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CPU Based VPS Hosting

Want high performmace VPS?

Align your website performance with maximum CPU share with our CPU VPS.

You knew it or not! Let's break it to you; the CPU plays a pivotal role in the optimal performance of virtual machines. We make it a point that your virtual machine gets guaranteed CPU share and has additional resources during overload periods. Choose our plans!

VPS Features


We understand your business is evolving. Hence we would always guide you for better plans and resources for your CPU servers . we offer you the VPS that comes under your budget. Without sacrificing the quality of services we offer.

Unlimited Support

High CPU share VPS you have got full root access, advanced protection, server management; that doesn't mean you would not need us. We give instant resolution to all your queries at any time of the day. In addition, you get expert and quality support from our technical team. We care for you!

99.9% Uptime

With constant data monitoring, redundancy, high availability and backup options, you will never encounter downtime with us. VNET guarantee you 99.9 % uptime. In CPU VPS hosting.

Full Control

Regardless of the tech knowledge you possess, we know you know your business better than us any day! and we give you that benefit; we provide you complete control of your business; that's why we have created a user-friendly control panel where with modifications, you can customize your VPS plan by CPU model according to your business.


We provide you with the space powered by Intel Next-generation architecture for seamless execution of your websites. You can choose our 8v CPU cores paired with 30 GB RAM / 800 GB SSD / 600 M bit/ sport or alternatively pick up the next best option of 10v CPU cores aligned with 60 GB RAM/1.6TB SSD / 1G bit/s port. With our CPU VPS.

Maximum Reliability

Our automated backups, round the clock customer support, enhanced security, and remarkable scalability makes our VPS servers a highly reliable CPU VPS option for your website

The Technology Behind CPU Based VPS

  • Direct Admin/Webmin/Cpanel/Plesk
  • Mysql/Maria DB
  • IPV4/IPV6

What VNET Offers In CPU Based VPS


One of the prominent factors that decide the performance of your website is storage. Our CPU VPS plan is packed with SSD storage which is 300% faster than traditional HDD. We assure you ample storage! In our secured CPU VPS hosting.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Do you feature high-quality content, and your website attracts a lot of traffic? Then our high bandwidth CPU VPS is the way to go. It is loaded with unlimited bandwidth. you can choose from 250 Mbps/ 500Mbps/1Gbps/2Gbps.

Advanced Protection

We know security matters when you have spent so much money in building a website. We won't let you down! It supports security extensions like immunify360, Failban2 intrusion prevention and active directory integration. Both free and paid versions are available. In our CPU optimized VPS.

High Availability

We have data centres spread worldwide, with 5 data centres spread globally and 5 in India. You can choose any data centre and stay close to your audience to minimize latency, give better page load and stable services with guaranteed availability. In our best CPU VPS.

Server Management Support

It has never been easier to configure VPS. You have full root access, SSH, SFTP access. Depending upon the management level, you will use a control panel to manage the database, DNS & emails.

Server Backups

Losing precious data is unbearable. To prevent such data loss, you can choose to use external backup space or produce snapshots from your user-friendly control panel. With our secured CPU VPS server.

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Frequently Asked Question

In a CPU VPS plan, we offer Intel next-generation architecture, significant storage, advanced protection, instant provisioning, maximum reliability and a dedicated environment the way you need it.
We offer both Windows and Linux VPS hosting.
We give provisioning within 15 minutes.
One free IP is included in the CPU VPS plan; you can add more if you are running multiple websites, emails, or blogs.