location options.

For the best performance of your video streaming apps, e-commerce website or gaming apps with the above component requirements, we created smart dedicated hosting solutions that hear your exact needs if you are a developer, influential designer or an admin.

With a smart server as an extension of our service, our team follows up, remains flexible and keeps adjusting as your business demands to upgrade or downgrade the component resources. Whenever your team comes with a problem, our team comes up with a potential solution and to see you grow is the collective pledge of our VNET team.


  2. Lightning speed performance with SSD SATA, SSD NVMe.
  3. Hardware RAID 1, 5, 10 and software RAID 1.
  4. IDS/IPS cyber security, MOD security, WAF security.
  5. 27 data centres across UK, USA, Germany, Canada, India.

The Latest Smart Dedicated Solutions For Your Big Dreams!

Reliable smart dedicated servers – get the resources you need with no sharing, no noisy neighbours, only customized solutions. Check out the VNET smart dedicated servers Advanced features!

VNET Spacious CPU

The importance of CPU is inarguable; CPU efficiency and server performance are inextricably linked. Therefore It's indispensable to have a proper selection of processors with careful consideration of the number of cores and the clock speed for the excellent performance of the processor, which results in India's best smart dedicated server.

Once we get a clear insight into your account type, we show you different processor options and then administer the best processor series for you.

AMD? OR INTEL PRO, we have both!

AMD EPYC 7742 X 64 cores with 128 threads and clock speed 2.25 GHz, 3.4 GHz boost. AMD RYZEN 3900 X 12 cores with 24 threads and a clock speed of 3.8 GHz and a 4.6 GHz boost. Alternatively, choose INTEL Xeon E5- 8 cores with 16 threads 2.10 GHz, 2.40 GHz boost.

Wolrd Class RAM

You chose VNET; wise move! Now reap the benefit of our scalable RAM options with our top-quality smart dedicated server.

With RAM comes better performance, increased reliability and enhanced efficiency, which gives way to smooth performance to your big database accounts, video streaming apps and eCommerce websites. We assure you get the best of our services in a scalable smart dedicated server.

Our top smart dedicated servers are equipped with DDR3ECC 8GB/16 GB/32GB/64 GB RAM.

Storage Means SSD

One of the reasons you should choose VNET high speed smart dedicated server is that we use SSD in all our hosting plans. SSD is undeniably the fastest and most reliable storage option for your e-commerce store and heavy applications such as MySQL, MSSQL or oracle database servers.

High-speed SSD storage, Reliable SSD NVMe, efficient SSD SATA, choose any one packed with RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 that mitigate data loss risks and provides quicker boot-up durability, provides low latency, faster file transfer.

In our affordable smart dedicated server We offer, 800 GB INTEL SSD storage hardware RAID 1, 800 GB INTEL SSD storage RAID 5, 480 GB INTEL SSD storage software RAID 1, 240 GB INTEL SSD storage RAID 5.

Reliable Security

Data breaches can put you in hot waters, And that the Security of your server is one crucial factor that brought you to us; we fully understand your apprehensions too. Be it a malware attack or a DDOS attack, we don’t let the malicious attack happen and break them down before reaching your server.

All our hack free servers are bundled with IDS/IPS technologies that work against cyber-attacks, which creates a backup to mitigate data loss risk. Mod security is installed to keep real threats away, and A web application firewall ( WAF) provides security at the application layer.

We Are Omnipresent

Surprises can happen in the form of the complete debacle of a server! With VNET best smart dedicated server, we take action in advance with full disaster management in place; yes, we take anticipatory actions with failover to different cities across India and the globe, and that's how you stay closer to your visitors and give them quick page load and minimized latency and that in turn increase the dwell time of your website and bring it to the top of google search.

We are more than elated to break that we have 27 data centres across India and in other parts of the globe.

If you are living in India and have visitors there, choose Mumbai, Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore.

We also have data centres in TEXAS, WASHINGTON DC, NEVADA in the USA.

If you have your business and visitors in the UK, then congratulations! We have 4 data centres there, and you can Pick out among Ireland, Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

You can exploit our top-quality smart dedicated servers in two data centres in Toronto and Ontario in Canada.

Smart Dedicated Servers Control Panel, Run Your Server Your Way!

Get complete root access, run, maintain and keep tabs on resource components; check out the list of control panels we offer.

  • Cpanel
  • Plesk
  • Floxlor
  • S Panel
  • Direct Admin
  • Cloudron
  • BlueOnyx

VNET Smart Dedicated Server – The Best In The Hosting World!

What makes VNET smart dedicated servers different? Check out what VNET provides you in smart dedicated servers in India.

Unlimited Traffic

With your heavy eCommerce site or accounts that totally depend on video streaming, video conferencing, the data transmission is bound to go high. With us, you don't have to worry about bandwidth limits. Our high bandwidth smart dedicated servers can take care of the sudden rise in traffic, and you can also opt to upgrade the bandwidth limit for maximum throughput.

Improved Site Performance

Who doesn’t want maximum dwell time, increased search intent and least bounce rate on-site? Your reliable smart dedicated server hosts on the highly available hardware resources like Cloudflare CDN, sting ray load balancer, SSD NVME, SSD -SATA software RAID and hardware RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, IPMI, which improves the site performance and increases server efficiency.

VNET Expert Support

Don’t you have knowledge about dedicated servers? No worries! For our speed smart dedicated server, we have a highly skilled tech team that understands your business requirement and guides and mentors you to choose the exact smart dedicated server plan for your business. Our customer support is at your beck and call; buzz us at any time of the day. We are there to handle your queries.

Quick Provisioning

We understand your excitement to host your e-commerce website or extensive databases in a safe haven. And VNET is one such place where you get secured and quick migration/provision without any data loss. As you choose your plan, We start the migration/ configuration process of your accounts. With an open stack in place, all Your accounts are hosted to Linux smart dedicated server within a few minutes.

Business Integration

You know why people come to VNET to host their accounts? Because We have a highly trained technical team that, over the 10 years of being in the hosting industry, has developed a sharp tech acumen of your business needs and bring forth the exact potential solution to your dynamic business requisites. With India's topmost smart dedicated server, You can even choose to customize your server with add ons and scale component resources whenever there is a need.

High Availability

we are geo-redundant; our data centres are located at 27 different locations in different parts of the world. Your data is replicated in duplicate servers so that your accounts remain uninterrupted even during maintenance hours. A perfect configuration of next-generation components such as SSD -SATA, SSD -NVME storage and AMD, INTEL processors along with the beefed-up security of IDS/IPS technology for cyberattacks, WAF and MOD security makes our smart servers highly available.

IPMI Access

With VNET server you can quickly recover your account even when the server is switched off. Get quick access to your servers and make BIOS changes without SSH login. With us, anything is possible!

Dedicated Backup

we do it before you know it, and we take action before you lose your vital data due to any technical glitch. All our servers plans have auxiliary backup storage up to 10 TB, which allows you to recover your data from Backup; moreover, Security is expanded to all our backup storage by default.

Everything You Need, Add It To Your Smart Dedicated Server Plans!

Make your plans more robust and customize them as per your business. Below are the add ons we offer in smart dedicated servers. Choose them and add value to your big plans!

Arcserve UDP

Unintended data deletion can cause things upside down.UDP ( unified data protection), backed by heterogeneous technology, is disaster recovery, file recovery, and server backup for your hack free smart dedicated server. It saves your server from malicious attacks, phishing attacks and defends every component of your server.

Rubrik- 5.2

Power outage, tech glitch, hardware failure, the names that give you hibbie jibbies. But we save you from these apprehensions, as you can append Rubrik- 5.2 software in your smart dedicated server plan, which keeps your servers impenetrable to malware attack and also aids in data management.

WAF (Web Application Firewall)

To keep your account safe, we keep security even at an application layer. Web application firewall keeps your smart dedicated server safe from any phishing attack and malware attacks.

Cloudflare CDN

With cloud flare CDN, you can practically shorten the distance between your websites and visitors in a customizable smart dedicated server to provide a quick page load and optimized user experience to your customers.

Stingray Load Balancers

VNET smart dedicated server, Give your visitors a quick page load, minimum latency, and optimized user experience with stingray load balancer, which can even be used at the network and application layers.


Cyber attacks are big enemies; yes, they are! And this is why we give you the option of adding on IDS/IPS technology, an intrusion detection system that looks for signatures that match known cyber-attacks and intrusion prevention attacks (IPS) prevents the server from cyber-attacks in our hack free server.

SSL certificates

we know you want to keep your network with your clients safe, and we care about you. With let's encrypt SSL certificate, your network is entirely encrypted, and SSL also validates that your server is completely secured. You can choose to add an SSL certificate to your server

More Power In Your Hands; Customize As You Please!

Our custom-built smart dedicated servers give you an option to choose from a 30+ range of operating systems. Check out the most popular operating systems we use in smart dedicated servers.

  • CentOS
  • Vz Linux
  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Oracle Linux
  • Windows
  • Rocky Linux
  • Open SUSE

Use cases Of Smart Dedicated Servers!

Check where we can be useful to big organizations and your big enterprises!

Video Streaming

these servers are perfect for apps and websites that demand video streaming or video conferencing. They can manage a file of any size requirement for the streaming apps.

SaaS Application

For applications that require more CPU space, least IO latency, copious storage, such as Saas (software as a service), which require big hosting space. A smart server is a perfect choice, and you can quickly scale resources as per your intense application needs.

Big Databases

Now host high input-output databases such as MySQL, Mongo DB, oracle database that requires ample hosting space, i.e. VNET topmost smart dedicated server, for it offers scalable RAM, more CPU space and better storage for your big enterprise!

Back Up

With the increase in data dependency and information technology by the companies, dependency on strong backup also increases, unintentional data deletion due to natural disasters and power outage or any tech glitch is unavoidable, and in those circumstances, a strong backup plan is necessary to keep up with the working of the server. For those instances, Linux dedicated server works best as a backup server.

High Volume Web Servers

A sudden rise in traffic demands an ideal platform with server resources that provide, scalable environment, an enhanced user experience, the ideal server software and a data centre with reliable network capacity. For these situations, high volume servers remain the perfect choice for your e-commerce website.

Want To Know More About Smart Dedicated Plans?

Learn more about plans, control panel, operating system and technology about top-class smart dedicated servers; read the frequently asked question below:

A smart dedicated server is a server that gives you complete freedom of scalability of RAM, CPU and storage, which is not the case with a dedicated physical server.

With scalability, what you get in your pocket is customization, root access, and complete isolation, which means no noisy neighbours like in shared hosting.

We generally provide quick provisioning within minutes with certain conditions. If login details are incorrect or there is some problem with the old hosting provider, it might take 24 hours or more.

The operating systems we use in these servers are :

  1. CentOS
  2. Oracle Linux
  3. Vz Linux
  4. Windows
  5. Rocky Linux
  6. Open SUSE
  7. Ubuntu/Debia

The control panels we use in our plans are:

  1. Cpanel
  2. Plesk
  3. S panel
  4. Direct Admin
  5. Cloudron
  6. BlueOnyx
  7. Floxlor

Yes, we follow all security protocols during migration and provide transfer with zero data loss.

We use IDS/IPS technology, MOD Security, and WAF security and protection against DDOS.
MOD security is also known as Modsec; it protects your websites from external attacks.
WAF is a web application firewall; it keeps your accounts secure at the application layer.
IDS is an intrusion detection system used as passive monitoring against cybersecurity threats. If any intrusion is detected, an alert goes off, which gives a notification to take some action. IPS is an intrusion prevention system it blocks the potential threat and prevents the intrusion from entering the host or node.
No need to worry; we have a tech team dedicated to mentoring you on all the dedicated server plans; our tech team first understands your business requirements and provide you with the best servers plans.
We use AMD RYZEN PRO, AMD EPYC series, INTEL XEON and INTEL ATOM series in all our smart dedicated server plans.

We use SSD, SSD NVMe coupled with hardware and software RAID 0 1, 5, and 10.

RAID (redundant array of independent disks) it basically creates a replica of the data on hard disks in case of drive failure.

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