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Reliable Plesk VPS Hosting

Let's embark upon your hosting expedition together with our highly customized and developer-friendly Plesk VPS.

We know your idea is to stand among the crowd and not blend in; hence, we brought the perfect and parallel combination of ASP.NET and PHP to easily manage different aspects of your application requirements. We provide you the best VPS hosting with Plesk. Have a look at our plans!

Features Of Plesk VPS Hosting

SSD Storage

Perhaps the most common challenge every computer user face today is storage which ultimately leads to the performance of your system. Plesk VPS comes with SSD, which is undeniably the most viable plan with its 20 times faster speed and better performance.

Powerful Control Panel

With the same logins for both end-user and service administrator, what you get is a healthy alignment between functionality and simplicity. A single interface organizes multiple sites, provides clear updates on security, backups and running efficiency, and the Plesk panel takes care of the complex tasks in a moment.

Fully Secured

We know security matters when you have spent so much money in building a website. Plesk won't let you down! It supports security extensions like immunify360, Failban2 intrusion prevention and active directory integration. Both free and paid versions are available.

Remote Control DB

Scaling and running your business in your own style is now a dream come true! You can connect with your business database sitting anywhere, even during vacations. Plesk offers remote MySQL, MSQL databases.

Highly Secured

Our servers are highly secured with firewall protection. There will be no chance for malware actions, data theft, hacking, malicious attack, etc.

User Friendly

Plesk VPS hosting offers modern javascript technology. It has a clean user interface; every feature is easy to locate, making it user-friendly.

The Technology Behind Plesk VPS

  • Fail2ban
  • Docker
  • SQL Injection
  • Improved UX/UI
  • MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL
  • Firewall/GIT

What You Get From VNET VPS

Easy Upgrade

If your clients are multiplying and your current VPS plan is vulnerable due to constant up-gradation demand, you can opt for the cheap Plesk VPS plan. Don't worry; we just bring what you need in your platter.

Host Unlimited Websites

Whether it's your personal health blog or your multiple different websites. You can accommodate all in one place. Thanks to our tried, tested, and updated servers, you can host multiple sites without impacting the response time of the clients.

High Performance

Experience high performance with VNET developer-friendly Plesk VPS; with easy up-gradation and zero data loss migration, and better speed performance, we set a benchmark and stay true to our commitments.


We tap precisely into what you need. SSD stands out when it comes to storage with 300% faster performance, lower power consumption, and blazing load speed. We assure you of ample storage.

Visual Studio Compatible

Break down multiple large solutions into smaller ones using visual studio. VNET offers Azure DevOps Server, GitHub Enterprise.

Instant Provisioning

You need it, and we do it; we take care of your preliminary requirements. We do it right away! We provide hundreds of provisioning within 15 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Question

Plesk is a combination of windows and Linux web hosting control panel that allows you to easily manage your files, applications, customer accounts and email accounts. You can manage everything using GUI ( graphical user interface).
  • You can create a website
  • Create a database
  • Add a custom DNS record
  • Create a mail account
  • Manage your user account
  • Manage your webshosting
Plesk supports Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Cloud LINUX, AMAZON LINUX, WINDOWS SERVER 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 and Virtuozzo Linux.
Plesk provides immunify 360, Configure ModSecurity & Fail2ban intrusion prevention, ad active directory integration.