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Self Managed VPS Hosting

Now the cost is not a thing! Take care of your server maintenance and responsibility on your own with self-managed VPS. Enjoy the liberty!. We provide the best self-managed VPS option; what we offer are independence and support. Get assured 99.9% uptime, full root access, 100 % SSD, secured weekly backups, More customization, more independence, rule your server!

What You Can Expect From VNET Self-Managed VPS

High Availability

We know that irrespective of the size and domain of your business. All you need is 99% uptime, zero hardware failure and high traffic with the least interruption. We have added a second physical layer, infused data replication and failover mechanism to give you zero downtime and high availability in all our self-managed VPS plans.

Full Root Access

We eliminate all the interventions for you. And give you complete independence in customizing your self managed server in your style. Do what works best for you! Now install third-party apps or remove software and get complete access and autonomous control over the Bandwidth, memory, database, and resource applications installed.

Choose Your Operating System

You would want to make a prudent decision while choosing an operating system for your self managed VPS. We offer all distributions of Linux and windows. You can choose from our server and client editions in windows OS. Alternatively, you can go for CentOs, Debian or Ubuntu distributions if you are looking for customized options in LINUX OS.

Access IP

Control your system at its peak with our best self-managed server. Access your website or data information for easy, up-to-date authorization and security, and you can even run your own IP-based sever. Govern your server!

Solid State Drive

We can't afford a breakdown or failure for our servers. Swiftness and durability are two factors that pay dividends when it comes to SSD. SSD is 4 times swifter than traditional HDD, and SSD NVMe is even faster.

Easy Backup Configuration

In the fast-paced digital world. Data deletion is inevitable . in our secured self managed VPS, we give you weekly backups, and you have complete freedom to configure back -up on a third-party storage server.

The Technology Behind Self Managed VPS

  • Apache/Nginx/Litespeed
  • Ipv4/v6
  • Password Protection
  • SFTP
  • Alternate PHP Cache
  • SSH Access

Benefits Of Self Managed VPS

More Customization

With self-managed VPS, you choose flexibility and more customization; now strengthen your self-managed server as per your business needs. Choose between Linux and windows pick out Plesk or Direct Admin. Use SSD SATA or SSD NVMe. Enjoy your freedom!


Since you choose to manage and control most of the resources on your own. Self-managed VPS is one inexpensive option. You can save a lot and that amount you can streamline in another administrative task. We provide a cheap self-managed server.

Easy Backup Configuration

With us, you don't have to worry about backups. We already set up automated weekly backups, and you can choose snapshots or even third party storage.

Easy Backup Configuration

With us, you don't have to worry about backups. We already set up automated weekly backups, and you can choose snapshots or even third party storage.

Private Network

With control, management, root access in your hand, at the cost of virtual hosting, you get the service of dedicated hosting; your server resources (RAM, CPU, storage ) are your alone.

Complete Control

In self-managed VPS, you literally get the power in your hand. You can choose an operating system, control panel according to your business needs, and even access IP.

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Frequently Asked Question

Semi managed VPS are the VPS where the server is entirely under the control of the customer. You have full root access to deploy, test, run and change any type and number of software. It is cost-effective as you don't have to rely on the VPS provider for maintenance. Ideal for those who already have the technical knowledge or who have in house tech support.
No, you cant install your own operating system. However, VNET offers Ubuntu/CentOS/Windows/oracle Linux.
  • You can install and reinstall your operating system
  • Reboot a VPS
  • Server resources ( CPU, storage, Bandwidth ) are totally under your control
  • You can transfer IP
  • You can access the console
Yes, we provide domain names and email solutions.