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Business Solutions

Today every business needs to have a strong online presence to become more visible, assessable and provide the best user experience. And, for that you need the fastest and most reliable hosting platform like VNET India. Host your business website on blazing fast servers and easily manage your websites(s) from one control panel. With our hosting solution, you don’t need any technical expertise.

Business Hosting Offers:

  1. Faster loading pages for more profits
  2. Attract more visitors with interactive user interface
  3. Convert visitors into customers with seamless website designs
  4. Provide your visitors with easy to consume information on your products and services
  5. Easily host videos, photos and downloads on your website

Our Business Hosting Solutions

We offer a wide range of business hosting plans to meet your specific hosting needs. Whether you are a large enterprise or SMBs, we have the hosting and management plans that will fit in right into your budget.

We can host all types of websites thanks to our versatile hosting platform:

  • Tally Server
  • Forex Server
  • Trading Server
  • File Hosting Solution
  • SEO Hosting
  • MS Sharepoint Hosting
  • ERP Hosting
  • CRM Hosting
  • GPS Tracking Hosting
  • VOIP Server
  • Streaming Server
  • Live Web Streaming
  • Media Streaming
  • Video Streaming
  • Video Conferencing Server
  • Webinar Server
  • Podcasting Server
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Online Classroom
  • Why VNET Business Hosting

    Choose our business hosting services to easily host your website without spending a fortune while enjoying advance features and tools at the most affordable rates:

    1. Unlimited Disk & Storage Space
    2. High scalability
    3. Easy plan upgrades
    4. Host fast, efficient & visually attractive websites
    5. SEO optimized hosting plans
    1. Dedicated servers to meet your business needs
    2. Free apps, and tools to create better Content Management System
    3. Customized service
    4. 24/7/365 support

    Let us help you create a very strong and impressive online presence so that your business can thrive online.

    FAQ about Business Solutions

    What are Business Solutions?
    • Business hosting solutions offers more resources to businesses so that they can easily host their websites and ensure that they never experience downtime. Fast servers, high scalability, secure network and affordable plans makes it easy for businesses to host and manage their websites.

    What are Perks of business hosting?
    • Unlike shared hosting, business hosting offers unlimited resources not affected by other websites and you can easily utilize them as you scale. Upgrade plans, servers, disk space and storage space as your business grows without any hassle. Plus, we have a wide range of affordable plans that can easily meet your specific needs in your budget.

    How many websites/domains can I host with Business Hosting?
    • You can host and manage as many websites and domains you want with our business solutions. We have a wide range of unlimited hosting plans with dedicated servers for your needs.

    What if I have outgrown my current business hosting plan?
    • You can easily upgrade to another plan that matches your needs without any hassle. No downtime.

    How can I reach you if I have some difficulties?
    • You can reach us anytime via phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Live Chat, Emails and through our contact us page. We are available 24/7/365.