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VNET India provides the best React web hosting service in India at an affordable price. We understand your needs and business so we offer hosting plans suitable for small business owners, freelancers, big multinationals, web developers, and more.

With our dedicated or premium hosting plan, you get a free domain besides 10 + other freebies. We aim to become driving force for small and medium enterprises to provide the lowest price, highest performance hosting service.

Especially small businesses feel a dilemma when it comes to finding trusted React hosting services. The business ends up jeopardizing its own business prospects by choosing a cheap web hosting service. Who would like to visit a website with slow loading? No one! Even search engines punish websites with a low ranking. We provide free migration, cheap plans, unlimited bandwidth, fast load time, and unlimited disc space. Our large client base is the motivation for our 24 x 7.


  1. One-click, simple installation process- Get ready to use React server within a minute
  2. Free Migration to our React server
  3. Free SSL certificate with any React hosting plan
  4. 24 x 7 constant technical monitoring using PM2
  5. User-friendly GUI for a start, restart and stopping the application
  6. Option to use multiple DB such as Mongo, Postgresql, Mysql, etc.
  7. React setup, and support 24 x 7 x 365 by an experienced team
  8. Flexibility to deploy multiple React applications with different ports

Reasons for considering React as the best choice for web/application development

High Performance

React works on “Virtual DOM “, making the application development faster. The VDOM does not upload all the components like Real DOM. It compares components and updates only the updated items.

Reusable Components

Long application development time is a costly affair for businesses. Here React offers the option to reuse components throughout the applications. Components are vital building blocks that consist of various logic and control. When a framework offers components reusability, the developer does not require creating similar logic and control multiple times.

Helps in Dynamic Application Development

React requires less coding as opposed to Javascript. Additionally, it offers more functionality that solves the complex coding scenario of JavaScript.

Data Flow- Unidirectional

The unidirectional data flow helps in easy error debugging and to reach the root of the problem in the application development process.

Easy to Learn

React combines HTML and JavaScript content that makes it easy to learn. If the person is well versed with HTML and JavaScript, learning additional libraries does not take much time.

An Ideal Choice for Both Web and Mobile Application

Whether you need a web application or mobile application, React works well in both scenarios.

Easy Debugging Process

The React Debugging process is fast and easy, especially when you use a Chrome extension released by Facebook.
Looking for a reliable React hosting service? Get in touch with VNET India’s React hosting experts.

Easy Application Installation

We support step by step in application installation at the server end. Our server supports different versions of React.Js. With shared React hosting, we provide React versions of our choice, whereas with React VPS and React dedicated hosting, you can choose any version of your choice. We monitor our React server through PM2 24/7 for ensuing 99.99% uptime guarantee.
Module installation is also permissible and easy based on requirements. We provide support in module installation.

FAQs on React web hosting service India

React is one of the popular front-end JavaScript libraries mostly used in the field of web development. The library has been in use for long and even big companies like Netflix, Airbnb, New York Times, and Instagram use this.
Its various advantageous features as compared to other frameworks have made it, one of the best choices for developers.

React is useful in the creation of fast and interactive user interfaces for mobile/web applications. It is open-source, so businesses do not need to pay for using it.
React is a component-based, front-end library responsible for applications view layer or applications looks and feel.
The Instagram web page is entirely built using React. React divides the UI into multiple components for debugging the code. If you are looking to use ReactJs for application development, you need a React hosting plan. We provide Spam-free ReactJs hosting at an affordable price with a multitude of additional features.

Yes, you will feel proud to know that we are a 100 % Indian web hosting company operating from India itself. We provide hosting services across the globe. We have data centres located in India as well as outside India.
If you are from India and looking for a reliable web hosting service India, choose VNET. As data is hosted in India, the website performs better concerning SEO.
Once you choose our trusted web hosting service, you feel a considerable high speed, low latency rate, and high uptime.

We are certainly here to help you with website hosting. Contact our tech support a step-by-step guide on websites making live on the internet at the lowest turnaround time.

VNET India gives complete freedom to upgrade hosting plans anytime, anywhere. As business increases, you choose a premium or dedicated hosting plan for better CPU/RAM usages and lighting fast speed.

Please note, there is no limitation on email accounts with VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting however, there is a limit with shared hosting.

VNET India accords the highest priority to safety and data privacy. We adopt best in class, premium hardware components with firewalls, and other security features. Data centres are constantly monitored through CCTV, physical security personnel, and other advanced security tools.

With shared hosting you need to install operating systems and other required software, whereas with dedicated hosting, we provide everything pre-installed .

Yes, we provide a free SSL certificate with every plan.

Don’t worry , contact our customer service team. Our team helps customers in choosing best plans matching their requirements.