Are you the person whose website remains affected due to slow website speed? If yes, you have landed on the right page. We will explore various facets of site speed & search engine ranking concerning web hosting service in India.

What Is Site Speed?

Speed word is very simple that denotes duration taken to accomplish one task or work. Site speed implies time taken by the websites to completely load themselves on the visitor’s screen.

When you choose cheap shared hosting, the site takes more time and that is obvious.  The web hosting provider doesn’t use a premium server that hampers your site speed.

The random research shows that approx 40 % of people shift to other sites if your site is taking over 3 seconds to load. 

The figure is quite astonishing and gives a better perspective for everyone to only choose a reliable hosting service

You will be more surprised to know that Google takes speed as a ranking factor. So the faster the speed, the better the ranking. And it’s not needed to stress that low ranking means big damage to the brand, leads, and sales. 

How Does A Site Speed Matter For Businesses

The importance of web hosting is highly overlooked when it comes to site speed. But do you know,  a reliable hosting service can make a huge difference in your visitor retention, bounce rate, and user experience. 

Speed is important as we, humans, love to live in a world of convenience where waiting is regarded as an unacceptable thing. The visitor doesn’t like to wait while the website is getting loaded. They have millions of options that are the obvious reason for their dislike of waiting. Closing one tap and opening another with a different site is quite easy. 

Why Does Hosting Matter?

The online space is full of cheap web hosting providers offering hosting services at throwaway prices. Choosing those plans does more harm than good. 

One plan that is quite known for affordability and ease of use is shared hosting. But the plan is not good if the visitors on site are above 1000 daily. 

Besides that sites having large images, videos, graphics, and content should always look for dedicated hosting. Here, there is no limit on bandwidth and RAM that improves performance as well as speed. 

<H5>Points To Consider While Looking For Web Hosting Provider <H5>

Hard -Drive:- The Solid-State drive is vital for fast and reliable service. Best web hosting company like VNET only use high-quality SSD from reputed manufacturers that load pages faster.

Customer Support:- It doesn’t matter how reliable the service is, there could always be a possibility of support. Web hosting companies providing faster supports minimize downtime.

Why Choosing Dedicated Server Is a Good Choice?

Under shared hosting, server resources are divided between hundreds of websites with different traffic loads. A surge of traffic on one website hampers the speed of all others.

With dedicated hosting, all resources remain yours and so the server doesn’t bog down in fulfilling even lakhs of requests at a time. 

Worried about budget? Choose VPS hosting India, which is better than shared hosting and doesn’t cost you more. 

Final Word

No matter, what plans you choose, always ensure to choose a reliable web hosting service such as VNET India. Does cheap shared hosting hamper the business’s growth?  The answer is “Yes”. Upgrade your existing web hosting with VNET’s fast server, if you’re struggling with slow speed.