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Best, Cheapest, Reliable, and fully managed NodeJs Hosting service In India

NodeJs hosting, you can bank upon

When it comes to general-type web services, especially real-time applications, NodeJs is unmatched. VNET provides the best NodeJs hosting services in India that offers server deployment in minutes, not in hours. Our VPS services help in growing your online business with expert 24 x 7 technical supports.

NodeJs hosting, Compatible with every business needs

NodeJs runs on various platforms like Unix, Windows, MAC, Linux for frontend and backend applications. Its easy scalability, high extensible ability, robust technology, advantage in caching, high performance, and other features have made it one of the popular open-source platforms.

Range of NodeJs Server

NodeJs VPS

VNET provides tailor-made Top NodeJs VPS plan where you only pay for the node management and VPS technical support. VPS stands for a virtual private server, and when you opt for this type of sharing, we use virtualization technology for providing dedicated resources within our parent server.

NodeJs dedicated server

Under this hosting option, we provide a dedicated server to a single business customer. You get complete control over the machine, and it can be optimized based on your requirements, performance, and security. NodeJs dedicated server is a good choice with business requires maximum control, instant provisioning, safe environment, and high performance.

NodeJs Cloud server

It is a suitable option for small business, freelancers, professionals and more, who does not have many resources to invest in a dedicated server. We use virtualization software for dividing a physical server into multiple servers. Based on your requirements, you can choose various plans offered by India's best NodeJs cloud server provider.

Why should you choose VNET as your NodeJs hosting server in India

Fully managed

When we say fully managed- We mean it. The in-house team of professionals with long years of experience ensures your website is always up. You can fixate on core business, and we take care of your server requirement at the cheapest Nodejs hosting in India.

Rapid redeployment

Full set up, and complete websites deployment is done in minutes. Get your server ready at super fast speed. We at Nodejs hosting India understand that time plays a vital role in getting ahead with your business. Gone are the days when you require months for NodeJs hosting. Here, the rapid deployment of the server saves you ample time that you can utilize somewhere else in your business.

SSD Based cloud

Getting files and databases has never been easy with non-SSD hosting service providers. Our core believes in providing you added advantage of fast access is ensured through the SSD-only cloud. As per industry estimates, accessing files and database is up to 300 % faster when you SSD cloud.

Cheapest NodeJS hosting

The all-in-one quality service does not cost you more. Free customer service, 24x7 technical supports, secure hosting, and a lot more are available at the lowest price. VNET NodeJs hosting service is tailor-made to match your business needs.

Server monitoring access

NodeJs hosting India provides a pro-active monitoring system that includes detailed information as well as uptime monitoring of your server. You get notified through SMS regarding all these major happenings on your server.
Without any additional cost, we provide uptime monitoring, 30-day data retention, system load overview, Apache analytics, Real-time CPU monitoring, MySQL analytics, Disk utilization statistics, and much more. These all steps give you peace of mind, and you remain stress-free about your server.

Powerful Control Panel

We provide a powerful web hosting control panel for point and click management. You can deploy multiple NodeJs applications with multiple ports with us.
The control panel UI interface is user-friendly, and you get a fully manageable GUI without the need of using command lines. Our powerful control panel gives you the power to install any NPM (node package manager) with terminal access. You must enter your username and password, and you are logged in to the server for application directory movement.
The control panel provides you with the flexibility to check access/error log through login and going to the pm2 log module.

High-grade data security

We have deployed an effective security system that learns from each stack and keeps informing each stack about the presence of any malware or happening of any malware activities. The security system counteracts botnet attacks and gives you impenetrable protection for your websites of NodeJs India.
Besides that, we use various tools for malware detection, DDoS detection, IP Reputation botnet attack filter so that your data remain in safe hand all the time.

Advantages of choosing VNET NodeJs

Easy scalability

A developer can scale applications in vertical and horizontal directions. Besides that, it offers extra resources when used in vertical scaling in the case of single nodes.

Fast and easy to learn

JavaScript is still one of the prominent programming languages for developers. So developers take less time to learn and work on this incredible platform. Once you have the websites and applications, host them at NodeJs shared hosting at the lowest price.

Fullstack JS

It gives the benefits of Fullstack JS, giving you the flexibility to use at server-side applications or client-side applications. You save time and money that goes on hiring separate developers for the front end and back end. You can save additional costs by hosting through VNET, the cheapest NodeJS hosting provider in India.

Single programming language

Developers do not require programming language other than JavaScript for front–end and backend application development.

Caching advantage

Business gets the facility of caching single modules. So when there is any request for the first module, the request gets cached in the application memory. In NodeJs, there is no need to re-execute codes, and even without that, web pages load and respond faster and smoother.

Freedom for app development

These features make it slightly different from Ruby on Rails. A developer can start from scratch for app development under NodeJs. After app development, you can choose VNET for Node.Js India.

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FAQs On NodeJs Hosting

NodeJs has become one of the vital components in websites and application development. It provides high performance, added support, robust technology, a safe environment, and much more.
NodeJs is a framework, and some people also call it environment. Backend, as well as frontend applications, run within it. NodeJs runs on the Chrome V8 engine, and it has the capability of performing JavaScript code outside the web browser.
NodeJs is available as open-source, and one does not require to pay any license fee or royalty fee for using it. This cross-platform backend JavaScript runtime environment can run JavaScript anywhere. Thus giving standard, unifying, and single programming language capability, and much more for server-side and client-side scripts. Best hosting for NodeJs is also easy and fast.
Under this service, VNET, the best NodeJs hosting service in India, enables you to keep, upload, and store your applications, websites, and related files on a web server.
We give you the option to take regular backup of your websites. You can also keep the backup with yourself before uploading the file to our NodeJs server.
Under VPS hosting, VNET provides a server within a shared hosting environment. The clients get outstanding reliability and high performance as they get a virtual private server that resides within a parent server. It provides dedicated (private) resources to other virtual servers.
Under shared hosting, multiple websites share the server resources as they all are hosted on a single server. It is cost-effective for clients because our resources get spread between multiple websites.
Yes, It is mandatory, but even if you do not have it, You can buy a domain name from VNET.
VNET provides the cheapest NodeJS hosting provider in India with high performance and robust safety.
Node.Js is a robust platform for discussion forums, gaming applications, Social Media applications, IoT applications, IoT Devices, Live stream video applications, and much more.
Most of the professionals use MySQL and MongoDB with Node.Js. However, please note that it can function with any database. The important part is to think about Nodejs hosting. Always choose trusted and reliable and the best NodeJs hosting service in India.
Yes, You can opt for Node.Js hosting with VNET. It runs with Linux, Apache, and PHP (LAMP).
  • Angular JS is entirely written in JavaScript, where C, C++, and JavaScript are used in Node J.
  • Angular JS for dynamic web apps, where Node JS is for any applications written in JavaScript.
  • Angular JS is mainly used in single-page client-side applications, whereas developers use Node Js for both server-side and client-side applications.
No, it is not a programming language. It makes JavaScript more powerful, and developers use it for client-side as well as server-side application development.
Yes, your data always remains safe when you take hosting services from a reliable service provider such as VNET.