Complete Guide to VPS Web Hosting a Beginner Need?

Are you new to VPS web hosting? Being new to web hosting, are you keen to know about Virtual Private Server Web hosting?  For a beginner, it gets tricky to understand new terms, features of the web hosting world. It also becomes complex to identify which web hosting solution will fit your website need among several fancy hosting solutions available out there. There are different types of web hosting plans available, and one of the most popular hosting is VPS. If you have a website, know things about web hosting, but planning on switching to VPS hosting and want to know whether VPS is for you or not, then you have landed at the right place.

So, let’s delve into VPS web hosting solution and know what it will serve –

What is VPS Web Hosting?

VPS is also known as Virtual Private Server Web Hosting, where multiple users use the same server in a virtual form and have respective IP addresses. A single server is divided into small parts and given either on purchase or rent to users. This way users, get a private server mechanism. As the server is dedicated, you get your own set of resources, RAM, and storage.

Are you still confused about how VPS hosting works?

In simple language, you can say VPS is a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting. You are sharing a server with multiple users like shared hosting, but you own a small part of servers like dedicated hosting has ownership of a complete server.

For example – A person owns the building and plans to sell out some of the flats, and puts some flats on a rental basis. Here assume the person is a web hosting company and flats sold/ rented by the person is web hosting plan sold/rent by hosting company. Both who have purchased or have taken space on a rental basis will own space and do not require to share it with others.

As you own the server, the impact on one website will not affect others. It will minimize the chances of downtime. But when you choose to go for a company like VNET India, the best Indian web hosting service provider, you don’t need to worry about hosting performance.

Let’s see who should use VPS web hosting and why?

1) One who wants control over the server and wants to operate the resources freely.

2) One who is planning to expand their business because VPS web hosting can handle the volume of high traffic, and you can also easily upgrade resources due to its high scalability.

3) One who has an online store (has confidential data on a website like payment, etc.) and looking for high security.

4) One who wants to start a reseller hosting business. If you want to know in detail about the reseller hosting business, read here.

How is VPS web hosting a better option than other hosting options?

1) Shared Hosting V/S VPS Web Hosting

Shared web hosting means where multiple users run their websites on a single server. For instance, in a house, every member has their room but sharing the same space.

In VPS web hosting, as explained above user has their part of the server. Meaning, Virtual private server web hosting is like living in the same building but having your own apartment.

When it comes to performance in shared hosting multiple users are using the same server, the effect on one will also lead other websites to pay consequences.

You get more control and security in VPS hosting, which shared hosting lacks. Shared hosting is less expensive than VPS. But if you want a private server at less cost, then it is good to go.

2) Dedicated Hosting V/S VPS Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting means having a complete server, like owning a building where one person has space, resources, and control over all the operations.

Dedicated hosting requires the in-house team to handle and maintain everything, whereas it’s vice-versa with VPS.

VPS hosting is perfect for small & medium enterprises as it gives the amount of traffic, storage, and speed their websites need. Buying dedicated hosting will create an unnecessary add-on to their budget.

Dedicated hosting is costlier than VPS hosting, and most of the time large-size companies prefer this. If you buy VPS hosting plans from the right web host provider like Vnet India, you will get the same performance as dedicated hosting.

What are Different Types of VPS Hosting?

There are two types of VPS hosting, and let’s understand what they are –

1) Managed VPS Hosting – It is like buy one get one free offer as you get VPS hosting and support from the web host provider team that manages all the operations, including the server.

2) Unmanaged VPS Hosting – In this hosting, you have to manage all the operations, and the web hosting service provider only gives you server support.

What To Expect While Buying a VPS Hosting Plan from a Web Hosting Provider?

While buying any hosting plan, it is essential to look at several factors to choose the best one. Some of the factors are as follows and to know in detail visit, here –

  • Reliability
  • Customer support
  • Backup
  • Resources
  • Storage (RAM & CPU)

Which Company is Best Web Hosting Provider in India?

Several companies are providing several types of hosting plans with different features under unique names, which fulfil different website needs. No doubt, the more the option, the more confusion it creates, and before buying a web hosting plan from a web hosting provider, one needs to go through various points like downtime and many other factors which keep website performance high. So what to do now?

Easy, go through VNET India’s VPS web hosting plans. We are one of the best web hosting providers in India. We offer a wide range of VPS hosting plans at a highly affordable range for businesses and individuals with hassle-free hosting solutions. Whether it’s about speed to round-the-clock security, we have got you covered with all the factors.

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