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Corporate WordPress Server Hosting

We promise to offer the most cheapest and powerful corporate WordPress hosting plans in India and globally. There are no data migration charges. no hidden charges and no minimum contract periods.

Features Of Corporate WordPress Hosting

HTTPS By Default

HTTPS is an important sign that indicates your website is secure or not. When hosted at VnetIndia don’t worry about the corporate WordPress website security as all sites hosted at VnetIndia are automatically configured with HTTPS.

SFTP Access

SFTP enables file transfer in a secure way between the networked hosts. We favor SFTP instead of FTP at VnetIndia, a new pace on the classic old file transfer.

WordPress Setup Assistant

Our technical team helps you with WordPress Assistant. Just tell it the purpose of your site, and it will suggest design templates and install a range of helpful plugins.


We offer integrated CDN service with corporate WordPress Hosting. It helps to expand the reach and performance of your site to improve the experience of your visitors globally.

Corporate Wordpress Server Hosting

Reason to choose VnetIndia's best corporate WordPress hosting solution

One-Click WordPress

We provide one-click installation for your corporate WordPress hosting solutions. After purchasing your corporate WordPress hosting plan, type in your domain name and click 'install.' It's as simple as that.

WordPress Setup Assistant

Our technical team helps you with WordPress Assistant. We will do the whole WordPress account set up for free.

99.9% Uptime

We host your project on excellent infrastructure. Multiple data centers back up your data monthly so it's always available, and your site stays online.

Dedicated WordPress Support

Our technical support team is available 24/7 to help resolve your issues. You can contact our support team via email and chat.

Benefits Of Corporate WordPress Solutions

Easily Manageable

All your accounts and resources are easily manageable with us. Because the credentials and account details will be provided with you so that you can easily manage the accounts and other actions by yourself.

Fully Secured

Our corporate WordPress servers are fully secured and protected with the latest firewall protection and various malware protection. No data loss or any other hacking, malware actions will occur with VnetIndia.

High Performance

In the SSD drive, the data will be read directly from the storage area. It improves the performance of the SSD. Providing high-performance corporate WordPress services.

Easy Upgrade

All servers are easily upgradable at VnetIndia. We will upgrade the technology, versions, software wisely when in need.

24*7*365 Support

Get support and guidance from our team of experts 24/7. You can reach us via WhatsApp Support, Emai

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FAQ For Corporate WordPress Server Hosting Solution

You can reset your password anytime by clicking the edit option in the settings for your corporate WordPress hosting account.
No, it is easy to set up a WordPress blog at VnetIndia.
No need for a set upping database. When you choose our managed corporate WordPress hosting, everything is taken care of by us so that, the process becomes very easy for you.
No worry, VnetIndia offers free website migration for your convenience. You can migrate your site easily with our technical support team.