Things One Cannot Miss While Choosing The Best Domain Name

Is it necessary to focus on a domain name while buying? Or Is there anything like right or wrong domains exist? The answer to these questions is yes. Whether you are building a website for your brand or re-branding your business, a domain name is as crucial as choosing a web hosting for a website. But that doesn’t mean you pick it randomly.  

Before we look at key elements that you can’t miss while choosing the best domain name, Let’s see the meaning of domain name and why is it essential?

In simple words, a domain name is the address of your website and the online identity of your business. A domain name includes name and domain extension(.com, .in, etc). It is essential because the domain name itself describes what’s your product or service is. Secondly, As a user visits a website, the first thing that catches the eye is your domain name in the URL. After knowing this, Let’s move on to primary factors.

Are you struggling in choosing the right domain name for your business? No worries, continue reading our blog to get a solution. The following factors for the best domain name are –

1) Easy to pronounce & type- When a word is easy to pronounce, a person can easily remember that word too. When you pick a name, speak it repeatedly to know whether one person can spread it with word of mouth or not. You can also write on a piece of paper and ask your surroundings to pronounce it. With this, you will know whether they can speak or not. To know whether the spelling of your domain is difficult to type or not, try on others. If they are doing typos while typing or writing, then spelling is hard.

2) Versatile – This means in the near future or as your business grows, and you want to diversify or expand your business, then the same domain name fits into that too. With this, your new service or new product will get the benefit of earlier goodwill.

3) Decide on Short Name – The longer the name, the harder it will become for your customer to remember. The chances of misspelling, forgetting also increases with a long domain name that you don’t want for your brand. The ideal character limit for the best domain name is 12 – 15 characters. So prefer choosing short & specific domain names rather than losing traffic.

4) Pick Right Characters – Avoid using numbers, hyphens, double letters in domain names as this may confuse a customer later on.  It will also make it hard for them to remember. If you take any word which has more than one spelling, then buy other spellings too.

5) Niche-Specific – As explained above, a domain name reflects the brand and will tell what you will offer. So when you are deciding on a domain name, don’t forget your niche or industry. Also, to make your business stand out from the crowd, the brand name should be unique and creative.

6) Domain Name Tools – There are millions of websites already registered, and thousands of websites get registered daily on the server. There are chances the domain name you are planning to buy is already taken.

In such a case, you can use domain name generator tools. It can help you in finding a perfect match for your business identity.

7) Domain extension – It is one of the most significant points as this completes your domain name. There are several options available now that might confuse you. To clear your doubts, here are some suggestions-

Most of the website owners choose .com as an extension because it is the oldest domain extension. Also, it is easy to trust it as most of the customers are already familiar with this extension.

It also doesn’t mean other extensions like .org, .in, .net, .gov, .shop, etc. are not useful. The extension also varies with the type of services/products you are providing, such as

.in – It is a domain extension that represents India.

.gov – It is for government/community/political, etc. websites.

.net – It is the best alternative for .com. One with web-based services can choose this.

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We have covered all the primary factors above for the best domain name. Also, remember Your business is not only for today, but It’s for tomorrow too. So, When you choose a domain name, then think of a long-term direction.

If you don’t know how to register your domain name and you are searching for a domain name registrar? If yes, you can approach a company like VNET India, the best Indian web hosting service provider company. We aim at providing the best domain name hosting plans at reasonable prices.

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