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Customers drive your business to higher levels, and thus maintaining a valuable relationship with the customers is essential. An unhappy customer would not buy from the same brand again. Information collected by CRM programs plays a vital role in customer data.

Do not rely on bulky spreadsheets; instead, choose any application and start hosting your website on the top CRM hosting server provided by VNET.

Our enterprise-grade servers are the best option for hosting any CRM software. We believe in quality, which is why we are the best CRM hosting providers in India.

The Extras You Would Get

High Security

We understand that customer data is very important for your business, and we take every necessary step to keep it confidential. Our advanced CRM hosting is protected with antivirus and intrusion detection systems. Also, we provide free SSL certification to keep your data intact.

Daily Backup

Losing data is dangerous for your business. Thus, our reliable hosting server for CRM keeps copies of your database continuously so that your business runs at a smooth pace.

Multiple Plans

Our plans are cost-effective. You can choose your plan from multiple available plans and enjoy seeing your business grow remaining within your budget.

24X7X365 Customer Support

Our customers are a top priority. We have a team of trained customer support team which takes prompt action whenever needed by our clients.

Managed Server

Grow your business with fully managed CRM hosting. We assist you from server configuration to installing software.

Quick Setup

We take minimum time for server deployment. Choose your plan and pay, and we will set up our popular CRM hosting server at the fastest pace.

VNET Offers

CRM Dedicated Hosting

Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, our dedicated CRM hosting would provide a new platform for your business to run efficiently.

You can easily customize the dedicated CRM server according to your business needs. Which says you can easily increase or decrease the memory space, hardware and user accounts and much more. We ensure that your website remains live throughout. You get 99.99% uptime and also accessibility from anywhere without compromising performance at any means.

CRM Cloud Hosting

If you own a large business or plan to expand it, our cloud CRM hosting is the best solution. Host your customer relationship management system on our powerful server and access it anywhere, on any device.

Our CRM cloud hosting is protected with firewalls, data encryption and many more and offers your business the best platform to grow.

CRM VPS Hosting

Choose a plan and start hosting any CRM software with blinking fast VPS shared CRM hosting. Our server is equipped with advanced processors and business level SSD storage. Let your business bloom with our fast, reliable and secured CRM VPS hosting.

Included Advanced Features

  • Unlimited addon domains
  • Access to unlimited MySQL databases
  • Increased CPU and other resources

Speed Up Your Business With Features Offered By VNET For CRM Hosting

Enterprise-Grade SSD Storage

Traditional hard drives do not perform well as compared to SSD drives. Our best CRM hosting India consists of enterprise-grade SSD drives that enhance the speed and provide excellent I/O performance.

Unlimited Emails

Sending emails to the customers and telling them about new things in your business is a marketing strategy. Our flexible server for CRM hosting allows you to access unlimited emails.

High BandWidth

Our best CRM hosting server provides a high bandwidth facility so that you can access CRM from any location. No compromise with performance.

99.99% Uptime

We make sure that your business keeps running in every condition. Our powerful CRM hosting server provides connectivity with 99.99% uptime.

Unlimited Website Hosting

Our plans allow you to host an unlimited website on a server so that you expand your business without worrying.

Website builder

The hosting is equipped with website builder templates to build an attractive website and run your business.

The Convenience Of The Cloud

We offer remote servers for hosting CRM so that you can retrieve it from any place at any time without any issue with speed.

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Frequently Asked Question

Any business is successful when its clients are happy. small, medium or large. Every business keeps an eye on their customers, anticipating their requirements and desires to increase sales and bring profit.

Think of it as you have collected data from thousands of loyal customers, but managing it on the spreadsheet is hectic when it's about its management. Thus, CRM is used to store information about the customers, such as potential customers, contacts, purchasing history, and more.

Our CRM hosting solutions are designed in such a way so that you only focus on your business. In case you require our help, you can call us, WhatsApp us anytime, and you can also ask your query via email or live chat.

We are online 24X7X365 for your assistance. We generally respond within 5 minutes.

CRM hosting refers to renting out the resources required for CRM by the companies. This way, they do not have to purchase individual resources while paying for the rented servers monthly or yearly.

VNET offers managed CRM hosting servers equipped with advanced software and hardware, high-end protection and other services at a reasonable cost.

You did a fantastic job. We welcome you to our hosting platform.

Once you have paid, you will be acknowledged by mail with some links. Clicking on those links will let you start with your hosting services. And when you have not received any such emails, please contact us.

Deciding on which CRM hosting plan is suitable for your business depends on:
  • Your business goals.
  • What kind of platform you are managing.

For instance, you run a big company with your customers spread worldwide, your team working at different locations. You need the hosting that provides you with the flexibility to access the server anytime, anywhere and has much space to store all the data. For this, you require a cloud CRM hosting plan.

Still, if you cannot decide the best-fitted plan for your business, give us a call. We will help you for sure.

Our starter plan allows the hosting of one domain and website. Thus if you have just kicked off your business, it is a budget-friendly option for you. You can upgrade your plan in case your business requires hosting more websites afterwards.

Our premium plans allow hosting as many domains and websites as your business requires.

Of course! You can. You can easily change your plan anytime, and we know that business requirements are not the same all the time. Thus, you have complete freedom to upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want.

Well, you need to decide whether your business needs CRM hosting or not. Here are some points you should consider before making a decision:

  • Your team associated with sales need to travel a lot and frequently.
  • You need to coordinate teams working at different places.
  • You have an increasing number of customers and their data and want to manage it efficiently.
  • Your business is expanding in every sense.
  • Your IT team is overloaded with work.

If you are caught up with these issues, your business requires good CRM hosting.