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Dedicated Server Plans That Scale With Your Business

Improve your IT infrastructure with the best plans, get custom configuration and full control over next-generation processors. Choose the perfect web hosting plan!

Self Managed Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting that powers your business and gives optimized performance to your website

Love the idea of running your server your own style? And why not when it is a cost-effective option where your team has the expertise, and your company has human resources to handle the server management.

With VNET web hosting, You would have complete control to install scripts of your choice. You can keep a tab on all updates, security and overall server administration and resource management.

Furthermore, Our servers are bundled with a state-of-the-art network, first-rate security, and next-generation processors to get away with vulnerabilities that could jeopardize your server security and make company data susceptible to breaches.

Although in the self-managed services, you take care of security updates, hardware maintenance and security of your server, we assist you and go along with you if you face any problem with connectivity. Our tech team even assist you with installing the operating system; a problem related to a hardware issue, our customer support is there to hear your queries 24x7.


  1. Geo-redundant with 27 data centres across the globe
  2. AMD Ryzen PRO, AMD EPYC and INTEL XEON processors
  3. SSD SATA, SSD NVMe, with RAID 1/6/10 configurations
  4. Anti-DDOS protection, IDS/IPS security
  5. IPMI access.

You Start With Us; We Stay With You! Checkout VNET Advanced Features

With VNET India get full freedom and no obstacles. Make the best use of your in house IT team and upgrade and scale your plan as your business grow.

State Of The Art Processors

A better processor pick up goes a long way in deciding for the better server performance, and needless to say, for better processor performance, clock speed and a number of cores goes hand in hand.

As a reliable team, we listen to your server requirement, be it a gaming server, backup server or server for video conferencing and streaming, or it may be your big database server.

We have AMD processors and INTEL both!

AMD RYZEN offers the best multithread performance for applications that require a high core count AMD EPYC works best for your AMD managed plans.

For data analytics and big databases that require more memory, INTEL XEON goes well.

Fastest RAM

The selection of RAM for the best server performance depends on many factors like the type of operating system and the business for which the server is used.

RAM contributes to reading and storing data on the drive; the more the RAM, the better the server's responsiveness.

Thus it is always advisable to go for more RAM amount. Our servers run on autoscale mode; hence you can scale or even reduce the RAM you are using.

We offer 64 GB/ 32 GB/ 16 GB / 8GB RAM DDR3ECC .


SSD is undeniably the best storage option when it comes to a powerful dedicated solution. Not only it works faster, but also it is less susceptible to mechanical failure.

Hence Keeping servers in mind like MySQL database server or server for your eCommerce store, we brought along three different versions with SSD.

SSD SATA for excellent reliability and overall best performance of your server.

NVMe that boosts and unlock the enormous bandwidth potential of SSD.

Raid 1/6/10 tagged with SSD mitigates the data loss threat.


Security is the top concern for both the hosting provider and also the server holder, and it can create havoc if not sorted on time. With our reliable dedicated server, you won't face any such problems.

We provide unmatchable security against DDOS and phishing attacks.

In our Add ons, We have a WAF firewall that kills the malicious attacks before they enter your server.

We have also included protection against cyber-attack utilizing IDS/IPS technology.

Our security procedures don't end here; we also give an option of daily, weekly and off-site backup of your server.


As we have said many times, the data centre's location is crucial for Linux self-managed performance. If you want a better google ranking, stay closer to your audience by choosing a data centre near your visitors.

And we are there for you! VNET has 27 data centres in different corners of the world.

Our data centres can give equal face off to natural disasters and do not get bogged down by power outages.

Our data centres are housed in the USA, CANADA, GERMANY, India, and the UK.

You have business in the UK; you can find our data centres there as well, you can choose from London and Edinburgh, Manchester and Ireland.

In India, we are present in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai.

Also, our data centres are present in Canada in Ontario & Toronto.

VNET Dedicated Servers Backed By 30 Plus Range Of Operating Systems

Install from a wide variety of operating systems and add value to the performance of your servers.

  • Windows 2019/2016
  • Debian 10
  • CoreOS
  • CentOS 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • Cloud Linux
  • Fedora Linux

Why Choose VNET Self-Managed Dedicated Servers

Let's make it easier for you! Get more customization options, improved performance and excellent control by managing your server on your own. Learn what we have for you!

Instant Loading

Your servers have everything required to have first-class performance. State of the art processors, scalable resources, IPMI access, and complete fortified servers against malware and DDOS attacks. What more can you ask for? You get a quick loading speed and better server performance.

Very Flexibility

The benefit of managed servers is that you get complete flexibility in choosing your resources. Plus, you can choose your add ons, add third-party software, Configure applications, and execute security protocols of your own choice.

Managed Dedicated Support

Despite a self-managed solution, we extend our helping hands and make sure your big database, application server and server for e-commerce sites are completely secure. Our support team is available 24x7x365.

Quick Provisioning

We understand your excitement to host your e-commerce website or extensive databases in a safe haven. And VNET is one such place where you get secured and quick migration/provision without any data loss. As you choose your plan, We start the migration/ configuration process of your accounts. With an open stack in place, all Your accounts are hosted to Linux smart dedicated server within a few minutes.

Advanced Network Security

Your security is important to us; therefore we have included video surveillance threat detectors, DDOS protection, IDS/IPS technology, immunify 360 to keep your data and server secured.

IPMI Access

We have included IPMI ( intelligent platform managed interface) in our servers. This helps you reboot your system sitting anywhere and monitor your system even remotely if there is a problem with the network.

Easy Client Portal

You can make easy reboot requests, DNS configuration, quick licensing, handle billing on your own, support helpdesk, everything from one place with our easy client portal.

Instant Provision

We always understand your desire and urge you to see your important data in a safe and secure server; hence we provide the fastest provisioning within in few minutes.

Self-Managed Dedicated Server ADD-ONS

WAF(Web Application Firewall):

With WAF (Web Application Firewall), we keep your servers safe at a deeper level by filtering and monitoring HTTP traffic between your app and the internet.

SSL Certificates

We fasten your websites with SSL certificates. It protects the network between your visitors and website, also authenticates your website that it is secured to use.

Rubrik 5.2

Rubrik 5.2 helps to back up and automate data protection. It's also a backup database and helps in ransomewhere recovery.

Arcserve UDP

Arcserver UDP guards your server with data recovery, file recovery, data backup. We have a solution for all!

Stingray Load Balancer

Stingray load balancer intelligently distributes the traffic among the servers. Without making your system vulnerable during peak traffic hours.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN provides optimized service to your visitors by caching the content in multiple locations to reduce latency and improve load balancing.

VNET Self-Managed Servers Give You Full Control!

Take a look at the best control panels we provide for your server and website management.

  • Cpanel
  • VESTAcp
  • Aapanel
  • ISPconfig
  • Floxlor
  • DirectAdmin
  • CentOS Web panel

We Build Security At Every Layer Of Our Data Centres

We are a premium hosting service provider. All our data centres are ISO 27001 compliant, and we provide an additional layer of security at every level.


You entrust your important IT infrastructure with our data centres, and we acknowledge it with the best security practices we follow for all our services for which we install biometric technology, CCTV, motion sensors, and trained security personnel.

Back Up

We knock the disaster in many forms by giving you back up at every level and instance. Rubrik 5.2 software, RAID 1, RAID6, and RAID 10 ensure your data is backed up and mirrored at regular intervals.

Fire Protection

We don’t take any chance with the security of our data centre. Hence we have furnished all our data centres with automatic fire detection, alarm and suppression system.


With HVAC ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning ) in place, Servers remain at the appropriate temperature, and it also keeps the humidity level in check.

Power Supply

Power outages are inevitable; therefore, we have built data centres with fortified tier 3 setups with redundant power supplies.


We take care of every single factor .with With VNET, you get a network 24x7x365.

Going A Self-Managed Route? Learn More From Us

You might be wondering which plan to choose, how to pick up the control panel or which operating system is agreeable with the control panel you chose. Go through the FAQ’S below and clear all your doubts.

In self-managed services, you manage your servers on your own. Where you get complete control over installing scripts, server administration and resource management. Choose the control panel of your choice and use the operating system accordingly.

Yes, you can choose the software of your own choice.

We give several options of OS the most popular ones are:

  1. Windows 2019/ 2016
  2. Debian 10
  3. CoreOS
  4. CentOS 8
  5. Ubuntu 20.04
  6. Cloud Linux
  7. Fedora Linux

We use SSD in storage, RAID for backup, RAM DDR3ECC and several redundant network options for redundancy.

The control panels we provide in unmanaged dedicated hosting are :

  1. Cpanel
  2. VESTAcp
  3. Aapanel
  4. ISPconfig
  5. Floxlor
  6. DirectAdmin
  7. CentOS Web panel
We use Rubrik 5.2 software, RAID 1, RAID6, and RAID 10 to ensure your data is backed up and mirrored at regular intervals. We provide weekly and monthly backups as per plans; you can talk to our tech team for more details on backup.

Raid is a union of multiple disks that helps replication of data and backup your data.

Raid 1 helps in data redundancy, RAID 6 helps in stripping and parity process of data in the disk, and it is a better option than RAID 5.

RAID 10 utilizes both data mirroring and striping options to protect your data.

We provide you with hardware maintenance and security of your server; we also assist you with a connectivity issue. Our tech team even assist you with installing the operating system; a problem related to a hardware issue, our customer support is there to hear your queries 24x7.
Yes, and the charges depends on the service you choose.

Let Us Offer The Best Plan To You Today!

Because all the businesses and all the business dedicated hosting plans are not one size fits all, and this is where our customer support help you learn more about plans and pricing.

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