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Ecommerce Cloud Hosting Solutions

Cloud has been an attractive option for eCommerce websites for many years. The best cloud eCommerce solutions offer’s fast and more reliable, e-commerce hosting solutions and services. Ecommerce Cloud hosting will lead your ecommerce business to grow rapidly. Host all types of eCommerce websites with cheap cloud eCommerce hosting at VnetIndia. Providing best and highly secured Ecommerce cloud hosting services in India with unique features.

Why Choose ECommerce On The Cloud At VnetIndia

Scalable Performance

Experience the scalable performance at VnetIndia by providing fast loading time during sudden increment in traffic on Ecommerce website.

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Our servers are configured with powerful SSD drives. This tends to deliver top-notch excellent performance.

Robust Infrastructure

Our servers are built-in leading technology and latest infra. Get the flexibility and scalability with our robust infrastructure.

24/7/365 Support

Our dedicated team of technical experts is available 24/7 in the belief that customer satisfaction should be our priority.

Free Cloud Server Setup

We do setup for your cloud hosting free of cost. No hidden charges for account setup at VnetIndia.

Free Cloud Server Migration

Worried about migration? No worry!. We'll migrate your website from your existing host to our VnetIndia servers for free.

Features Of Cloud Ecommerce Hosting

Our ecommerce cloud hosting features includes Adjustable Resources, On-Demand Self-Service, Large Network Access, Supports SQL, Full Root Access and Easy Recovery.

Adjustable Resources

When the eCommerce website hits huge traffic, automatically it can adjust the resources according to the requirement. Organizations pay for the only resources they use.

On-Demand Self-Service

With our cloud eCommerce hosting, the user can monitor the server uptime and allotted network storage.

Large Network Access

The user can upload the data from anywhere and anytime just with the help of the control panels.

Supports SQL

Ecommerce cloud hosting supports SQL databases.

Full Root Access

Users are provided with full control in Ecommerce cloud hosting. You can install needed applications and do more with the access.

Easy Recovery

If you have your business hosted on the cloud if any physical damage or system failures happen you will no be affected.

Tools For ECommerce

Cloud Storage & Back-Up

Storing data in the cloud provides more convenience and security for ecommerce businesses, as cloud storage makes system backups fairly affordable and simple.

Product Pricing

Automated product pricing tools give ecommerce businesses a competitive edge, helping them decide on the most optimum pricing and scoring that will increase the sales revenue.

Content Management

A robust content management system (CMS) that you can rely on is necessary for any ecommerce website. It’s a dependable and efficient way to upload content regarding your your blog posts, products, your marketing material such as podcasts videos, and press releases.

Migrate Your Website For Free

Worried about migration? No worry!. We'll migrate your website from your existing host to our VnetIndia servers for free. VnetIndia is committed to making your website transfer from any provider absolutely hassle-free!

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Benefits Of Ecommerce Cloud Hosting


Cloud eCommerce hosting services allow you to build your eCommerce presence as quickly as your business grows.


The power of Ecommerce on cloud hosting provides superior stability for the online retailer.


Our eCommerce cloud hosting is fully secured with malware protection. Cloud technologies can promise superior security measures to protect you from DDoS attacks.


Your Ecommerce site is hosted on a powerful cloud platform, then you'll experience the 30X speed server at VnetIndia.

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Frequently Asked Question

The eCommerce cloud hosting is where you can host the eCommerce website in the cloud servers.
Cloud hosting is widely choosen for eCommerce websites than shared hosting. Because cloud hosting has the option to handle higher traffic compared to Shared hosting, better resources, security, and high availability.
We will adjust the resources according to the traffic. So none of the users will face server down.
There are no hidden charges for account setup at VnetIndia.