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Gaming Server Plans & Prices

Avail best services at reasonable prices. Check the plans and prices below:

Gaming Server Hosting

Video gaming is now not limited to a single player. It has become a social activity. Explore the depths of the gaming world and play with anyone, living at any corner of the globe.

VNET offers powerful gaming server hosting that allows you to play high-end video games without any troubles. Save your time with our online gaming server hosting.

Included Other Features

Supercharged Hardware

We offer high-performance hardware to soothe your gaming experience.

High Availability

Our good gaming server hosting ensures that your website is available to the players round the clock and run speedy fast and efficiently.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our gaming server features a dashboard where you can see server capacity, memory utilization, and real-time data.

24X7X365 Support

We make sure that your gaming mood is not spoiled at any cost. Our technicians offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days week and 365 days a year.

Regular Backups

Our gaming server is powered with 500GB storage for backups. Regular backups are taken automatically.

DDoS Protection

Our server hosting for gaming is protected against various networks and DDoS attacks. Also you can autoscale the capacity of server to absorb DDoS without turning your players to offline mode.

Instant Setup

Server setup won’t take a lot of time. Once you are done with plan selection and payment process, we make sure to set up the server within hours.

We Offer

Gaming VPS Server

Our gaming VPS server is the best choice you will make for enhancing your gaming experience. Our different plans vary in capacity of CPU, memory, SSD storage, bandwidth and connection speed. Run your game server at fastest speed and efficiency as required by you.

Our cheap gaming VPS hosting is equipped with high-quality resources to give you high performance, reliability and security.

We make sure that you get high-quality hardware and performance even with our starter plan.

Gaming Dedicated Server

Experience gaming at a new level with our dedicated gaming server hosting. VNET dedicated gaming server are designed to offer lag-free hosting experience. Play your favourite games without compromising performance and stability.

Our gaming server offers high level DDoS protection. Also they are designed to manage online multi-player games, image, video and other tasks side by side. Customize you server as per your needs and save your data in secured infrastructure.

Gaming Cloud Server

Our cloud gaming server hosting offers multiplayer gaming experience with uncomplicated multicluster management. You just focus on creating new games or playing multiple games while our gaming server manages global infrastructure.

Scale your server requirements according to your traffic. Our cloud gaming server are flexible, offers single control and distributed globally. Run your game servers at blinking fast speed and grow your business.

Why VNET Is The Best Gaming Server For Hosting?

Advanced Processors & High Storage SSDs

Enhance your gaming experience with our gaming server hosting India. Our gaming server is equipped with powerful and up-to-date processors. Also you can choose either HDD storage or SSD storage. We recommend you choose SSD storage as these offer 10X more speed and convenience to access the server frequently.

Supports Different Gaming Environments

We will not let you down. Our flexible gaming server supports different environment for gaming to provide you best of the best services.

High Traffic Management

Whether the traffic goes up or down on your website, our reliable gaming server offers unlimited free traffic management.

No Overheating

You don’t worry about always available server as our popular gaming server takes care of overheating issues to get unhindered performance.

Smooth Voice Chats

Gaming is not fun without chatting, and we offer smooth voice chats feature to let you enjoy your games to the fullest.

Flexible Bandwidth

VNET offers maximum of 1 GB/s bandwidth to give high performance without compromising any other feature.


Our server can automatically add or remove the capacity when needed, easily adjusting to fluctuating loads.

Easy-To-Use Control Panels

Equipped with easy-to-use control panels, our gaming server enables easy access to databases.

Easy Game Switch

Bored of playing the same game, our game server hosting allows you to switch games easily.

Ensured 99.99% Uptime

We ensure stable connectivity with 99.99% uptime.

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Frequently Asked Question

A gaming server is the source that enables multiplayer games. It transmits data to its connected clients so that they can play efficiently. To put simple, a single player game run on a personal computer but multiplayer games require server. Its work is to coordinate the player’s data and allow them to play together.

It can be used by gamers or by clients itself to run multiplayer video games on the internet. These gaming servers can be hosted locally or remotely. For giving better experience, a gaming server needs resources such as hardware, storage drives, etc. out of which high bandwidth and low latency are very much required.

There are multiplayer games that allow playing with people sitting at any corner of the world. These games require proper coordination and security. Thus they required a gaming server to host. Some of the games that require server hosting are:


Counter strike



Rust, etc.

Of course! You can. A virtual private server offers you the freedom to customize your utilities as per your gaming requirements which can be altered easily. It is an affordable way to host your games as you don’t have to pay for extra things.

Every server we offer is protected against any kind of external attacks to provide you with exceptional gaming experience.

  • Our server has automatic backup and restore features ensuring any data is not lost.
  • Gaming server is secured with SSL certification.
  • Auto scanning is included that runs antivirus and malware scanning time to time and generate reports accordingly.
  • Server is protected against any DDoS attacks.

We are always up for your help. We have highly trained technical staff who are online 24X7X365. You can ask your query on phone call, WhatsApp us, email us or chat with us live.

We ensure to help you at every step.

Our specialized gaming server supports all mods. You can install any mod according to your wish.

Yes. Our services are expanded all over the globe. You can order any server plan sitting at any corner of the world.

Our payment process is not hectic at all. You can pay with any credit or debit card and other paying applications.

Well, this question can be answered once you choose any plan.

Plan selection depends on what is the nature of your game and how many players will be playing it. Depending on that basis your plan should have resources such as bandwidth, RAM, CPU and hard drive to support it. Some games does not require high bandwidth and memory while some just eat up all.

We recommend you to choose your plan wisely and then we will assist you with the prices.