Simplified Cloud Computing Solutions with Greater Affordability

Now host, manage, scale and grow big with our Cloud Solutions and never suffer from downtime.


Cloud Solutions with Best Hosting Plans

Cloud Based Solutions have empowered businesses and website owners with unlimited resources. It is an on-demand server solution where you can easily access resources like network, applications, tools, storage, and more via the internet. It goes beyond your traditional hosting services. With Cloud Solutions, you will enjoy better scalability, capacity, functionality and reduced cost.

  1. Easy access of cloud-based solutions from anyplace
  2. Start and expand as your business grows
  3. High speed and high performance
  4. No technical expertise needed
  1. You are in control of the resources and limits
  2. Disaster recovery with safe data storage
  3. Automatic software updates

Our Cloud Based Solutions

We offer a wide range of Cloud Solutions to provide with you a plethora of options & to meet your specific needs.

  • Standard Cloud
  • Dedicated CPU Plans
  • High Memory
  • GPU
  • Kubernetes
  • Cpanel Nodes
  • Plesk Linux Node
  • Plesk Window Node
  • Windows Cloud
  • Linux Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Public Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Digital Ocean Cloud
  • Openstack Cloud
  • Softlayer Cloud
  • Managed Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Managed AWS
  • Managed Google Cloud
  • Managed Salesforce

  • Cloud Solutions With VNET India

    We offer customized Cloud Solutions to businesses of all sizes from larger enterprises to SMBs. We bring you the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Cloud Computing with our highly efficient managed services. You can rely on our experience and expertise to get the best out of the Cloud Computing Technology.

    1. One Control Panel to easily manage all your cloud resources in one place with greater efficiency and simplicity.
    2. Dedicated virtual servers to offer you complete control of how much resources you use.
    3. Enjoy complete safety with daily updates, real-time monitoring and automatic daily updates to ensure your precious data is safe and sound.
    1. Easy to set-up and run with amazing cloud features that will save you tons of time.
    2. Latest technology and quick updates to ensure we remain up-to-date with the latest in cloud computing.
    3. Our 24/7/365 support will make sure your website is running smoothly with instant help.

    FAQ about Cloud Solutions

    What are Cloud Solutions?
    • Cloud Solutions is a type of cloud hosting and management services that utilizes the power cloud computing, such as using multiple server sources to easily manage the load and maximize without downtime.

    Who can use Cloud Hosting Solutions?
    • Cloud Solutions is for everyone whether you are a small business or large enterprise. The flexibility of cloud computing makes it a cost-effective solution for everyone.

    What are the benefits of cloud hosting?
    • Cloud hosting offers you simplified solutions where you can easily manage your website and servers from a control panel that comes with all the important features you need in one place.

      You also get dedicated server space that is just for you to use and you scan expand the resources as you scale.

    What VNET Cloud Hosting is like?
    • We have an optimized platform to provide you with the best cloud solution. We have fast, and dedicated servers to meet the cloud hosting requirements with ease. Easy migration, and greater scalability ensures that you never suffer a downtime.

    Is Cloud Solutions cost-effective?
    • Defiantly yes. Our flexible plans make it even easier to enjoy the perks of cloud hosting. Pay-as-per-use is the greatest features of Cloud Solutions that ensure you never run out of resources or pay more than you ought to.