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High Bandwidth VPS

Unlock all the functionalities and possibilities with our high bandwidth VPS and get unlimited bandwidth, maximum CPU share, educated RAM decision, dedicated storage. Get assured speed, security and 99.99% uptime with VNET India. Try our plans!

What VNET Offers In High BandWidth VPS

Host Unlimited Sites

Whether it's your personal health blog or your multiple different websites. You can accommodate all in one place. Thanks to our tried, tested, and updated servers, you can host multiple sites without impacting the response time of the other clients in high bandwidth VPS. It's a total value for money.


Wondering how much RAM your website needs? Don't worry whether it's your website, Blog on WordPress or eCommerce store on VPS. We offer high bandwidth VPS hosting plans with different amounts of RAM . we offer 2GB/4GB/8GB of RAM. If you have too much RAM, your system will run efficiently. But wait! we would not want you to overspend on RAM you don't need; with bandwidth VPS, you get the exact amount of RAM your website require.

Choose Your Operating System

We offer you an easy to use a framework that is stable and supported by effective tools and platforms. You can choose from the latest versions of CentOS, Ubuntu 20.04LTS "FOCAL FOSSA", Debian10.10, Oracle Linux. And guess what! You get it free in VPS server unlimited bandwidth hosting.

Unlimited BandWidth

If you want high-performance VPS, data transmission is bound to go high, and we provide you with unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting. you can choose from 250 Mbps/ 500Mbps/1Gbps/2Gbps.

Automated Backup

Unintended deletion could be a nightmare! Relax; your website and database are securely backed up, plus our technical support team is available 24x7x365 if any technical glitch pops up. With our free VPS unlimited bandwidth hosting, your data can be quickly restored.

Powerful Defense

With the powerful defence of let's encrypt SSL certificate, protection against DDoS, plus security extensions like immunify 360, we give you fortification of the frontiers.

The Technology Behind High Performance VPS

  • LiteSpeed/Apache
  • RAID 10 SSD
  • Direct ADMIN/Cpanel/Spanel
  • Linux/Windows
  • Mysql/Maria DB PostgreSQL

More From VNET

Resources Of Your Choice

In the dynamic world, the only thing permanent is change. We understand the growing change in your business dynamics. At VNET, we have a multitude of resources to meet your growing demand and customized needs in windows VPS unlimited bandwidth.

Control and Flexibility

You know your business more than us. VNET puts you in the cockpit by giving you full root access; with minor twitches, you can make changes in your business as you please. Choose a control panel like Linux and configure LAMP servers and other software effortlessly.

Under Budget

Don't splurge your money upright on dedicated servers; when you have our high bandwidth VPS servers which just creates the replica of the dedicated environment. Our affordable high bandwidth VPS is a perfect seesaw between price and performance.

Maximum CPU share

You knew it or not! Let's break it to you; the CPU plays a pivotal role in the optimal performance of virtual machines. We provide you with the space powered by Intel Next-generation architecture for seamless execution of your websites.

99.9% Uptime

Our data centres are spread across different locations globally and in India, with constant monitoring, redundancy, and high availability. We guarantee you 99.9 % uptime, especially for unlimited bandwidth VPS server.

Constant Monitoring

Although you get full root access. But we are always present to handle your issues, we monitor your server 24x7, and we fix it before you are informed about it.

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Frequently Asked Question

With our bandwidth VPS, you get unlimited bandwidth, maximum CPU Share, educated RAM decision, dedicated storage, and complete security and multilingual support in 6 different languages. You can even upgrade anytime.
We do it right away! We provide hundreds of provisioning within 15 minutes in most of cases.
Yes, email is included in all our VPS hostings.
Yes, absolutely, you can do that.