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VNET fully dedicated servers plan customization at its best .choose your plans and let us manage your server the way your business needs.

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Soar Your Business To Great Heights With VNET Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting

Don't have time to manage your servers? Don't worry! Leave the hassles to us.

When your business counts on the web or you hold a mission-critical or I/O intensive application, then VNET fully managed dedicated server is the best hosting solution for you. You get a consolidated hosting platform where VNET handles the configuration, administration and management.

Your data alone is hosted on our reliable fully managed dedicated server without being affected by noisy neighbours, unlike in shared hosting. Our special tech team manages everything from software configuration to administration and from maintenance to security.

You would not have to hire an administrator or IT team from outside to manage your server. With us, you get 24x7x365 support and management with complete attention to network security and server maintenance.

Should there be any breakdown, outage, hardware, software failure? Our tech team fix it straight away. We handle your IT infrastructure and give power to your content and website so that you remain focused on your business and reach your goals.


  1. AMD EPYC 7531, 16 cores, 32 threads, 2.4 GHz clock speed, boost up 2.9 GHz
  2. RAID 1,5,10 for software and hardware configuration for data redundancy and to reduce data loss
  3. Weekly and daily backups along with a snapshot
  4. SSD NVMe for high performance
  5. SSL certificate to validate secure network
  6. Botneck attack filter

Enterprise-class Dedicated Server solution for your big plans!

Leave your IT maintenance to us and Arm your database servers, GPU servers, and gaming servers with VNET business servers.

Security Matters!

Security would always remain one of the top factors why you chose spam-free dedicated servers. As you are very cautious about your sensitive data being leaked, we take utmost care of your accounts because with VNET, you don't have to look for data security somewhere else. It is present in your hack free fully managed dedicated plans.

We make your servers intuitive that they counter BOT attacks, create a shield that the Bots get run down before entering your server and result in a protected website environment.

With VNET best fully managed dedicated servers, your accounts get:

  1. Completely isolated account
  2. RAID 1, 5, 10 hardware and software for replication and redundancy
  3. SSL certificate to validate secure network
  4. Weekly and daily backups along with a snapshot
  5. IDS/IPS security against cyberattack
  6. Protection against DDoS
  7. Immunify 360 against malware
  8. Botneck attack filter

Storage Means SSD

Storage can make or break your website; when it comes to storage, we tap precisely into what you need. SSD is by far the most trusted and reliable option than traditional HDD. All our SSD fully managed dedicated servers are SSD backed.

Dedicated servers from VNET are hosted on powerful SSD resources.

VNET business fully managed dedicated servers administers:

  1. SSD storage for high capacity
  2. Relaibel SSD SATA for efficeincy
  3. SSD NVMe for high performance
  4. RAID 1,5,10 for software and hardware configuration for data redundancy and to reduce data loss.

Reliable RAM

RAM adds to the efficiency and performance of the server, and more RAM means the ability to handle data efficiently. The selection of RAM also depends on the operating system you choose for your server and the processor you select for your servers. For your resource-hungry apps and mission-critical workload, we offer the following RAM option in our VNET dedicated hosting plan

  1. DDR3ECC 8 GB
  2. DDR3ECC 16 GB
  3. DDR3ECC 32 GB
  4. DDR3ECC 64 GB

Powerful Processors

CPU performance and server efficiency are interlinked, and that's why it is essential to have an educated decision before selecting a processor for your high speed, fully managed dedicated servers. We can't forget the significance of clock speed and the number of threads while picking up the processors.

VNET being in the hosting industry for more than 11 years, understands your business requirements and hence offers you the enterprise-class processors:

We administer the following range of processors in our LINUX fully managed dedicated server For your backup servers, mission-critical apps and big databases

  1. AMD EPYC 7531, 16 cores, 32 threads, 2.4 GHz clock speed, boost up 2.9 GHz
  2. AMD EPYC 7551, 32 cores, 64 threads, 2.0 GHz clock speed, boost up 3.0 GHz
  3. AMD EPYC 7742, 64 cores, 128 threads, 2.25 clock speed, boost up to 3.4 GHz
  4. AMD RYZEN 3600X, 6 cores, 12 threads, clock speed 3.8 GHz, 4.4 GHz boost
  5. AMD RYZEN 3900X, 12 cores, 24 threads, clock speed 3.8 GHz, 4.6 GHz boost
  6. Intel Xeon E-5 2620, 6 cores 12 threads, clock speed 2.00 GHz, 2.50 GHz boost
  7. Intel Xeon E-5 2658, 8 cores, 16 threads, clock speed 2.10 GHz, 2.40 GHz boost


A lot matters about where the data centre is located. The closer your visitors to one of our data centres, the better it is. Staying closer to your audience means giving them the best user experience, minimum latency and quick page load.

We also take care of the fact that your data should be saved in case of an outage or any tech glitch by creating failover to our other data centres at 27 different locations in India and in the UK, USA, Germany Canada.

We are very proud to announce that we have data centres in the above locations for our next generation of fully managed dedicated servers.

  1. Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore in India
  2. You can choose our services in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Ireland in the UK
  3. Exploit our data centres in Toronto and Ontario in Canada
  4. Do you have business in the USA? Don't worry; we are present there as well; choose NEVADA, Washington DC, Texas in the US.

Choose From 30 Plus Range Of Operating Systems

Pick out the operating system of your choice for the tailored solution.

  • Rocky Linux
  • Open SUSE
  • Windows
  • Vz Linux
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Oracle Linux

Fully Managed Dedicated Server Features

Get fully optimized dedicated solutions from our power-packed features; try us and see the difference!

VNET Round The Clock Support

Do you know what makes our customized dedicated server popular? Because you get complete support from our technical team, where they keep tabs on your server, give you complete guidance on control panels, and clear technical problems should there be within the given time frame.

Business Integration

we have been running a hosting business for more than 11 years. This is why our tech team has developed a sharp tech acumen of your business requirements and presents the exact solution to your ever-changing business requisites. With VNET topmost fully dedicated server, you can even have the option of upgrading or downgrading your resource components and append ADD-ONS as your business scales.

High Availability

we are present in 27 different locations across India, the UK, the USA, Canada, Germany, and this is where Your data is replicated in twin servers so that your websites, big database accounts and e-commerce websites remain undisturbed during sustaining hours. An ideal set up of next-generation resources such as SSD -NVME, SSD -SATA storage and AMD, INTEL processors along with the fortified Botneck attack filter, Immunify 360 against malware, WAF and MOD security give your server a high availability environment.

VNET Full Backup

we take anticipatory action before your precious data get lost due to an outage or any technical glitch. Reliable servers are supported by auxiliary backup storage that allows you to retrieve your data; moreover, Security is unfolded to all our backup storage by default.

Quick Provision

we don't merely claim it; you can see it in our actions. As you choose a Windows hosting plan, we quickly proceed with the migration or configuration process. We use an open stack in all our servers. We try our best to migrate or set up your accounts within an hour. However, in some cases, it can take 24 hours.

Unlimited Traffic

hey! Don't get overwhelmed with the sudden peak in traffic when you have AMD server hosting in place. Whether it is your big oracle database, mission-critical apps, game servers or e-commerce websites, our servers can handle peak traffic in any situation. You can even choose to upgrade the bandwidth limit for maximum efficiency.

Improved Site Performance

VNET promises you improved site performance with our reliable, affordable fully managed servers. Your servers are adorned with highly improved hardware SSD, SSD NVME software RAID resources, stingray load balancers, Cloudflare CDN, and hardware that boosts the site performance and increases efficiency.

You Can Bank On Us!

Our data centres are fortified with high-end backup, recovery and protection options.

Back Up

All our fully managed server plans are backed up on a weekly and monthly basis; we also administer snapshot and off-site options along with Rubrik 5.2 software and RAID configurations


we keep your data centres completely secured with biometric sensors, CCTV, motion sensors and trained security personnel in our data centres.

Fire Protection

With myriads of alarms, sensors systems in place, and fire suppressions across our data centres, We keep our data centres fully secured.

Power Supply

We keep your servers up and going as all our data centres are tier 3 setups with redundant power supplies.


VNET data centres are equipped with 24x7x365 days internet connection. So no worries about the network!


We keep the server room temperature at the desired level with a redundant cooling system in place in all our 27 data centre locations.

We Offer You The World's Best Control Panels

With a control panel of your choice, run your website with just a few simple clicks.

  • Plesk
  • Spanel
  • Cloudron
  • BlueOnyx
  • Floxlor
  • Cpanel

Get answers to all your questions about VNET fully managed solutions

Still, got doubts about fully managed dedicated servers? No worries, we are here to help! Read FAQ's below and learn more about our servers.

With VNET servers, you don't have to worry about your account's system management, administration, and technical aspects. Our team keep a tab on your system resources so that you can focus more on your business and worry less about server maintenance.

These servers are an ideal solution for

  1. Resources – heavy applications
  2. Big databases
  3. SaaS applications
  4. Game servers
  5. High volume web servers
  6. Video streaming
  7. Ecommerce websites

The benefits of fully managed servers are far more than you expected.

With VNET top quality fully managed dedicated servers, you won't have to worry about Security, as Security is the chief component of dedicated servers; second, your servers are entirely yours, which means no noisy neighbours and no sharing of resource components; the third reason is you can entirely focus on your business, and our team takes care of the maintenance of the server.

With this product, we offer you a 30+ range of operating systems, and the most popular ones that we use are :

  1. Ubuntu/ Debian
  2. Open SUSE
  3. Vz Linux
  4. CentOS
  5. Rocky Linux
  6. Oracle Linux
  7. Windows

We offer the following control panels in this product:

  1. Plesk
  2. Cloudron
  3. BlueOnyx
  4. Floxlor
  5. Cpanel
  6. Spanel

SSL certificate validates that the network between you and your client are secured and encrypted.

Yes, we use let's encrypt SSL certificate.

It usually takes one hour to set up an account, but you can take more than an hour in some cases depending upon the number of accounts you transfer.
Yes, you get full root access in a fully managed dedicated server.
If your business keeps you on your toe and you don't have a house tech team, then the fully managed solution is the right option for you.

We offer one IP for a fully managed dedicated server. However, you can request more than one, for which you can contact our support team.

Yes, as our team get a full insight into your business requirements, we provide you with all the possible solutions within fully managed dedicated servers and offer a customized solution.

If you have more than one website with our server, you should go for more than one IP as it is necessary for the security validation of your site. Else google algorithm won't recognize your site.

Yes, we replace impacted hardware is fully managed dedicated server

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