Easy Cloud Platform Management with Plesk Control Panel

Enjoy the Combined Power of Cloud Hosting Platform & World’s Most Efficient Control Panel, Plesk in One Place

S.No Plan Name vCPU RAM(GB) Disk Space(GB SSD) Price/mo Price/hr
1 PC-10GB 1 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
2 PC-20GB 2 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
3 PC-40GB 4 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
4 PC-60GB 6 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
5 PC-80GB 8 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
6 PC-120GB 12 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--
7 PC-160GB 16 vCPUs + GST-- + GST--

Easy & Effortless Cloud Hosting Management with Plesk

Cloud is the future of hosting. It offers the most stable, reliable and flexible hosting environment that businesses can dream of. With cloud, businesses can take advantage of the wide-ranging computing resources without the hassle of owning the storage equipment. Scale-up as much or as less you want and pay only for the resources you use. You can host a wide range of websites, applications and software on Cloud without suffering a downtime.

And, to effectively mange your Cloud services, you need a management software that can take care of your automation and scaling. That software is Plesk control panel that comes with Plesk Cloud hosting plans.

Plesk Cloud Benefits:

  1. High scalability & unlimited server resources of Cloud Hosting
  2. Plesk is a certified partner with Amazon AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  3. Plesk supports both Windows & Linux operating system
  4. Highly reliable cloud platform with protection against single point failure
  1. Scale-up easily with Cloud
  2. Pay-per-use with Cloud Hosting
  3. Manage all your Cloud Hosting resources and accounts including reseller account with Plesk control panel

Low Cost Solution for Plesk Cloud Hosting

Choosing cloud can be scary as not all hosting providers can meet the demands of Cloud Computing. At VNET India, we have created the best hosting plans just like the Plesk Cloud hosting plans to meet your demands at affordable price. Our hosting plans are designed to save you time, money and ensure smooth management of websites on highly advanced hosting plants like Cloud.

Choose us for:

  • Cloud Computing with Plesk Control panel in one platform
  • Fast and secure servers for efficient Cloud Hosting
  • Specialize in Plesk Hosting services
  • High scalability of Cloud hosting at a fraction of the cost
  • Pre-installed Plesk control panel
  • Manage DNS, files, email and database infrastructure from one platform

  • Our 24/7/365 Support team is always available for help. You can get in touch with us via Phone, Live Chat, SMS and Contact us page.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Plesk Cloud Hosting

    What is Plesk Cloud Hosting?
    • It is the type of cloud hosting where you can easily manage all your resources, services and accounts with one control panel that is Plesk.

    What is Plesk?
    • Plesk is a management software that is used for managing hosting accounts and it comes with various features and automation tools that can save you a lot of time. It is compatible with both Linux and Windows Operating System.

    How to choose the Plesk Cloud hosting plan?
    • You can check out our plans here in the page to find the right one that fits your needs. If you need help, contact our 24/7/365 support team.

    Which OS is best for Plesk?
    • Plesk is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating system and can work efficiently in whichever plan you choose.

    Is Plesk easy to use?
    • Plesk is one of the easiest control panel in the world with plethora of features and automation tools. It will save you a lot of time and effort while making it easier to manage your website and hosting resources.