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VNET is the best-in-class hosting service provider of multiple frameworks, RDPs, programming languages, and more. High-quality performance, a safe environment, and a complete value for money have taken us among the leading hosting service providers in India.We have three-tier, ultra-modern data centers located and maintained in India itself. Despite providing world-class service, we have kept our prices affordable as we are here to provide- cheap and best hosting service.

Require up-gradation to your existing RDP hosting, simply log in and effortlessly do it from the comfort of your home by paying according to the plan.

Remote desktop computers have become an essential tool for those who do not want a pause in their work. Whether you are an organization or work as a freelancer, technical support engineer, administrator, or any other capacity, a remote desktop is a must-have tool. It gives power to you for performing administrative, repairing, troubleshooting, or any other work, no matter where you are sitting once, you use RDP hosting service.

VNET provides RDP VPS, RDP shared, and RDP cloud services. With us, you get unlimited bandwidth, 99.99 percent uptime, fast technical support, and secure hosting. The technical support team remains available around the clock for providing resolutions to your queries. Your computer gets hosted to the safe RDP hosting and you easily get access to that. The user can connect, access, and may control the resources from the remotest corner of the world through a device and internet connection. Data remains safe and accessible just like a local machine.


  1. Fast backup processing
  2. Easy and instant scaling up or scaling down
  3. Transparent backup policy
  4. 99.99 percent uptime guarantee
  5. Best price in the market
  6. Background storage processing
  7. Load balancer for fast performance
  8. Disaster recovery under business continuity plan
  9. Technical support on the management of Microsoft Applications

What are the benefits of RDP

Not sure about choosing RDP for your business? Choose RDP, Here is Why?


How can we miss to note the affordability factor of the RDP hosting? It is smart, affordable, and a great way of saving on cabling, network materials, servers, and other physical resources.

Low Risk- High Performance

As compared to the flexibility, low cost, high performance, and other parameters, remote desktop hosting always comes with low risk. Additionally, RDP is safe.

Easy Integration

Users get remote hosting in an easy way irrespective of hardware, or software type.

Simplified Support

You focus on your core work whereas your remote desktop hosting provider takes care of everything related to your remote working environments.

Minimum Maintenance

You need not worry much about issues like

  • · Update execution
  • · Patch execution
  • · Failed hardware
  • · Server space maintenance
  • · Date safety
  • · Data privacy
  • · Backup of your data and more

Uptime and fast processing are vital for reliability on the remote desktop machine. We keep our data centers updated and well maintained for high uptime with RDP VPS, RDP cloud and RDP shared plan.

Why should you opt for VNET, best RDP hosting India

Our RDP server allows your team easy access to a machine or network from any place and much more.

Easy accessibility

RDP allows connecting your computer to the hosting service provider for data hosting. Once it is done, anyone with access to the login credentials may take control of that virtual machine.
Through VNET RDP hosting, you can access and manage your team and their tasks over a remote machine. There is complete admin access that you can use for the installation of any software of your choice.

Uninterrupted connectivity

Our RDP hosting provides 24 x 7 access and manageability for a seamless connection. We understand the importance of reliable connectivity and to ensure that we use high-powered Intel processors. Even at the peak load times, you do not need to wait for data to load your desktop in a swift.

High Security

Data privacy and safety is one vital area where we always show seriousness. All our data centers are equipped with 24 x 7 CCTV coverage, an access control system, an Automatic security alarm system, and other advanced features. Even physical security of high grade is ensured by VNET, the best RDP hosting service provider in India.

99.99 % Uptime Time

How can you focus on your core work or perform better when there is low reliability of RDP? At VNET, we strive to give 99.99 % uptime ensuring continuous availability of service. Advanced server, network infrastructure, trained engineers, 24 x 7 customer service team, and all other staff of VNET work in a coordinated way for giving you the highest uptime among the competitors with server RDP.

Unhindered and Unlimited User Access

Our RDP hosting service does not put unnecessary restrictions on remote desktops. You get access to a remote desktop with more user access. We allow multiple user access through just a few clicks in an easy way.

The Simple Process of Remote Access from Anywhere

Our cheap RDP hosting services give a simple and smooth process to access the remote desktop from anywhere. Our RDP service also enables mouse and keyboard events to the remote computer. The operating system on Windows VPS quickly processes those events. You do not feel or hardly feel any lag or delay while you choose to work with the remote computer.

Free Technical Support

People fall prey to low-grade RDP service providers and later they repent because of no or chargeable customer service availability. We at VENT, ensure the presence of a technical support team 24 x 7 for any small or big technical issue.
The availability of multiple communication channels empowers you to use any of them for instant connection for RDP hosting help. Use phone, chat, email, and call for reaching us in case of any complaints, feedback, anytime you need help. The team works on a war footing way to assure early resolution to your query.

High Bandwidth

High bandwidth is a powerful feature of VNET RDP hosting India as here, you get no hindrance in your data transfer options. We offer various RDP hosting plans that you may choose based on your requirement and preference. Our team works efficiently to avoid any outages from hampering data access and exchange.
There is unlimited availability of bandwidth with the best RDP hosting India. So whenever you feel the need to increase bandwidth, you can do it easily by upgrading your existing plans.

FAQs on RDP hosting

RDP gives access to resources, databases, business software applications, files, and much more without any limitations and high bandwidth demand. So RDP is better than VPN.

It provides access to a desktop hosted on a remote host. The user connects accesses and controls as if the desktop is locally hosted.

In case your RDP connection is slow or gets disconnected in between, you might need to update your network drivers. Download the latest drivers and get some technical help from the RDP hosting service provider. If you choose VNET, you will never get to see slow connection issues in your work.

Yes, it's much better than VPS as you can remotely work from anywhere in the world.

Here are some major reasons-

  1. Windows permission issue
  2. Local anti-virus blocking the connection
  3. Windows requires update or update has disabled some settings
  4. Use of public work profile instead of administrative work profile
  5. Issues with firewall settings
  6. Passwords and other credentials have become old
  7. And others.

RDP is safe and secure when you choose the best RDP server hosting provider else your data remains always at risk. Secondly, the safety and security of your data depend on administrative ID and password.
Do not share your log-in credentials with unreliable people. Besides that keep the backup of your data in the local machine or through a physical hard disk. Do not install any applications or software from unauthorized sources on your RDP server.

It is a methodology where you store files, databases, and applications, and other details on data center servers. These data do not get directly stored with them instead they get published or shared.
Once you have an RDP server, you can work from anywhere in the world by logging into your desktop. People also call it terminal server hosting.
Simply log into the remote server and access any file or run an application. You simply require logging into your remote server.
In simpler words, we can say that emote desktop hosting gives a user access to host computers remotely over the internet.

Local host is the system or host to whom you are directly connected for your work. However, a remote host is a specific host you are looking for connection.

The RDP hosting works on virtualization technology. Computer desktops get duplicated into a hosting server platform and a ‘virtual desktop’ is created.

Yes, we provide access to cPanel/server. Create a strong and unique password each for admin control and control for cPanel/server and master control. Get billing information and all their ownership details and much more easily.

Ask for backup policy and recovery solutions. Get detailed information on data encryption for data security. Ask for firewalls, anti-virus, antimalware, and other advanced security features. But when you opt for VNET, the leading RDP hosting India, you need not worry about all those security features. Our every hosting plan is powered by best in industry security standards.
Check, whether the data center is HIPAA compliant or not, Also enquire about the SSAE-16 Type II (SOC-1/SOC-2) audit. We are pleased to say that, VNET, the best RDP server India is HIPAA compliant and SSAE-16 Type II (SOC-1/SOC-2) audited.
Read online testimonials and reviews for first-hand information on post-sales services of cheap RDP hosting. You also make a list of good RDP service providers and compare those services.