Power, Speed & Easy Website Management with cPanel Cloud Hosting

cPanel Cloud Hosting Brings You the Power Of Cloud Computing And Efficient Management Of cPanel Together At Low Cost

S.No Plan Name vCPU Frequency RAM(GB) Disk Space(GB SSD) Tranfer(GB) Price/mo Price/hr
1 CP-10GB 4 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
2 CP-15GB 6 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
3 CP-20GB 8 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
4 CP-20GB 12 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
5 CP-40GB 16 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
6 CP-80GB 24 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--
7 CP-120GB 32 vCPUs 3.0 GHZ UNLIMITED + GST-- + GST--

cPanel Cloud Hosting for Faster & Better Website Management

cPanel Cloud Hosting offers the best of both the worlds and is only available with a handful of hosting providers who can deliver on their promises like VNET India.

cPanel is the Linux-based control panel that offers a great GUI and automation tools for easy management of website. With cPanel hosting, you can perform a wide range of tasks easily, such as create email accounts, install SSL certificates, manage databases, set up subdomains, organize your files and folders and more.

Now, add the power of Cloud Computing to the efficiency of cPanel, and you will get a much faster, highly scalable, and powerful hosting platform. For websites with high traffic inflow, cPanel hosting with Cloud storage is a perfect combination.

Here is what you get from cPanel Cloud Hosting:

  1. Manage all your services and hosting account in one place
  2. Scale-up anytime, as much you want with Cloud computing
  3. Monitor your resources and install software with just few clicks
  4. cPanel is the industry’s standard control panel
  5. Faster loading time with Cloud

Affordable cPanel Cloud Hosting with VNET India

When it comes to cloud hosting, you need a hosting partner that offers speed, efficiency, high scalability and reliable platform. VNET India offers cPanel Cloud hosting at the most affordable cost to meet your specific needs. Enjoy more CPU power, RAM and storage capacity with our cPanel Cloud Hosting plans.


  • Combined power of cPanel & Cloud Hosting in one
  • Highly affordable plans for your specific budget
  • High scalability, more power and stability
  • Highly secure and stable network
  • Real-time monitoring and anti-virus control
  • Data protection and security with advanced features

  • Our 24/7/365 Support is here to help you anytime you need our assistance. Contact us via Phone, Live Chat, SMS or Contact us Page.

    Frequently Asked Questions about cPanel Cloud Hosting

    What is cPanel Cloud?
    • It is a hosting plan that comes with the Cloud Computing power and cPanel pre-installed so that you can enjoy the best of both the worlds. Enjoy the efficiency of cPanel and its user-friendly interface and the power and excellent storage capacity of the Cloud.

    What is the cheapest cPanel or Cloud?
    • cPanel is closely related to shared hosting, which is the cheapest hosting plan you can enjoy. But you can also enjoy the power of Cloud computing too with our highly affordable cPanel Cloud computing.

    Does cPanel come pre-installed with this hosting plan?
    • Yes, the cPanel control panel comes installed with this hosting plan and is designed to bring you the best of both cPanel and cloud hosting in one.

    What is the best cPanel hosting plan?
    • It depends on your requirements. You can check out our plans and if you need further help, contact our 24/7/365 support team for quick consultation.

    What are your payment options?

    We have multiple payment options for our customers to make it easier for them to pay online. Some of the options available are:

  • Pay Now
  • PayPal
  • PayU Money