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Fast , Reliable and Secured Business Hosting

Stand out among your competitors with our best business hosting. We understand that you have put in a lot of efforts to bring your business to high levels that’s why we provide reliable business hosting packages.

VNET Business Hosting is better because it uses latest infra and advance technology. So it enhances the performance and speed of your website.

VNET Business Hosting Plans & Costing

VBuild a strong online presence with our affordable business hosting plans. We offer plans at an unmatchable price that easily suits your budget. (Add prices below)

VNET Business Hosting Is An Ideal Option For

Resource Intensive Sites

If your website provides high-resolution images, videos or downloads and you are using traditional hosting; you ought to share your resources. Our affordable business hosting will give all the power to you.

E-commerce Sites

Do not lose your customer just because your website does not load fast rather take advantage of our economical Business Hosting to convert every visitor into customer.

High-Traffic Sites

Your website can slow down if it gets high traffic. Business hosting platform serves best compared to shared hosting.

Why Choose VNET Business Hosting

Access Unlimited SSL Security For Free

We ensure you get latest version of PHP in our business hosting plans to develop or run your website / application in latest versions and you can compete with your competitors.

Server Security

We provide server-level security to every site you host on our server. Our business hosting services keeps your data safe. And can also install SSL to improve security of your website / application.

Influential CPanel

Get cpanel access for easy-to-use and VPS is powered by cPanel to handle it without any struggle.

Supercharged SSD Storage

Fasten up your website with solid-state drives. Allow it to load at blinking speed.

Vast Server Resources

Our business hosting web is accessorized with vast memory, CPU and offers high speed. This ensures your website runs without any hindrance.

Easy Installation

Our business hosting is configured in such a way, that you can do any installation easily. One click installation helps you to build website in any CMS.

Regular Automatic Backups

You can take a sound sleep as VNET Business Hosting provides backup features and u can configure your backup according to your need.

99.99% Uptime

Get ensured 99.99% uptime with our business hosting infrastructure. As we perform regular maintenance and monitor servers.

Easy Upgradation & Migrations

You can upgrade your server to higher and cheapest business hosting plans with one click only. You can also migrate any hosting to business hosting easily.

24*7*365 Support

VNET offers top business hosting services backed by highly trained system engineers. If your website encounters any issue, they get notified automatically.

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Frequently Asked Question

The major difference between shared hosting and business hosting lies in usage of resources. In shared hosting resources such as RAM, CPU, etc. are shared with other users utilizing that particular server. In case the other users have high traffic for the time being, it can hog the server which directly impacts your website performance. This is not the case in business hosting as resources are either not shared by any other user or fewer users share them, thus speeding up your website.

VNET Business hosting India is perfect for businesses but is not limited to business owners only. If you run a website that encounters high traffic you can choose any of our business hosting plans which will serve you the best.

Want to transfer your website to VNET Business Hosting? Don’t worry; our technical team will do this for you. Also migration to business hosting does not cost you a penny.

Business hosting is a web hosting service that is designed basically for online businesses and e-commerce to run efficiently on provided server.

A growing business requires fast website to run online. VNET Business hosting fulfills every requirement your business has. Our business hosting provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosted on robust servers and resources are shared among fewer clients so that your website loads at fastest speed. Unlike shared hosting, business hosting is a good choice as you get high inode limits, increased processing speed, latest cPanel support, unlimited outbound emails and many more.

cPanel is control panel software that is designed for web hosting. It simplifies the process of hosting a website by providing graphic user interface (GUI) and automation tools.

You can perform your work efficiently from adding domain names, publishing websites, organizing files to email listings even without having much technical knowledge.

Business hosting is majorly required by high-traffic sites, e-commerce sites and resource-oriented sites (sites which provides high-resolution images, videos and downloads).
Indeed, it does. As soon as you have paid for any of our business hosting plans and acquired your domain name, you have everything your website needs to run efficiently. We respect the efforts you put in to make your business successful and thus provide you with all the necessary utilities and ever ready support.
No problem. Our technical team is always ready to support you in any way you require. In case you need any assistance anytime, ask us. We will happily to assist you. We hope to maintain good bond with you and keep providing value to your business.
VNET Business Hosting supports unlimited number of websites. Go ahead and launch as many websites you require and grow your business.

Sure, you can. Migrating between plans is very easy and can be done just by few clicks. We provide freedom to upgrade and downgrade your package as per your requirement.

Either you can do it by yourself or let us to do it for you.

You get 24X7X 365 premium level support. Feel free to connect with us on call, generate ticket or ask us on live chat.