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Unlock the door to growth with Multiserver High-memory VPS

Consider our High memory VPS hosting, whether your blog on WordPress or your e-commerce store on VPS. We guide you through the exact amount of space requirement. Get complete security and multilingual support in 6 different languages. You can upgrade anytime, anywhere!. Check out our plans!

High Memory VPS Features


Even though our server at the backend is very comprehensive, we try to make the control panel very flexible so that you can handle your work easily; we give full root access for easy control of server components like RAM, CPU, storage.

Easy Upgrade

Upgrading with VNET is highly flexible. You can quickly check resource usage and scale or upgrade resources as per need in high memory RAM VPS. Upgrading server components like RAM, CPU and storage is effortless; just a few simples click, and there you are, the server of your choice.

Unlimited Support

We make it a vow to give you unlimited support, and we stick to our promise. You can call us any time of the day; our tech team handles your issues 24x7x365. Our high memory VPS is free of hassles.

Server Backups

With VNET, we offer you freedom. You can choose to backup your data through external backup space or produce snapshots from the control panel in high memory server.


We use the KVM virtualization technique in our high memory VPS; with KVM, you can run Windows as well as Linux on the same hardware, which benefits upgrading the Operating system as many times as possible.

Server Monitoring

We monitor your servers 24x7x365. However, You have full root access, SSH, SFTP access. But we make sure all your servers are fully monitored to avert any instances of downtime.

The Technology Behind High Memory VPS

  • LiteSpeed/Apache
  • RAID 10 SSD
  • Direct ADMIN/Cpanel/Spanel
  • Linux/Windows
  • Mysql/Maria DB PostgreSQL

What VNET Offers In High Memory VPS


Want high RAM VPS hosting? We totally loved your idea of starting small & scale as your business scales. But hey! You don't have to migrate the entire plan. You can scale your plan & some components as per the need. We offer different VPS hosting plans with different amounts of RAM.


Storage has a significant role to play in the performance of VPS. Our VPS with HIGH RAM usage plan is packed with SSD storage which is RAID -10 mounted, that takes care of the efficiency and durability of the server. We assure you ample storage, better speed and low power consumption.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We guarantee you unlimited bandwidth for an odd peak instance or for some specific upload demands or software updates, or live video streaming in HIGH MEMORY VPS. our VPS is loaded with unlimited bandwidth. you can choose from 250 Mbps/ 500Mbps/1Gbps/2Gbps.

High Availability

In our large memory VPS plan, we provide 99.9% uptime, high redundancy, that is, packed hardware clusters, RAID, Load Balancers. If the primary VPS fails, the duplicate VPS is queued to take control which considerably reduces the downtime to 5 minutes per year.

Determine Usage

In high memory usage VPS using KVM technology, you can even determine the usage of the resources, which you cant do in shared hosting. It will save you some extra bucks, which you can utilize in other server components.

Anti DDoS

Our powerful frontiers are always there to give you protection against DDoS. Other than that, you also get security extensions like immunify 360. With high memory windows and Linux VPS

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Frequently Asked Question

In a HIGH MEMORY VPS server, We offer high memory along with high CPU share, unlimited bandwidth, and raid 10 mounted SSD storage, all at a modest cost.
We use open VZ, XEN, VM WARE, Virtuozzo and HYPER visor other than KVM.
Yes, you can do that, whether by scaling the server components or upgrading the current plan.
Yes, for that you need to choose the different plans we have specified.