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Best MVC hosting service with high uptime, Plesk Control at VNET| Cheap MVC hosting

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Best MVC hosting service

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Powerful MVC server exactly matching with your business requirements.

Since our start, we are offering a wide range of MVC hosting plans to clients from diverse fields. With us, you get a low price and high performance all the time. With other MVC hosting providers, you get discounts only for the first year, and afterward, they ask for an increased price. But here, we choose to give discounted prices for every year unless we decide to increase the price.

VNET is a specialized company for hosting various software, applications, frameworks, and operating systems. All our MVC project templates are integrated into ASP.NET One. You need to use the One Project creation wizard for making changes in MVC projects or to configure ASP.NET authentication. We support authentication filters that give the flexibility to use authenticated logic in a better way. You may use the logic more specifically as per action, or controller.

All our MVC hosting plans come with an updated MVC project template. So you can use ASP.NET identity for purposes of your choice such as identity and authentication management. Additionally, our windows cloud hosting service supports MVC 5.0 as well as MVC 6.0. We give you assurance that once you try our MVC hosting service, you will love it.

Advanced Features of MVC 6

Read to know, why MVC 6 is that much popular

User friendly

MVC 6 comes with just one controller for Web API as well as MVC. In addition to that, the MVC developers get the option to use convention-based routers or attribute routes in a project.


In the past, developers were dependent on System.Web.Dll, which has been removed in MVC 6. That old .Dll was consuming approx 30k memory whereas MVC6 needed just 2k memory per request.

High level of flexibility

MVC 6 is self-hosted and comes with a flexible pipeline. A developer can control any component of the pipeline completely.

Easy data retrieval or configuration

MVC 6 eliminates the dependency on Web. config file. MVC cloud hosting is easy as applications just work like a configuration provider. So, you can retrieve values from XML files or any other configuration sources.

Fast data compilation

MVC 6 is powered by a new Roslyn compiler that can compile application code fast and automatically. What's more? A developer need not stop the browser or rebuild the project for making changes in the code file.

Why Choose VNET India for Cheap and Best MVC hosting Service?

Want to Know, why we are called the top rated MVC hosting provider in India 99.9 Percent Uptime

Yes, You heard it right. We provide guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime with all our MVC hosting plans. Whether you take MVC shared hosting, cloud, or dedicated, uptime is always high.

Instant Technical Support

You feel the need to get in touch with us, Connect with us through email, chat, call, or via social media handles. We assure earliest and instant customer support from our experienced and technically advanced team 24 x 7.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates not only enhance the credibility of your website but also increases your search engine visibility. We provide free SSL certificates for life with MVC hosting India.

Affordable Price

No one can beat us in cheap MVC hosting. VNET provides hosting with a Plesk control panel aligned with various advanced and useful features at the lowest cost.
You get features like crystal report, MySQL, MSSQL 2012 Database, Asp.Net hosting, site statistics, webmail, MVC 5.0 & 6.0, and much more. We provide light and responsible access as we have updated the MVC project. You can use Bootstrap with our best MVC hosting service.

Free website builder and Free Domain name

Our best MVC hosting service provides a free website builder that you can use for custom website design. Further, VNET offers a high-grade domain name such as Com, Org, Net, Net, and others. You can get the free domain as long as you have hosted your websites with VNET. Our MVC server supports all the advanced features.

Best in Class SSD and SAN Storage

To ensure optimal performance all the time, VNET servers are equipped with state of art SSD drives. We use RAID 10 that is known as the best performance topology in the segment.
Unlike others, we do not rely on cheap and non-enterprises hard drives for our MVC server.

Ultra-fast Server

Our MVC server is equipped with a high powered Intel enterprise processor with high storage capacity. Our clients get plenty of resources and do not feel lag or slowness in performance.
Servers are protected by CISCO and other security firms for protection from cyber attacks.

Well equipped and enterprise-grade data centers

Our data centers are located within India and equipped with multiple internet lines, power backup, 24 x 7 surveillance, and others. The data centers for MVC hosting India have N+ 2 redundancies that are best in the industry.

Constant Server Monitoring

Having a strong server is not enough; it requires systematic maintenance and monitoring. We apply strict security policies at our MVC server for clients’ data safety and confidentiality.

FAQs on MVC hosting India

Have we left something? Read FaQs and get answer to your all questions

MVC 6 is an open-source .Net framework that supports windows, Mac, mono, and Linux. It is made through the merging of various frameworks of MVC, along with Web API and Web Pages.
Hence, a user can use it as a cross-platform framework. In the recent past, it has gained a high amount of popularity among all types of software developers.

The open-source framework provides multiple views and SEO-friendly platforms for developers. Besides that, it supports asynchronous techniques and returns the data without formatting. When the developer does the modification, it does not affect the entire model.
It is specially designed for cloud-optimized applications. As a business, you require MVC cloud deployment afterward; it picks compatible versions of library runtime automatically. Furthermore, under the MVC hosting environment, session state and caching get an automatic adjustment.

Yes, it is a framework that is mostly used in the development of scalable and extensible projects in various industries.

You can not upgrade this from your end. You need to contact our MVC hosting experts through tickets or any other communication channels. We update it based on your request.

MVC is owned by the world-famous information technology company, Microsoft.

This was developed by a Norwegian computer scientist called Trygve Reenskaug in the 1970s. It was primarily developed to solve the problems of the shipping industry.

It varies between the developers as both have their pros and cons. ASP.NET provides better control on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML whereas MVC provides a clear separation of Data, business logic, and UI.

Yes, It supports OWIN abstraction so a developer can have full control of a composable pipeline. A developer can also replace the default implementation in MVC 6.

Yes, all our window hosting plans come with inbuilt MVC hosting.

MVC is a NuGet package, not an assembly. So a developer just needs to add the main NuGet package and that's it. All the dependent NuGet packages automatically get added to the framework.
A developer need not affect the other apps on the server for dependency upload. It can be done to the bin directory independently.
It comes with global.jason, project.jason, config.jason, and more for various configurations.