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Java Shared Hosting

Get the best java hosting services at VnetIndia.We are providing cheap java hosting solutions in India and globally. Our java hosting plans are customizable. Our java hosting price is low compared to other java hosting providers. Providing managed java hosting server and dedicated java hosting services with unique features and benefits.

Why Choose A Vnet's Java Shared Hosting

High Performance

Experience the high-performance java shared hosting server at fast loading time with turbo fast speed. We use all latest infra and tools to enhance the performance of our servers.

Developer Friendly

Java as a programming language is widely and generally preferred by the majority of developers. Developers can change code, or other resources when they need. We provide friendly interface to deploy your war files and java apps.

Custom Solution

We provide custom solution based on your requirement.VnetIndia has a dedicated support team and technical team to assist you and have the custom solution for all hosting services with us.

1-Click Installer

Our servers are pre-installed by apps so that it allows, easily to install any apps by 1 click. We install premium licenses of all softwares , panels , security patches etc.

Easy Software Installation

Our server’s are compatible with software implementations such as JSP or TomCat. We have pre-installed TomCat with Java JDK installations. It makes easy for developer to deploy website or app.

99.9% Uptime

We provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. We do regular maintenance to keep server upto mark. Due to our latest versions installed on server , it makes server to give high performance and maintain highest uptime.

Features of Java Shared Hosting

Latest Tomcat

Apache Tomcat is a Java-capable HTTP server, it will execute special Java programs.they are "Java Servlet" and "Java Server Pages (JSP)". Apache Tomcat requires Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. It is flexible, stable, secure, lightweight. Upgrade your website with one of the most powerful containers.

Complete Control

The Java Control Panel is a multipurpose control panel. It provides a platform to view and do settings for many range of parameters. It allows you to update different versions of the Java platform so that will can have latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It also allow to set options for applet handling, debugging, etc. It help us to have complete control for managing java codings and databases.

Tighten Data Security

We ensure that your data is secured with tools like firewall protection and DDoS protection.

Benefits Of Java Shared Hosting

Manager Access

You have full access to managerial functions and administrative, giving you full control over individual applications.

Easy Deployment

Using management tools, you can manage files efficiently and quickly through Tomcat manager.


Java shared hosting is fully secured and recognized for its safe programming in the industry.


Java shared hosting gives you the freedom to choose the version you want to run. It is more flexible and provides the best hosting environment.

Vnet's Java Shared Hosting Is Power By

  • Dual Hexa Core Processor
  • 256 GB RAM Servers
  • Fastest Control Panel
  • Include Multi-PHP
  • One Click Installer Softaculous
  • Lets Encrypt SSL

Deploy Unlimited Apps in One-Click

Experience the power of shared hosting from reliable hosting provider.

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Frequently Asked Question

Java hosting is the platform to host your java based website or applications. VnetIndia is one of the best ideal choices for java hosting services.
Yes, you can run nodeJS and PHP in the same java hosting plan.
When it comes to java hosting, VnetIndia offers a wide range of custom-made solutions that satisfies the demands and needs of your business.
Yes, you can have MSSQL with the same java hosting plan.
Tomcat hosting is referred to as an application server designed to execute java servlets and render pages that use java servers.