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Advance Nodejs Hosting Solution

Now host your Node.js applications fast with VNET India Advance Services. We can customize your hosting needs to ensure faster and secure results. You can easily set-up your Node.js process with a click, push your codes and go live in no time with our high-performance hosting platform. All the changes & updates you make will get automatically implemented for your web applications. Thanks to our highly optimized deployment manager, you don’t have to waste time with manual or command line task.

We offer powerful tools so that you can easily manage your Node.js applications. With our fast servers, you hardly have to worry when you scale.

FAQ about Nodejs Hosting

What is Node.js?
  • Node.js is an open-source, JavaScript runtime environment running on the V8 engine and is designed to build web applications in real-time. It is well-equipped to handle applications with high scalability.

Does Your cPanel support Node.js?
  • Yes, our cPanel supports Node.js. Our highly efficient cPanel Hosting environment is designed to host Node.js apps with ease. It’s fast, secure and highly reliable.

Is Node.js Free?
  • Node.js is free and open-source application development tool. However, you may have to pay for the hosting services you use to deploy your apps. We have various affordable Node.js hosting solutions you can choose from.

What type of applications can be built with Node.js?
  • Node.js can be used for building almost any type of web applications. However, it is well-known for handling multiple I/O operations and real-time systems than any other type of frameworks.

Why Should I Choose you Hosting Service for Node.js?
  • VNET India offers highly reliable, fast and secure hosting platform that is ideal for deploying Node.js applications. We provide highly affordable solution suited for businesses of all sizes.