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Robust & Secure Codelgniter Hosting web hosting- Shared, Dedicated, Cloud and VPS hosting

Codelgniter hosting with support to every model & features

VNET’s Codelgniter server performs beyond your expectations. Our features make you fall in love with our reliable hosting service.
Some cheap Codelgniter web hosts offer a PHP hosting service in the name of CodeIgniter web hosting. When you choose those plans, you can not find some specific models and features.

VNET’s Dedicated Codelgniter hosting- The best among the rest

Always choose the full dedicated Codelgniter hosting service for availing the full features of the framework.
CodeIgniter is a PHP framework especially made for dynamic website building. It may work or may not work with all general hosting plans. Additionally, for any web development, engineers require a fast and secure hosting environment that is why choosing a separate CodeIgniter hosting plan is highly advisable.

Main USPs of Codelgniter in website/application development

  • Lightweight,
  • High flexibility
  • Lightning speed
  • Super performance
  • Complete session management
  • Option to validate form and data
  • Multi-platform support

Which cloud hosting service in India is good for Codelgniter? Surely- VNET- Here is how…

Free- No string attached domain transfer

No transfer fee, quick and easy domain transfer with us. The domain remains free for one year beyond that you need to pay the lowest domain fee in India.

Cloud hosting- Only SSD

Get up to 400 % faster access to files, databases, and more with SSD-Only VNET’s hosting server

Cloudflare CDN

Free Cloudflare CDN for content distribution across the world.

Intuitive control panel for simple access

Point-and-click web hosting control panel that is powerful, popular, user-friendly, and simple

Transparent backup policy

We keep your data with us. Get complete data or some part, anytime at lowest charges

24 x7 priority support by humans, not bots

There cannot be a good CodeIgniter hosting company without the best technical support. We care for you, we help you.

Managed migrations without any additional charges

Let us help you migrate your website/data from a cheap hosting provider to the leading CodeIgniter hosting service India with all files, emails, databases, etc.
It's important to choose a safe CodeIgniter advance hosting service so that hackers could not get a clue for hacking your data. You receive server hardening, DDoS protection, firewall, antivirus, and other safety features with us.

Free SSL certificate

Getting started with the right mindset is important, that is why we make every effort to ensure full proof of safety to your data/website. Free SSL certificate is another sincere step for data security. It encrypted data between website visitors and web servers.

System requirements for Codelgniter

A PHP-supported operating system is an ideal choice for CodeIgniter hosting. Even older versions of PHP are good enough for Codelgniter.

Here is a table for the database and its compatible drivers for Codelgniter.

# Database Drivers
1 MS SQL mssql, pdo, sqlsrv
2 MySQL mysqli, pdo
3 Oracle oci8, pdo
4 SQLite sqlite, sqlite3, pdo
5 CUBRID cubrid, pdo

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FAQs on Codelgniter hosting service

Most of the companies such as VNET provide hosting servers pre-installed with Codelgniter. However, if it is not installed, you can do it yourself with hosting experts' technical support. Installation requires file uploading to the server, choosing the system path, creating a database name, and finally working on other variables.
It is optional for you. Codelgniter comes with some template parsers that are simple to use.
Angular, Yii, CakePHP, Laravel, and Symfony are other alternatives of Codelgniter.
Engineers use CodeIgniter for making URLs readable by humans as well as search engines. The platform classifies the URL into class function, controller class, and multiple variables with ID.
Codelgniter 3.x is better on reliability and performance. There is improvement in encryption, database libraries, and sessions as compared to the 2.x.
It's optional for you. Codelgniter provides command-line tools and you can use them.
Libraries help you in achieving common tasks at a fast pace. Codelgniter comes with libraries that engineers use for data extraction from databases.
Businesses look for performance, compatibility, and a simple setup process when it comes to website development. Even novice users can code in PHP through CodeIgniter. It consume less space physical disc as it is very lightweight. These unique features make it highly popular.
It helps in quick and efficient website development. This development framework is based on the MVC development pattern and provides best-in-class libraries for database connection, file upload, email, session management, and more.
We have Codelgniter hosting server pre-installed with the application. However, you too can install it with a simple process.
  1. Download the CodeIgniter from a trusted website and unzip it.
  2. Shift the file to the server.
  3. Change the file application/config/config.php
  4. Set the base URL
  5. Visit application/config/database.php and make changes in the database settings.
  6. Rename the application and system folder for better safety and that's it.
No, it is free as released under MIT license.
Codelgniter is open source, adaptable, fast, accessible, and above all affordable. EllisLab firstly built the PHP web development application framework in 2006. But after 2014, it has become a project of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (Community maintained project). It is used in web service, web-based applications, and dynamic website development.
We promise 100 % customer satisfaction with our advanced Codelgniter server. We will help you in case of any difficulties. Be sure about that.
Yes, hosting plan change with VNET is super quick and very easy without any downtime. Choose any of the preferred ways to connect with us and select CodeIgniter hosting plans of your choice without any worry.