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Choose from our range of basic and medium to enterprise-class servers.

Harness the power of a semi-dedicated hosting solution and get the full privilege of enterprise-class resources, full maintenance and get complete server control. Check out our plans and rise among the crowd!

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Semi-Dedicated Servers

The best infrastructure for growing business needs!

Want to have resources of a dedicated server with a budget of VPS? If yes, the VNET semi-dedicated server is the pick of a bunch for you. With semi-dedicated servers, you get more hardware power with no limitations on disk space, RAM, bandwidth, and CPU space.

We encourage designers, influencers, web developers, and admins to host their websites and resource-hungry apps on a semi-dedicated server, which fulfils the demand of dedicated server's resources, performance, and scalability at a modest cost of a virtual private server. With VNET semi-dedicated servers, you don't have to worry about resource allocation and maintenance of your server. Our special tech team keeps a tab on everything, including security.

We provide you with the customized solution by breaking down your requirements into different segments of RAM, CPU space, storage, security and location. On getting a complete understanding of your business needs, our special tech representative mentors and guides you on the best plans that agree with your business model.

The plus point of hosting your account on a VNET semi-dedicated server is that you get follow-ups even after months of migration is completed. You get frequent follow-up calls and messages from our tech team to check if your account is working fine. We remain flexible to the upgrade and downgrade of your plan, such that you can call us at any time of the day to make changes in the plan. We make you feel at home!


  1. RAM -DDR3ECC 64 GB RAM/ 32 GB RAM/16 GB RAM/ 8GB RAM.
  3. Geo-redundant – 27 data centres in UK, USA, Germany, France, India, Canada.
  4. SSD -SATA, SSD – NVMe backed by RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 hardware and software.
  5. MOD security, IDS/IPS security, WAF security.
  6. Peak performance with Stingray load balancer, Cloudflare CDN.

Semi-Dedicated Server – A feature-rich plan to host your business

We have reasons why should you choose VNET semi-dedicated servers! Want to know why? Read VNET semi-dedicated server advanced features!

Powerful Processor

The processor plays a vital role when you are going to host your account or website on a server. And a conscious combination of clock speed and number of cores is significant for the performance of the CPU.

VNET being a responsible hosting provider makes it a point to listen to your processor requirement and then guide you for the best processors for your semi-dedicated server plan.

We offer enterprise-class processors.

AMD RYZEN PRO, AMD EPYC or INTEL XEON or INTEL ATOM, we cover all the series and variations of these processors from scalable to high end to cover your ever-increasing workload.

We administer AMD RYZEN 3600X with 6 cores &12 threads, the clock speed of 3.8 GHz with a boost up to 4.4 GHz, AMD RYZEN 3900 x with 12 cores& 24 threads, the clock speed of 3.8 GHz with up to 4.6 GHz boost in our AMD Ryzen server.

Scalable RAM

RAM plays a significant role in the better performance and efficiency of the server, which again helps in the smooth running of applications on your website or the quick workout on your big database.

We understand your discomfort while deciding on RAM and its specification for your newly launched website or database or a gaming app. No worries !; we are here to clear all your confusion and advise you on the best RAM options for your resource-demanding apps.

With our budget dedicated server, you get the leverage of downgrading or upgrading RAM anytime you feel the need.

Our servers are bundled with DDR3ECC 64 GB RAM/ 32 GB RAM/16 GB RAM/ 8GB RAM

Lightning-Fast SSD

Think of storage, and you will only discover SSD. The performance of SSD is beyond doubt owing to its fast read/write speed, which ultimately provides faster upload and download of data.

We provide high capacity SSD storage with a choice of SSD -SATA, SSD – NVMe backed by RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10 hardware and software configurations with the affordable semi-dedicated server.

SSD with SATA and NVMe, are manifolds faster than traditional HDD, which contributes to better performance, lower power consumption, and faster speed.

RAID 1/5/10 with hardware and software configurations mimics and mirror your crucial data and creates redundancy in the event of server failure or power outage.

We administer 800 GB SSD INTEL storage hardware RAID 1, 800 GB INTEL storage software RAID 5, 480 GB INTEL SSD storage software RAID 1, 240 GB SSD INTEL storage RAID 5 with our SSD dedicated server.

We Keep Your Server Secure!

With every high traffic website comes a potential threat; spams are worrisome, be it a DDOS, ransom or malware attack. With our spam-free semi-dedicated server, We keep the data between you and visitors completely safe and encrypted with a let's encrypt SSL certificate.

We use a WAF firewall for protection at the application layer, the latest IDS/IPS technology that keeps your accounts safe from cyberattacks.

MOD security to keep the real-time threat at bay.

27 Data Centres

You can't ignore location when it comes to choosing a data centre for your big databases. We know you love the idea of staying closer to your audience to give them the best performance, quick page load, minimized latency.

With our semi-dedicated hosting plans, We also take anticipatory actions by creating failover to different data centres across 27 different locations in India and across the globe in India, UK, the USA CANADA, GERMANY .

You can choose Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore if you have visitors in India.

If you have expanded your business in the UK, we are glad to announce that we have 4 data centres there, you can choose from London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Germany and Ireland.

You can find us in Toronto and Ontario in Canada.

And you can choose Nevada, Washington DC, Texas in the USA.

Want To Know What Makes Us Different?

Choose your operating system from the range of 30+ OS we provide in semi-dedicated servers and customize your plan your way. Check out some of them in the list below:

  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Oracle Linux
  • Windows
  • Rocky Linux
  • Open SUSE
  • Vz Linux
  • CentOS

Semi-Dedicated Servers With More Power In Your Hands

Learn what more VNET provides in semi-dedicated servers. Check out our powerful features.


If you are a newbie or not tech-savvy, you don't have to hire a tech administrator for controlling your website. Our tech team manages your server at the back end with our affordable semi-dedicated hosting. Moreover, At the cost of VPS, you get the resources and services of a dedicated server which makes it a cost-effective and reasonable choice if you have a tiny budget.

High Performance

Unlike in shared hosting, you don't have to worry about your resources being used by noisy neighbours when they run out of resources, no that doesn't happen in our semi-dedicated technology. Furthermore, your website or database sits on the most potent hardware resources. It is secured with IDS/IPS technology, WAF and MOD security which gives a peak performance to your websites.

Quick Provision

VNET believes in taking quick actions. As you choose a hosting with us, we start the migration or configuration process. With OpenStack in place, we try to migrate or set up your accounts within an hour, and if there is some problem with login details or with the old hosting provider, it might take 24 hours.

Unlimited Traffic

Don't get bogged down by traffic when semi-dedicated servers hosting are in place. Be it your video conferencing account or an e-commerce site; our servers are ready to handle the sudden peak in traffic; you can also choose to upgrade the bandwidth limit for maximum throughput.

Multi-Lingual Support

VNET speaks your language, yes! That's right, we remove all your apprehensions and discomfort, as you can talk to us in 7 distinct languages, make us understand your business ideas, and we can mentor you in any language you choose via phone, chat, WhatsApp, mail, any desk for our top-quality server or any other plan you choose.

Control Panel

Though our control panels are a little intricate, we have made them very user friendly for our client. You can keep a tab on your server, check emails, control resources and do a lot more in our servers.

Easy Management

In our servers , we keep a tab of your server, manage and maintain your account so that you can take care of your big business plans. While you stay focus on your business, our tech team takes care of your server at the back end.

Dedicated Backup

VNET takes action in advance before a disaster occurs and you lose your precious data due to outages or tech glitches. In our speed semi-dedicated server, you get daily and weekly backups along with secondary storage backup.

Expert Support

If you don't know about servers and plans, our tech support helps you choose the best plan. You can buzz us at any hour of the day or at midnight; our customer support is available 24x7x365 to handle your queries. Your growth is our dream!

Whatever You Need, We Got You Covered!

Add extra power to your semi-dedicated server with the list of add ons given below! More power, more business!

SSL Certificates

We know security is the primary concern for you and your clients. We keep your security a priority by providing an SSL certificate as an add on with all semi-dedicated servers in India. SSL certificate also validates your website's safety, which helps in the google ranking of your website.

Stingray Load Balancer

Stingray load balancer in a VNET speed semi-dedicated server can handle the peak in traffic and distributes it among the other server machines, thus making your server less vulnerable during the sudden peak in traffic. You can add it to your plan and provide an optimized user experience to your visitors.

Rubrik 5.2

With high-performance, VNET top semi-dedicated servers comes the possibility of Malware attacks, Ransome attacks and DDOs attacks. You can keep your account secure by adding Rubrik 5.2 software to your server and helps in data management.

Arcserve UDP

Data deletion can create havoc for your account; UDP is a backup, file recovery and data recovery we offer in all our speed semi-dedicated ADD-ONS. ARCserve UDP uses heterogeneous technology, which defends your server and keeps it spam-free.

Cloudflare CDN

Shorten the distance between you and your visitors with Cloudflare CDN add on and provide an optimized user experience to your visitors with minimized latency and quick page load with a VNET business semi-dedicated server.

WAF(Web Application Firewall)

Give security at the application layers by using ADD ON WAF ( web application server ) in our top-quality semi-dedicated server. Keep your server safe from phishing attacks, malware and Ransome attack.

Deploy Your Big Data With Your Choice Of Control Panels

You want power? You got it! Choose from the list of control panels and run your semi-dedicated server your style!

  • Floxlor
  • Cpanel
  • Direct Admin
  • Plesk
  • Cloudron
  • BlueOnyx
  • Spanel

Semi-Dedicated Servers – Use Cases

We make a difference to the big organization and big enterprise, learn where can we be useful to your organization.

Web Servers

Dedicated hosting are ideal for servers that encounter a sudden rise in traffic, websites that demand scalability, and enhanced user experience, so semi-dedicated servers can also become an ideal choice for your eCommerce website.

Saas Applications

If your app demands more CPU space, least IO latency and more storage, the one like SaaS application ( software as a service ). A dedicated server is the best choice as you can quickly scale resources as per your intense application needs.

Big Database

You can easily host your database such as Oracle database, Mongo DB, MySQL, which require ample hosting space. Our semi-dedicated server provides big RAM space and scalable resources for hosting big databases.

Back Up

Unintended data deletion due to power outages or tech glitches are inevitable, and for those situations, a dedicated solution provides a perfect backup server option.

Video Streaming

These servers can take care of the apps, heavily relying on live video conferencing or video streaming.

Rely on us? Now know more about VNET semi-dedicated servers

Learn more about plans, prices, control panels, the operating system of semi-dedicated servers. Keep reading!

A semi-dedicated server is a plan for ecommerece website, big database or video or streaming apps which require resources of dedicated servers but at the modest cost of a virtual private server.

If you want resources of a dedicated server but have a tight budget, then you must pick out a semi-dedicated server plan; for more details on a dedicated server, you can call our customer support.

It depends upon the number of factors like how many accounts you are shifting and if your login credentials are correct.

We have 30+ range of OS, the most popular ones are:

  1. Ubuntu/Debian
  2. Oracle Linux
  3. Windows
  4. Rocky Linux
  5. Open SUSE
  6. Vz Linux
  7. CentOS

The control panels we use in semi-dedicated servers are:

  1. Floxlor
  2. Cpanel
  3. Spanel
  4. Direct Admin
  5. Plesk
  6. Cloudron
  7. BlueOnyx
A load balancer can handle the peak in traffic and distributes it among the other server machines, thus making your server less vulnerable during the sudden peak in traffic.
CDN is a content delivery network that provides an optimized user experience by minimizing the distance between your visitor and the website.

Yes, we follow all security protocols during transfer with zero data loss.

No need to worry! We have tech representatives who guide you for the best severe plans for your business.

Yes, we provide migration with zero data loss.

We are happy to help! 24x7x365 support!

We stand by you, call us at wee hours or at midnight!

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