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100 % Spam free, worry-free fully managed Django Hosting In India

VNET provides shared Django hosting plans, dedicated Django hosting, VPN Django hosting, and cloud Django hosting. When you choose us, you choose the best Django hosting experience.

All the components run smoothly on our server. You need Shell/Root access for running the Django framework with shared Django hosting. With shared hosting access to root is limited that is why it is advisable to choose dedicated Django hosting.

Do not mistake it by assuming that we are just like another web hosting company in India. We are fully dedicated, professionally run, outstanding, and the best hosting service backed by trained and experienced staff round the clock.

Special features of our spam free Django hosting service India

  1. Our hosting server supports most of the Python versions such as 2.4, 2.6, 3.1, 3.2, etc.
  2. User-friendly hosting control panel
  3. Option to host multiple domains with one Django hosting plan
  4. 99.99 % guaranteed uptime
  5. Round the clock support via email, call, or chat
  6. Avail special offer on Django hosting today- by calling our customer care number.
  7. Choose the Django hosting plan, deploy, manage and run any Django-supported applications of your choice.
  8. Get 12 + freebies
  9. Including free SSL certificate
  10. Our clients are our priority 24 x7

Why is the Django framework is so popular for website building?

Simple to learn and use

It comes with an object-relational mapper (ORM) that enables the use of standard Python language syntax. Due to these features, a developer does not require to learn SQL, DDL, etc for interfacing with backend databases.

Multitude of features

It contains classes, tools, modules, and others of basic nature, helping engineers in quick development and deployment.

Easily convertible templates

Converting HTML, XML, and other documents into templates is easy through the provided template framework. Later, the template is easily converted into output by using wide substitutions techniques.

Multi-language support

Django supports multiple languages and an Elegant URL.

Complete access/control

It comes with built-in administrative tools, Contributes Geospatial support components, access control, authentication control, and more.

We are the best of the rest- Django hosting provider India

The flexibility of creating multiple databases

Create multiple databases for multiple websites for a faster and smoother experience

Simple- One-click App installation

Get top most Django hosting with pre-assembled apps to do a lot on our server. Need an application of your choice? Install it with one click installer

Sitebuilder- Free of cost

Not having any idea about coding or website designing? Not an issue. Choose any Django hosting plan and get a free site builder for website creation.

Unlimited Email Ids

Your business does not look professional unless all your employees have a professional email id. Get unlimited email id for sale, support, job opening, and much more.

Free migration

Lets us bring your website to India’s best Django dedicated hosting free of cost. At zero downtime, our experts migrate data from the existing hosting provider to VNET’s server.

99.99 percent uptime guarantee

We understand that the availability of websites online is of the utmost importance for any business. We take care of your primary concern by providing best-in-class uptime through our tier- 3 and tier 4 data centers.

24 x 7 customer support

Django hosting experience becomes more lively when your reliable Django hosting partner remains available 24 x 7 to fix your technical issue and help you in your queries.

FAQs on leading Django hosting service

Django is a web framework that lets the engineer build better and fast web applications quickly and efficiently. This open-source framework is regarded as a high-level python web framework for its clean design and rapid development.

Django is a popular python framework but not all Python hosting providers support Django hosting. In that case, choosing a separate server with Django preinstalled is the ideal way. Once a hosting company such as VNET provides a Django server for use by the client, it is called Django hosting.

We give full flexibility to the hands of clients to use the python version of their own choice. With shared Django hosting, we provide 2.7 to 3.6 Python versions. You can choose dedicated Django hosting for full control over the Django server.

Yes, we have been providing the Django framework for a very long time. We have a vast base of clients using Django/Python on your shared server, dedicated server, cloud server, or VPN server.

Yes, VNET India provides all types of hosting services at an affordable price in India. The difference lies in app-specific optimization through the control panel. So when you purchase a Django hosting plan, you get complete features of Django on our server.

Yes, our spam free Django hosting service supports a vast range of modules. Search and install modules of your choice with dedicated Django hosting.

Did we miss anything to put on this Django web hosting page?

If yes, we have got this covered under the 24 x 7 customer service team. Get all your queries answered by calling, emailing, or chatting with our expert team. Contact our technical helpdesk now and get additional freebies and extra discounts on Django hosting India.

We are here to help!