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NVMe VPS Hosting

Get 10 times faster performance now with our NVMe VPS.

Dream big with full SSD VPS hosting exclusively built for your business. Host unlimited websites; privacy is never an issue; with NVMe, RAID Supported SSD. Get unlimited functionalities FTP, SFTP, SSH access and many more.

What VNET Offers In NVMe VPS

Operating System

In NVMe VPS, you can pick out from a wide variety of operating systems for the better performance and reliability of your VPS; the plus point is you can install or reinstall the operating system any time you want. We offer CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux in our NVMe Windows VPS and Linux VPS plan.


Storage evidently contributes to your system's better performance and smooth functioning. We bring the exact function you want. Our NVMe SSD VPS comes with NVMe logical interface technology combined with M.2 physical interface, the faster physical interface technology. It is 10 times faster than normal SSD VPS hosting. It is the most viable Plan with its faster speed, better performance, and lower power consumption.

Load Balancer

With our NVMe VPS server, to ensure your website handles a high level of traffic and provides the optimum response time, your server is scaled using load balancers that can balance the load across our data centres distributed across the globe.

Control Panel

In reliable NVMe VPS, our control panels are effortless to handle. You can easily manage the website, control resources, emails, check databases, and more with few clicks! We administer Cpanel, Plesk, Spanel, Direct Admin, solidcp.

NVMe Backup

Backing up your data is crucial to ensure smooth recovery in the occurrence of configuration errors or any tech glitches; we provide two backup options in our secured NVMe VPS. An automatic backup where the server is scheduled to back up every week. And another option is a manual one where you can take snapshots of the server.

Instant Provisioning

We use Openstack in all our affordable NVMe VPS plans, providing the quickest provisioning. Our provisioning doesn't take more than 15 minutes; that's our promise.

The Technology Behind NVMe VPS

  • LiteSpeed/Apache
  • RAID 10 SSD
  • Direct ADMIN/Cpanel/Spanel
  • Linux/Windows
  • Mysql/Maria DB PostgreSQL

Support You Get From VNET

Spam Protection

Spams are worrisome! Yes, they are! But don't you worry! We keep your servers away from spam, phishing and spyware. You also get protection against DDoS.

Rapid Response

Be it midnight or wee hours, our tech support team is there to listen to you. You can call us anytime; we ensure instant Response to all your queries with VNET 24x7x365 support.

Zero Down Time

With load balancers and high availability, you will never face downtimes with us. We ensure zero downtime migration with no data loss.

Free Account Migration

Spare the hassles for us! Switch your account with no extra cost. Yes, you heard that right. We are here to help!

Zero Data Loss

Data losses can be disastrous! In VNET, we won't let the disaster happen; you get free migration with zero data loss.

No Setup Cost

We don't take money for setting up the account. Get premium service at no extra cost!

24*7*365 Support

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Frequently Asked Question

Our NVMe SSD VPS plan comes with NVMe logical interface technology combined with M.2 physical interface, the faster physical interface technology. It provides faster data transfer rates than a standard SSD.
Normal SSD is SSD with a SATA interface that is connected to the system or Mother Board via a SATA cable. At the same time, NVMe SSD is the SSD's which exploits NVMe Logical Interface Technology that uses M.2. Physical Interface as M.2 is the fastest physical interface Technology to Provide Faster Data Transfer Rates than those Normal SSD's.
NVMe provides faster access and consumes comparatively less power, reduces latency and offers high I/O per second.
Yes, you are free to downgrade or upgrade Plan.