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Get the power you need with high-performance VPS

Want high-performance VPS?

Align your website performance with maximum CPU Share, educated RAM decision, dedicated storage and unlimited bandwidth. Get complete security and multilingual support in 6 different languages. You can upgrade anytime, anywhere!. Check out our plans!

What VNET Offers In High-Performance VPS

Maximum CPU Share

You knew it or not! Let's break it to you; the CPU plays a pivotal role in the optimal performance of virtual machines. We provide you with the space powered by Intel Next-generation architecture for seamless execution of your websites. We make it a point that your virtual machine gets guaranteed CPU share and has additional resources during overload periods. We offer 1CPU Core/ 2 CPU core/ 4 CPU CORE/ 8 CPU core/ 16 CPU core in our high-performance VPS server.


Wondering how much RAM your website needs? Don't worry whether it's your website, Blog on WordPress or eCommerce store on VPS. We offer different VPS hosting plans with different amounts of RAM . we offer 2GB/4GB/8GB of RAM. If you have too much RAM, your system will run efficiently. But wait! we would not want you to overspend on RAM you don't need; with high performance hosting with unlimited RAM, you get the exact amount of RAM your website require.


Perhaps the most common challenge every computer user face today is SSD which ultimately leads to the performance of your system. we tap precisely into what you need. Our high-performance SSD VPS plan is undeniably the most viable Plan with its faster speed, better performance, and lower power consumption.

Automated Backup

Unintended deletion could be a nightmare! Relax; your website and database are securely backed up, plus our technical support team is available 24x7x365 if any technical glitch pops up. With our secured high-performance VPS, your data can be quickly restored.

Control Panel

From the client portal, organize multiple sites, get clear updates on security, backups and running efficiency. We offer Cpanel, Plesk, Spanel, Direct Admin, solidcp. Cpanel, Plesk are compatible with Linux, whereas Plesk and solidcp work with the windows operating system.

Data Protection

Data protection is one crucial factor and causes distress if it happens to be DDoS or any cyber threat. In our high-performance VPS hosting, you don't have to look for data protection somewhere else. It is available within the Plan.

The Technology Behind High Performance VPS

  • LiteSpeed/Apache
  • RAID 10 SSD
  • Direct ADMIN/Cpanel/Spanel
  • Linux/Windows
  • Mysql/Maria DB PostgreSQL

More From VNET

Dedicated Environment

Our high-performance VPS hosting is the place for developers. You Get admin access to your virtual servers and complete allocation of all your hardware resources, storage, CPU, memory for your hosting server and storage as per your business needs.

Operating System

In our .high-performance Linux and windows server, you can choose from various Linux distributions like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux or alternatively choose from windows distributions in our high-performance VPS plan.

Unlimited Bandwidth

If it's high-performance VPS, data transmission is bound to go high, and we provide you with unlimited bandwidth. you can choose from 250 Mbps/ 500Mbps/1Gbps/2Gbps.

Instant Provisioning

We administered open stack in all our high-performance VPS servers, taking care of your preliminary requirements. And provides provisioning within 15 minutes. Your time is precious!

99.9% Uptime

Being the leading website hosting provider in India, we give you guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Which means no breakdowns!

Full-Scale Webhosting

You are holding more than one business? , you can easily house your multiple sites in one server without impacting the response time of other clients.

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Frequently Asked Question

With our high-performance VPS, you get maximum CPU Share, educated RAM decision, dedicated storage and unlimited bandwidth and get complete security and multilingual support in 6 different languages. You can even upgrade anytime.
We do it right away! We provide hundreds of provisioning within 15 minutes in most of cases. and not less than 24 hours.
Yes, it is included in the high-performance Plan.
Our data centres are located globally in India, the USA, Canada, UK, and the EU, and in India, they are located in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.