What is Angular. Js?

Angular.JS is a framework that is mainly used in the development of dynamic web applications. The developed applications provide flexibility to use HTML as the template language. Developers are totally free to extend the HTML system for cleaner and cleaner coding. AngularJS also reads the HTML pages with custom tags and interprets them.

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Why should you choose AngularJS hosting for application development?

High Usability

AngularJS is a Java-Script-based development framework that is highly useful for the creation of RICH internet applications. 

Clean MVC

It has a clean MVC format that gives good experience while writing client-side applications. Creating a single-page application in a clean and maintainable way is possible.

Free To Use

AngularJS is free, so businesses do not need to pay anyone for using it. 

Multi-Brower Support

AngularJS offers cross-browser-compliant applications. So the user is not required to do anything extra while using any browser. The system automatically handles JavaScript code for every browser.

User Friendly

Users get rich and responsible experience thanks to the HTML data binding capability of AngularJS.

Angular.JS Hosting Range

  • AngularJS dedicated hosting
  • AngularJS VPS hosting
  • AngularJS cloud hosting
  • AngularJS Shared hosting

Why should you consider VNET’s safe server for Angular JS hosting?

All in one Complete AngularJS Hosting

Choosing an ideal AngularJS hosting service for the business is tiring work.  You need to look for so many small and big things. However, when you go for a leading AngularJS hosting service provider such as VNET India, you need not look for anything else. With every plan, you get complete features. 


Why should you rely on us for your AngularJs hosting? Because we use top-grade quality hardware only from reputed IT companies. The server performance is high so you focus on your core work and remain assured about websites performance. 

Scalable Infrastructure

We have a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that allows businesses to make the best use of it. Our data centers are powered by leading-edge technology, CCTV coverage, Access control system, and more for robust and safe working. 

Instant Support

We remain available 24 x 7 for solving your queries. The expert technical team quickly responds to messages, emails, calls, or chats.


We understand that keeping vital and critical data safe is our core responsibility. We work 24 x 7 to keep the data secure from malware, ransomware, and other threats. That’s why we call ourselves the safest AngularJS hosting service in India. 

Up to 99.99 percent uptime 

We sign an SLA with high network uptime that goes as high as 99.99 %. Websites remain in running conditions and you focus on your core business work. 

Final words

Our hosting plans meet the varying and growing requirements of enterprises. The solutions offer a wide range of options and a high level of flexibility.

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