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Corporate VPS Hosting

Get premium performance and ultra high speed in our corporate VPS plan. We set up, optimize and maintain your server for you. Spend less and reap more and boost the performance of your server with VNET India. Choose us and rule the world!

Corporate VPS Features

Dedicated Environment

You get the maximum leverage in Linux corporate hosting. Access your virtual servers, and use all your hardware resources, storage, CPU, memory for your hosting server and whatnot. It's all yours!

Solid State Drive

With SSD NVMe, get 4 times faster speed, better performance, low power consumption and light speed web load time. We provide you with the best of the world!

Full-Scale Webhosting

With our corporate hosting plan, you can easily house multiple sites without impacting the response time of other clients. Providing you with the ideal hosting Environment

SSL/TLS Certificate

To keep data between your website and customer safe and secure. We offer you a free let's Encrypt SSL certificate. We promise you hacking free corporate hosting.

99.9% Uptime

99% uptime is indeed our promise to you; be it midnight or wee hours, we would never let you down. our team is 24x7x365 available to see to any instances of breakdown or downtime.

Unlimited Support

We take a vow to give you unlimited support. Instant resolution to all your queries with VNET 24x7x365 support. More than that, You get expert and quality support from our technical team. You can trust us!

The Technology Behind Corporate VPS

  • Cpanel/Spanel/DirectAdmin
  • SSD NVMe
  • PostgreSQL/Mysql/MariaDB
  • Built-In Firewall
  • F5 NGINX/Oracle WebLogic
  • IPV4/IPV6

What VNET Offers You In A Corporate VPS


VNET offers the best SSD corporate hosting. We use SSD NVMe in all our corporate hosting plans. SSD NVMe is 4 times faster than traditional HDD.

Maximum Reliability

We provide you with reliable corporate hosting. You don't have to worry about server backups, upgrade, scalability; everything is done automatically.

High Availability

We make sure that your server keep up and running all the time; thus, we infused redundant hardware clusters, RAID, Load Balancers in case of an unpredicted breakdown in our corporate hosting. We care!

Easy Upgrade

Whenever you feel the need to upgrade to the next plan, you can opt for the cheap best corporate plan. In corporate VPS, and you get high availability, Autoscaling, advanced protection and maximum reliability.


All our server models are Autoscaled. In the instances of breakdown, or downtime You can easily migrate between different physical host nodes.

Automated Server Backups

We provide weekly automated backups in our secured corporate VPS plus a technical support team that is available 24x7x365 if any technical glitch pops up.

24*7*365 Support

  • Multilingual Support
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  • Zero Data Loss Migration
  • Rapid Response
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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can; we offer Linux, Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, CenstOS, UNIX.
In a Corporate VPS plan, we offer you significant storage, advanced protection, instant provisioning, maximum reliability and a dedicated environment the way you need it.
Yes, you can choose any combination you want. We provide Cpanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, Webmin, Virtualmin, cyber panel.
Nothing to worry about! we have a highly skilled technical team dedicated primarily to address all your queries and doubts. You will get proper guidance on which plan is best for your business.