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Developer's VPS Hosting

Discover an ideal environment to advance your business and accelerate your growth with Developers VPS.

Enjoy both testing and deployment space with our reliable Developer's VPS; now, you can import an application or create one and use a collaborative function with your team sitting anywhere. Have a solid developer environment. Check out our plans!

What VNET Offers In Developer's VPS

Preconfigured Software & Framework

The first and foremost feature of our best VPS for Developers is the availability of preconfigured software that spares you from the hassles of dependency like a secure shell ( SSH) client. Our Developer server comes with preconfigured options such as PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP, MySQL.

Scalable RAM

Your business is multiplying; Great News!; the most encouraging part of our VPS built for Developers is that you can start small with small RAM space and gradually scale space quickly and effortlessly with only a few clicks. we offer 1GM RAM/ 2 GB RAM/ 4 GM RAM/ 8 GB RAM.

Full Root Access To Developer's Privilege

Do any task at your fingertips with full Root Access, the most prominent affordable Developer's VPS feature. You can run multiple sites, install and configure third-party apps and software.

Liberty To Choose Operating System

Freedom to choose among various operating systems is a plus point of our free Developer's VPS. You can opt for CentOs, Ubuntu, Debian, Oracle Linux from our VPS plan.

Code In Preferred Language

You couldn't ask for more, yeah! You can execute and host code in your preferred language and enjoy an excellent performance in running code in our developer VPS hosting


With preconfigured software and framework option and freedom of coding in a preferred language, an Operating system of own choice and full root access makes our developer's VPS a highly customized option for your server.

The Technology Behind Developer VPS

  • LiteSpeed/Apache
  • RAID 10 SSD
  • Direct ADMIN/Cpanel/Spanel
  • Linux/Windows
  • Mysql/Maria DB PostgreSQL

What VNET Offers

Free Control Panel

Our control panel have multiple options better suited to the developer's need. You have availability of preconfigured software and framework; you can even choose to add third-party software. And guess what, you get it free.

Dedicated Environment

Dedicated Environment is all you need as a developer. You Get admin access to your virtual servers, get testing and deployment space, scalable RAM and preferred CPU share, full customization and full root access. In our secured developer VPS.


CPU plays a pivotal role in the optimal performance of virtual machines. We provide you with the space powered by Intel Next-generation architecture for seamless execution of your websites. You can choose our 8v CPU cores paired with 30 GB RAM / 800 GB SSD / 600 M bit/ s port alternatively, pick up the next best option of 10v CPU cores aligned with 60 GB RAM/1.6TB SSD / 1G bit/s port.


Storage evidently contributes to your system's better performance and smooth functioning. We bring the exact function you want. Our NVMe SSD developer VPS comes with NVMe logical interface technology combined with M.2 physical interface, the faster physical interface technology. It is the most viable Plan with its faster speed, better performance, and lower power consumption.

Easy Upgrade

As a developer, if you feel your current VPS plan is not keeping up with your constant increasing business demands, you can easily opt for the developer VPS plan.


We make your life easy! VNET provide customer support in 6 distinct languages. With added multichannel features like phone, chat, WhatsApp, mail.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our Developer's VPS comes with preconfigured options such as PERL, PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP, can even choose to add some software and get full root access, code in your preferred language. An ideal platform for software testing and deployment.
  • Ecommerce
  • Webservers
  • Development servers
  • Email servers
It is generally done within a few minutes. At max, we provide it in 15 minutes.
Yes, you can do that.