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Fastest, Safest, & Trusted CakePHP Web hosting India | VNET India

VNET provides the simplest installation process in the CakePHP hosting service.

Safest CakePHP hosting server with super easy control panel

CakePHP hosting for business of all types, budgets, and size.

Powerful & best CakePHP hosting, Laravel hosting, and more

Hosting that fulfills the needs of any developer/business.

Who says, setting up CakePHP takes days, here with the best CakePHP hosting service, you get 1 -click setup and much more. The blazing-fast server performance helps your websites in faster loading. Thus helping in higher search engine ranking, lower bounce rate, and high conversion rate.

CakePHP is a web development framework mainly used for working on PHP with flexibility, speed, and efficiency. This open-source framework makes the tedious process of work repetition in website development easy. Besides that, it gives logic specific to the application for fast coding in the project. Additionally, the vibrant and knowledgeable CakePHP developer community is another reason for people choosing it.


  1. Its features make it stand apart from other web frameworks.
  2. CakePHP comes with integrated create, read, update and delete (CRUD). This helps developers for better maintenance of the database.
  3. It contains a Bake console for the quick and easy creation of functional applications.
  4. Its application scaffolding features help in fast processing.
  5. Its Model-View-Control (MVC) reduces the application development time via user interfaces.
  6. Data validation of CakePHP ensures data conformity with applications’ business rules.
  7. CakePHP offers flexible caching that largely helps in the fast loading of the application.
  8. Integrating any strict security in the application is easy with CakePHP.
  9. CakePHP comes with flexible licensing.

VNET India | Leading CakePHP hosting service Provider in India

Performance that is always high, We host your website at speed-optimized servers that make the website perform better.

Click Setup

You get the latest features and security settings with a one-click set up here. Once a new version becomes available, we email you regarding the same so that you can update the same at our CakePHP server.

Safe and Secure

On average approx 40000 websites get hacked every day globally. Do you know the reasons? Choosing cheap CakePHP hosting is one of the major reasons. VNET uses brute force defence, dual firewall, and other multiple security features for making your website robust.

Developer Friendly Environment

Since wehave launched we had a great inclination towards giving a developer-friendly CakePHP hosting service. Our servers support new as well as old versions.

Beginner friendly control panel

We provide an user friendly control panel where the user does not need prior experience in domain, hosting, email management for operations.

What are the benefits of using CakePHP?


This framework is open source that means, you do not require to spend money for using it. Besides that, taking a CakePHP server is also not that much costly.

Easy Usability

CakePHP comes with a wide range of practice guides for helping the developers in the development process.

Easy Readability

Using CakePHP for even larger organizations is simple thanks to its MVC pattern. Developers easily add, edit and read application data.

Perfect Session Management

With CakePHP, you do not need to look anywhere else even for caching. It also provides ways for XSS and SQL injection attacks.

FAQs on CakePHP, CakePHP hosting, and more

Michal Tatarynowicz launched CakePHP in 2005.

No doubt! CakePHP is an excellent and popular web development framework but there are some other alternatives too. Laravel, Angular, Yii, Phalcon, CodeIgniter are some of the good alternatives.
VNET India provides fine-tuned servers for Laravel hosting, CodeIgniter hosting, Angular hosting as well.

Yes, CakePHP is fast as compared to other frameworks. Most importantly it helps in making the tough task simple. Web Applications based on CakePHP require less code thus perform better.

Laravel is the better choice due to its fast development, enhanced perspective, and good data handling. However, some experts argue that CakePHP is better. Nothing to worry about! We provide CakePHP hosting as well as Laravel hosting. So choose your preferred one and get set GO.

Off course it is popular like others. On GitHub, it is ranked in the top 4 most popular PHP projects. CakePHP google group has over 32000 topics and many big organizations use it for web/application development.

  1. In CakePHP, developers require default routes for URL making.
  2. Migration from CakePHP 2 to CakePHP 3 is problematic.
  3. CakePHP does not support several backward compatibility changes.

Checking the version is easy.

  1. Open lib/Cake/VERSION. txt file.
  2. You will find the version at the bottom of the file.
  3. You may also check the version at Open vendor/cakephp/VERSION .txt file.
VNET India provides the fastest and safest CakePHP hosting in India at an affordable price.
  1. Bake is completely changed
  2. Routing is advanced
  3. Official migration plugin and official support added for elasticsearch
  4. CakePHP 3 as real ORM
  5. CakePHP 3 performs better

PHP is a programming language whereas CakePHP is a framework written in a programming language.
In simple words, we can say that CakePHP simplifies the work for PHP developers.

CakePHP is an open-source MVC framework. That means you can use it for UX design, user interaction management, and call/exchange of data between database and app/website/software.