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Why You Need To Move From Shared Web Hosting To VPS Web Hosting?


When someone is starting a business, one needs to consider several factors. One grows and improvises business with experience. Likewise, when one is beginning with the website, small businesses, startups, bloggers, etc., prefer to choose shared web hosting, and when we see price point, Shared Hosting is the most economical among all the web hosting plans. Especially when you are not a tech-savvy person, research at your end and information from web hosting providers can lead you to the right hosting plans and guide you regarding when to upgrade your hosting.

Before we begin with a discussion on the right time to switch from shared hosting to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, Let’s understand the meaning of VPS.

VPS hosting is a parent server where a consumer/user gets a dedicated virtual machine from the configuration. When you purchase a VPS, each hosting section has individual functioning and resources. One can also allocate those virtual machines in the form of shared hosting to several other users. To get more acknowledged with VPS and how to pick a VPS, click here.

After seeing the brief on VPS Web Hosting, Let’s talk about the right to switch from Shared hosting plans to VPS.

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1) Traffic On Website- This is one of the significant signs that your website will show. It means the volume of traffic your website is receiving and bearing daily. Usually, shared hosting can handle 3000-4000 visitors daily, but this also varies upon the quality and plan you are using. If it is more than that, you can switch the hosting before your website faces any downtime.

2) Control – As in shared web hosting, you are restricted to a handful of resources which is not the case with VPS. When you feel you need more control, switch over VPS, such as extra software, SSH, etc.

3) Security – If you feel your website has confidential/ crucial data that requires more security, you should upgrade your plan to VPS as it provides better protection as more control is in your hand. The chances of the website crashing, cyber threats, etc., are more on the shared hosting server, as it is shared with numerous users on the same IP address.

4) Performance – According to data, a website should load in less than 5 seconds speed. Otherwise, most of the time, the user loses interest and leaves the website without seeing it. With VPS hosting, you get access to more resources, space, instant scalability that helps to manage a large volume of traffic, tools & plugins, multimedia, comments, etc. In shared web hosting, this generally happens as on single hosting multiple websites run. If your site is facing any performance-related issues, then you can go for VPS.

5) Resources – When your website starts demanding extra resources, it is also a signal to upgrade your plan to VPS hosting. In shared hosting, one needs to share resources with different websites. Whereas In VPS, the allocation of resources happens within a dedicated virtual server, and also you get more bandwidth, disk space, defined RAM, scalability, etc. The limit of one will not put an effect on other websites like shared hosting.

6) Customization – On shared web hosting, as you have access to limited resources, the options for customizing the website are also limited.

With VPS hosting, as you get root access setting up limits also comes in your hand and makes customization easier. You can also approach a web hosting provider that provides customized hosting plans like VNET India. VNET is the best web hosting provider in India.

7) Flexibility- As in shared web hosting, you don’t have enough control and multiple sites work on a single server, it makes it inflexible. There are two types of VPS hosting one managed hosting another one is unmanaged hosting.

Managed hosting means where your web host service provider handles your server management-related thing. Whereas unmanaged or individual VPS hosting means users take responsibility for server management, and things are completely under the user’s control. Individual hosting is best for experts and those who have complete knowledge of web servers.

Most people opt for managed web hosting as they don’t need to worry about setting up things that make it more flexible. If you want more flexibility, you can upgrade to VPS.

8) Technical Support – There is no doubt that you will not get support in shared web hosting, but VPS hosting provides better technical support, and also it varies on different web host providers.

The points above can help you to come to a specific decision for an upgrade. You can also connect with your web hosting provider for more suggestions and guidance.

VNET India – Get Best Quality Web Hosting At Affordable Prices

The Web Hosting Provider from whom you buy the hosting plan also plays a vital role. While buying or switching hosting, see what web host is providing to you, as this will directly impact the performance of your website. For startups, personal sites, & small businesses, shared hosting works seamlessly. Whereas for medium & large-scale businesses, VPS hosting is a better option. VNET India, the leading web hosting provider in India, offers affordable, reliable web hosting plans for businesses and individuals with hassle-free hefty solutions.

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