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PROXMOX server hosting plans

Avail PROXMOX virtual environment at affordable prices. Check the plans below:

Proxmox Server Hosting

Avail full-virtualization and make your organization resource-intensive with PROXMOX server hosting. Give your organization a unified solution while cutting down the cost of purchasing and maintaining IT resources.

Let your IT team to focus on development instead of upkeep with our popular PROXMOX server hosting services.

Why VNET PROXMOX server is the best

Pay less for infrastructure

Avail flexible and highly secured infrastructure at unbeatable prices.

High reliability

Get highly reliable PROXMOX server with enterprise hard drives and redundant power feeds.

Optimized as your needs

We provide fully optimized PROXMOX server as per the demand of your organization.

Fastest network

Server deployment and maintenance are done at unmatchable speed.

Robust server

Your website will not slow no matter what. It remains highly available out there.

24/7 complete support

We offer 24/7/365 premium level support. Our experts provide personalized support to every client.

Other included services

  • Bridged-network
  • Maximum availability
  • Broad hardware support
  • Easy management
  • Flexible storage
  • Easy migration
  • High availability cluster

And other thing your PROXMOX server hosting requires.

PROXMOX server hosting options

PROXMOX VPS server hosting

Get a powerful module to provide virtual server to your clients by hosting PROXMOX on VPS server. You get built-in PROXMOX Addon to fully control your server and IP addresses. Your KVM virtualization runs at high speed as you do not share server space with many other users. You can conveniently add additional IP address, storage and other resources. Your data is fully backed up and highly secured. You can configure the server according to your need. You always have our prominent support.

PROXMOX Cloud server hosting

Give your business the ability to manage everything on virtual platform by hosting PROXMOX on cloud. We build private as well as public clouds to provide the flexibility to our customers so that they can take full advantage of PROXMOX. Our PROXMOX cloud server is fully secured and highly scalable. You get high bandwidth and featured SSD storage. Give your team the freedom to access PROXMOX from any location by hosting it on our reliable PROXMOX cloud server.

PROXMOX Dedicated server hosting

Our dedicated PROXMOX server is a complete package for virtualizing your organization. You get highly efficient SSD storage and full control on your server. You get PROXMOX on dedicated server which is secured with advance and updated programs. Our virtualization platform is not shared with others to provide you with the blazing fast speed. Our dedicated server is highly reliable and scalable. Avail the maximum performance by installing PROXMOX on dedicated server.

Features of PROXMOX server

Convenient GUI

Get enterprise virtualization features with easy to use graphic user interface.

Consolidated computing resources

With our best PROXMOX server you get advance and stronger than ever computing resources.


Our reliable PROXMOX server hosting includes versatile scaling options. You are free to scale your resources according to your need.

99.99% uptime

You get guaranteed 99.99% server uptime ensuring that your website is always accessible.

Automated backups

Your data is in safe infrastructure. Our system is configured to keep automatic backups which you can retrieve with in few minutes at the time of data loss.

High-end security

We offer cheap PROXMOX server with optimal protection. Your virtual infrastructure is protected through firewall.

High bandwidth

Our server is configured to provide unmetered bandwidth as compared to centralised solution.

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Frequently Asked Question

PROXMOX is an open-source platform which provides inclusive enterprise virtualization integrating KVM hypervisor, software-defined storage, and networking and LCX containers.

By hosting PROXMOX you cut down the cost of buying and maintaining hardware. This is a cost-effective way to free your IT professionals and let them do something new and innovative. No need to worry about security, data backup or maintain your website’s availability as these are to be taken care by your service provider. VNET offers highly reliable PROXMOX server hosting at affordable prices to let you provide your clients with unmatchable features.

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