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Hyper V VPS – Developer's Best Choice

Choose our feature-packed, robust Hyper-V VPS plan. Get complete security and multilingual support in 6 different languages. You can upgrade anytime, anywhere! Choose our plans! Host unlimited sites, get the latest version of the control panel and choose the latest operating system version.

What VNET Provides In Hyper-V

Live Migration

Moving accounts is an arduous task and can be a headache if it leads to data loss or other problems. Now you can move running accounts between virtual hosts without interrupting them. Your VM remains powered on, connections remain active, and applications continue to run while data is transferred. Thus you get 99.99% uptime with hyper v networking.

Total Control

We give you complete control of your server to carry out the functioning of your virtual machine; as such, you can instil your niche app, code in your preferred language, you have autonomous control over Bandwidth, memory, database, resource applications that are installed, along with the operating system in hyper V versions plan.


You would never want to compromise on your client's vital information and data. And we don't want to overlook your security. With hyper V host, we offer DDoS protection, Firewall, CDN's, and yes, SSL, a certificate you must have to validate you possess a secured network.

Choose From Different Locations

We have data centres located in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi in India and globally in UK, USA, Canada, EU; staying closer to your audience has extra perks . it will give them a quick page load, minimized latency, and provide stable services.

Determine Usage

One crucial aspect of hyper v VPS is that you can quickly and easily determine the usage of the components and resources and upgrade or downgrade anytime as per your business need. You can utilize that capital in the other administrative task.


Our hyper V storage VPS comes with SSD SATA, RAID 10 mounted SSD, which is 10 folds faster than traditional HDD. What you acquire are speed, performance and reliability.

The Technology Behind Hyper-V VPS

  • MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL
  • DDOS/Firewall
  • Ipv4/v6
  • Management API Available
  • Easy Installation
  • SFTP
  • Apache/Nginx/Litespeed
  • One-Click Reboot
  • Console Access

More From VNET

Dedicated Environment

Hyper V storage VPS server is worth choosing. It allows you to use all your hardware resources to host your business apps, websites, or personal blogs. You can even run a private mail server and send or receive email through your dedicated IP address. It provides isolated resources, OS, and some essential ADD-ONS.


CPU is one of the other components which holds atmost value in deciding the performance of your server and the future of your business. With hyper V network virtualization, you have Intel Next-generation architecture that provides impeccable execution to your server. You can choose from our 8v CPU cores or 10 v CPU cores.

Scalable RAM

The good part about the hyper V server is that you can start small with little RAM space and quickly scale space with few taps: we offer 1GM RAM/ 2 GB RAM/ 4 GM RAM/ 8 GB RAM in hyper V virtualization.

Developer's Privilege

If you are a developer, a hyper V virtual network is for you. You can run multiple sites, install and configure third-party apps, your niche software and code in your preferred language.

Hyper-V Unlimited Bandwidth

We want your business to flourish. At VNET, there is no stop to the amount of traffic you get on your website. With a maximum of 2GBPS. We provide your customer with a seamless experience at no extra cost.

Zero Down Time

Data redundancy, Automated backups with hyper v storage vps make sure you don't face downtime with us

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Frequently Asked Question

In our Hyper-V VPS plan, we use hyper – v technology; you get live migration with zero data loss, you get data centres of different locations and stay close to your audience, and you can even determine usage so that you scale your resources and server components.
They both use different virtualization techniques.
Live migration is a feature of Hyper -V virtualization for Windows servers to migrate data without downtime.
No, it is compatible with only windows.