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VNET corporate hosting price and plans

Get access to unlimited corporate hosting at unmatchable prices. Check the plans below: (Add plans and prices)

Corporate Server Hosting

Our corporate hosting plans allow you to lay down the necessary foundation of your organization and let it grow exponentially. We provide a reliable corporate hosting package in order to take your brand to higher levels and mark its presence amongst the audience with its incredible performance.

VNET corporate hosting is better because it host few sites on each server so that you don’t have to worry about your website’s speed and ensuring 100% security.

Why choose VNET Corporate Hosting

Access unlimited SSL security for free

We provide server-level security so that your data remains secured. It renews automatically before expiration.

Latest version of PHP

Run your website/ application on the latest PHP version and knock out your competitors.

Easy installation

Installation do not take much time. Also the server comes with one click install feature allowing you install your required software with one click only.

1-click web applications

You can install wide variety of apps such as WordPress, Joomla and Magneto with one click only. This allows you to create your customized website or online shop easily.

Powerful SSD storage

We assure that your website will run at fastest speed with our powerful SSD drives.

Latest cPanel

You get easy-to-use cPanel to customize the server according to your needs.

Free customized email

Easily create email accounts with your domain name and avail advantage of our email plans without extra payment.

Easy GUI

We offer a corporate hosting platform with an easy-to-use graphic user interface that allows you to manage your website without any technical knowledge.

99.99% Uptime

Avail 99.99% server uptime in our cloud based corporate hosting infrastructure and let your website be available to the clients anytime.

Reliable payment gateway

You get a reliable payment gateway without extra payment included in our top corporate hosting services.

Free Anycast DNS

Our economical corporate hosting plans include Anycast DNS which increases overall performance of your website. Don’t worry; we do not charge for it.

Easy up-gradation and migrations

Migration to higher plans is very easy. Our experts migrate your website from current host to our hosting plans for free.

Regular automatic backups

You are always protected against any data loss as VNET corporate hosting India offers regular backup services automatically even when you are not logged in.

Fully fledged security

Your website is highly prone to malware or hacking due to transactions involved. Our corporate hosting options give you 100% security against hacks, malwares, DDoS and spam.

Vast server resources

You can avail vast memory, CPU and other resources as per your need.

Constant support

You get full time support. Our highly trained engineers are live 24/7/365 to help you.

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Frequently Asked Question

Corporate web hosting is a significant web hosting enriched with features focused for enterprises that require stable and secure online operations. With corporate hosting, owner has complete control of key features such as databases, emails, payment gateway, etc. We understand your requirements and thus have designed corporate hosting so that your website gets hosted on a robust server while sharing fewer resources with other clients.We take every measure to keep your website running speedily by providing advanced processors and powerful hardware devices. Moreover, you have our full support.

cPanel is control panel software specific to web hosting. It provides the user with easy GUI and other automation tools to make the work easy. This ensures you can perform any task without any technical knowledge with ease and efficiently.

Corporate web hosting best serves companies, businesses, or individuals who run a specific website that encounters high traffic and performs bulk daily transactions. This hosting service allows the owner to carry out online business efficiently while easily switching the resources.

You don’t need to do anything as we have trained technical team which will assist you in transferring your website to our corporate hosting server. Migration is totally free.

You can migrate to higher plans anytime you want. You can do it by few clicks or can as us to support.

Anytime. We provide 24X7X 365 premium level support. You can catch us on call, send your query through ticket, email us or message us on live chat. We make sure to answer it immediately.

The difference lies in the resources used. You share your resources with other users utilizing the server which can hog the server if some other site encounter high traffic. Whereas in corporate hosting either the resources are not shared with any other user at all or only few resources are shared which ensures your website loads quickly.

VNET corporate hosting India is well suited for corporate sites but other sites can also be hosted in it. You can choose from the available multiple plans and let your business to grow multiple folds.

Absolutely! You just have to select your plan and process the payment. You will get all the necessary things and full support.

You can host unlimited number of websites depending on the plan you choose.